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We’re Baaaaaaaaaack

Once again back it’s the incredible-
-Public Enemy

November 8, 2008, a truly historic date in the United States. The first African American President was elected. Ghettos cheered, impromptu parades broke out, block parties sprung up and a whole bunch of us just cried. Aww yes, it was a truly glorious time to be alive, If you were black.

Fast forward. Exactly 8 years later BAM! Wake up fools! The good ole U, S of A that you were used to has made a comeback. No need to replay the events. We all woke up and Barack Obama had been replaced with Donald Trump. If Barack was a New Hope we can see this time around The Empire Strikes Back.

After 8 blissful years of a man who is destined to be on every black person’s wall next to MLK, we have hit the sunken place. Because of this, we here at GHz HQ have decided it’s time to dust off the keyboards, hook up the DJ equipment, and reactivate all agents that had gone dark. With the Obama years behind us and at least 4 more years of YOU KNOW WHO Grownheadz is getting the band back together …sorta.

Folks have gotten older and time is a little harder to come by. Some of the band ain’t down for playing gigs anymore and some members well, let’s just say it’s complicated. ANYway we are going to start slow and build. All are old stuff is still sitting here in the archives for your perusal. In fact, we’ll probably pull some things out ourselves. There will be less written content and more of an emphasis on music for the adult hip hop fan. K-Rocka aka DJ Rock Major has a whole crew of DJ’s ready to post their mixes for your listening pleasure. And the rest of us are already scouring the interwebs for new music to post. So join us if you will as we do it one mo gin for the culture. Welcome (back) to Grownheadz.com

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Didn’t They Do This Movie Already?

Well the results are in and it’s official.  The GOP picked up 60 – 70 seats in the house (DAAAAAAMN) but the Dems retain control of the Senate. It could be worst, it COULD have been a replay of 1994 all over again when the Repubs took the House AND the Senate.

But that’s not the point. Like we said “Didn’t They do this Movie Already?”. Two years ago the nation was suffering under a ruthless Tyrant (okay not really a tyrant, he was just stupid and NObody liked him, but you know this). ANYway the call went out for a new leader, a new direction. We even dare to say there was even a call for a NEW…..

And on November 2, 2008 hope (and joy) came in the morning.  Blah, blah you know the rest.  But now its two years later and the Notorious GOP and their minions have stalled, stopped, held their breath, and done just about anything else they could think of to bring down the agenda of the 44th Prez.

Well its culminated in the results that we have tonight. Apparently there are some folks out there with such short memories that they may need to really consider setting an appointment to see their doctor before they forget.  I’m getting sidetracked again.  2008 was “A New Hope”

And now its 2010 and you guessed it..

Well if this is how its going to go, in 2012 don’t be surprised we all know how it ends.

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