The Hip Hop Purist: Yes, I Do Occasionally Sleep

count bass-d

Don’t you hate it when you have slept?

My boy Neil told me I should check out Count Bass D.  For some strange reason, my brain associated that name with an 808 bass artist from the 90s.  I ignored Neil’s request but he made me a copy of one of his cds anyway.  That cd has been collecting dust until recently.

So while driving and fumbling for something different to listen to, I stumble across “Dwight Spitz” by the Count.  I grudgingly give it a chance with my finger close by the eject button in case I hear anything sounding like Magic Mike.  I was delightfully suprised at what came out of the speakers.

Simple (I am not talking Lil Wayne simple – I mean they are simply delivered – unlike a Busdriver) rhymes over interesting beats – and I must focus on the beats.  I really enjoy his sound.  There is one track (“Take Control”) that I simply cannot shake.  I have played it ad nauseum but I promise I will play it again as soon as I get in my car.  I have no idea what it is all about – is he playing with my mind or controlling it?

dwight spitzThen there is the track with Edan.  The subject matter reminds me of “Do this my way” by Gift of Gab and Lyrics Born.  It is playful yet it vocalizes some profound stuff (accidentally or purposefully?).

“I gave away my riches but I still remained a rich man”

That sounds like something Jesus might have said prior to mentioning camels walking through the eyes of needles.

Anyway, I slept.  This album came out a long time ago.  I slept hard.  I will purchase this album and others from Count Bass D and I think you should do the same thing.

Thanks Neil.

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