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GHtv: The Dark Vader Theory – Why Hip Hop Hates Will Smith

I don’t know when Murs picked up this gig with Hip Hop DX but I like it. I mean multiple income streams is the the status we should be fighting for right? ANYway Murs lays out a detailed and CONVINCING argument for why Will Smith COULD be in the running for greatest of all-time. I will admit his proof is SO convincing it even made me think hmmmmmmm. Check it out.

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Stray Notions #4

WHO is going to pull it out? The Dems or the GOP

WHAT does Brett Favre gotta do to not start?

WHEN is Jon Stewart going to do or say something that is going to cause a public or media backlash.  Unfortunately it has to happen, thats how we do ya when we love ya

WHERE is Illegal, Da Youngsta, Kriss Kross and every other kiddie gangsta hip hop group from the 90’s

HOW hard is it going to be to have a sit down dinner in the Smith home.  Willow gotta hit, Jaden is acting, Will makes blockbusters, and Jada does whatever it is she does. Ooops our bad is Hawthorne still on?

WHY does it feel lik Lil Wayne hasn’t really been locked up for almost a year?

DO not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

IF the all these Tea Bagger canidates win, Obama needs to kick off a national “Read Something Dammit” initiative.

WONDER if Alicia Keys new baby Egypt Daoud Dean will eventually just be called ED when hets older.

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