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Stray Notions: Twelve

WHO actually watches Big Brother?

WHAT will be the effect on Jesse Jackson Jr’s political career since the revelation that he has a bi-polar condition?

WHEN you feel down, why do people ask what’s up?

WHERE is former track gold medalist Michael Johnson at?

HOW long will it take for the folks not paying attention to the election to start picking sides?

WHY is ‘abbreviation’ such a long word?

DO Republicans reeeeeeeally truly believe that when rich folks pay fewer taxes that everybody will do better?

IF you had amnesia and then were cured, would you remember that you forgot?

Will Gabby Douglas get not some, not most, but ALL the accolades, endorsements, and opportunities that past gold medalist received?

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Somebody Needs To Tell Democrats: Get a Tea Party

Somebody Needs to Tell…..

Democrats: Let’s start our own Tea Party.  Bill Maher might be right. After the whole debt ceiling debacle, where a bunch of jus’ crazy as hell sum-bitches on the right were willing to let the US economy fly off the cliff to prove a point, it’s time to fight fire with fire. 

The left needs its own group of nutjobs repping hard for reparations, getting gangsta for green energy, shit-kicking crazy for social security and foaming at the mouth for free healthcare. 

We gotta take the Sean Connery approach from “The Untouchables” and stop bringing knives to these gun fights.

Republicans: Retire “LYNCHING” as a metaphor. If you don’t like a policy or person, stop saying they need to be lynched. It is almost never (and by almost we mean 99.99998% of the time) going to be perceived as a good thing.  Even if you’re “lynching” a white guy,

Still not laughing.


most figure it wouldn’t take much for you to start stringing up the usual suspects—historically speaking. 

Besides, we’re bound together in this bloody American history, and it’s strange that such a subject of pain for one side could be such a blithe rhetorical construct for the other. Wanna hear how funny it is to us? Replace “lynch” with “rape.” And then go use these “harmless” metaphors at a rape clinic. Ha, ha hell.

From now until the end of Obama’s 2nd term (yeah, we’re claiming it), lose the “L” word.

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Stray Notions: no.5

Our random thoughts about random things.

WHO is more upset, Jets fans or Bears fans?

WHAT will Keith Olbermann do now that he’s left MSNBC?

WHEN will there be POSITIVE news out of Hati?

WHERE are Lords of the Underground?

HOW come it seems like Republicans NEVER want to do anything for poor or regular folks?

WHY doesn’t Tarzan have a beard?

DO old school basketball legends ever sit back and wonder how much they coulda got payed if they were playing now?

IF you tell people where to go, but not how to get there, you’ll be amazed at the results. -George S. Patton

WONDER how long is it going to take for the people behind Americn Idol bring in someone to be the NEW Simon Cowell? (Dame Dash anyone?)

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Didn’t They Do This Movie Already?

Well the results are in and it’s official.  The GOP picked up 60 – 70 seats in the house (DAAAAAAMN) but the Dems retain control of the Senate. It could be worst, it COULD have been a replay of 1994 all over again when the Repubs took the House AND the Senate.

But that’s not the point. Like we said “Didn’t They do this Movie Already?”. Two years ago the nation was suffering under a ruthless Tyrant (okay not really a tyrant, he was just stupid and NObody liked him, but you know this). ANYway the call went out for a new leader, a new direction. We even dare to say there was even a call for a NEW…..

And on November 2, 2008 hope (and joy) came in the morning.  Blah, blah you know the rest.  But now its two years later and the Notorious GOP and their minions have stalled, stopped, held their breath, and done just about anything else they could think of to bring down the agenda of the 44th Prez.

Well its culminated in the results that we have tonight. Apparently there are some folks out there with such short memories that they may need to really consider setting an appointment to see their doctor before they forget.  I’m getting sidetracked again.  2008 was “A New Hope”

And now its 2010 and you guessed it..

Well if this is how its going to go, in 2012 don’t be surprised we all know how it ends.

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Somebody Needs To Tell…

Somebody needs to tell the Democrats:
Bout Time!! I guess better late than never, but DAMN!
We here at Grownheadz been complaining for months that the Dems need to get on the J-O-B, ASAP. Ask once, ask twice, and since y’all seem to be a little on the too damn polite side, even ask a third time but when the other side guys say no, uh-uh, and HELL NO… FCUK EM (we’re a family website, we don’t wanna force you to read us late in the night after hours. You already can’t play all your old NWA CD’s)

Somebody Needs to Tell The Republicans:
HA HA HA HA HA! Nanny nanny nah nah! LOL LOL LOL LMBAO !!!11!!

Somebody Needs to Tell Everybody Watching This Whole Debacle:
Now we know what TRUE haterism looks like. Check under “T” for Tea Baggers.

Some Dems need to lose their jobs. Specifically the 34 sell-outs that voted against their own party.

And all of us need to get a copy of When We Were Kings. Why you ask?
So we can learn to recognize the rope-a-dope style when we see it. The Right spent all summer going to town hall meetings, actin like straight bozo’s. Racist signs, crazy rants, and general ig’nant behavior. The Democrats weren’t any help; even with 60 votes they were too scared to get NUTHIN done.
But Barack? In the middle he stayed calm, just waitin to drop bombs, bustin that rope-a-dope style. He let everybody holler and scream, taking their best shots at his loyalty, birth and even his soul (some still say he’s the antichrist). And when they were all hollered out, homie looked around like, That’s all you got? And STILL got it done.
His speech to House Democrats before Sunday’s vote could have come right out of a movie. Only thing missing was the swell of the score in the background and the standing ovation at the end. Oh wait, he got that, too.

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Senate Democrats… to do the damn thing.

We’ve gotten on the Democrats for this type of behavior before. Now, the House Democrats FINALLY passed a healthcare bill (by 3 votes), and as the Prez said, “the baton is now passed to you,” Senate Dems. The big ol’ history train is pulling out, and they need to get a ticket and ride. Republicans didn’t give a DAMN when they had the majority. Just do the health bill, include the public option and, as for our friends on the other side of the aisle? F#*CK EM.

Sammy Sosa….WTF brother man!?!

sammy sosa Apparently Sammy is Michael Jackson’s Number 1 Fan. CBS2 in Chicago reported:

“In the first segment of a two-part interview on the Spanish Univision network, the former Cubs star said that playing all those day games under the sun at Wrigley Field damaged his skin.

Sosa admits to using an unnamed European skin cream to repair the damage.

white_eddie_murphy“I have this cream that I put on at night before I go to bed,” Sosa said. “And it lightens the skin on my face a bit. But this has caused such a controversy, that even I am surprised.”

Sosa claims the lightening of his skin is a side effect, not the main aim of the treatment. But others aren’t convinced.

Several dermatologists who have seen the Sosa pictures believe he’s definitely undergoing some kind of bleaching treatment, perhaps using lasers or chemicals.”

I want to take Sammy at his word, but he’s looking a lot like Mr. White from that old Eddie Murphy SNL skit.

Michael Steele…Your Republican BFF’s are scared, but not of you.

Michael Steele is the wrrroooooonnnng...well, he might be the right one to f#@k wit...
Michael Steele is the wrrroooooonnnng...well, he might be the right one to f#@k wit...

In a TVOne interview with Roland Martin, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele agreed that sometimes the GOP appeared afraid to talk to black people. Said Steele, “I’ve been in the room an they’ve been scared of me. I’m like, ‘I’m on your side’.”

Big Mike, I know the path of the sellout can be hard and lonely, and maybe it makes you feel better to think nobody’s coming to dinner because they quake at the sight of an educated black man. Well, they do, but that’s not their problem with you. Naw dog, they’re just not that into you. After all your famous flubs on the mic, they fear your mouth more than anything else.

You’re always one TV camera away from saying something stupid, and your  “colleagues” are afraid they’ll once again have to flay you on FOX News while ducking the obvious question of why you’re the party’s straw boss in the first place.

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Somebody Need to Tell . . . . the Republican Party

“You come at the king, you best not miss.”
—Omar Little “The Wire”

President Barack Obama (I still get a little thrill from typing that) gave a thought-provoking, inspirational address Tuesday night, preparing America for the hard road ahead but reassuring us that we can get by with a little help from our friends in office. Then Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal came in and shat on the sundae.

jindal2Poor Bobby. He’s a Rhodes Scholar with an anti-intellectual base. He’s almost always the brownest guy in the room. And he talks like Gomer Pyle. Bill Clinton couldn’t have followed Obama’s speech, and THIS is the guy the Republicans sent in for a knock-out blow?

It’s not his fault he did so badly. The GOP may have the religious right, but Democrats pulled all the witty kids. Jindal’s one sad attempt at a joke bounced like a brick. He struggled to come across as non-threatening, but overdid it and ended up looking weak. The zingers speechwriters sprinkled in sagged in a mush of contradictions. He chuckled at weird points and his hand chops for emphasis were awkward. Jindal’s failure to connect was palpable.

This is partly because he’s such a contradictory solution for the Republican party. He’s of color, which is good, but thejindal1 only thing worse than being black for rednecks: of Eastern descent. The majority of the Republican base — rednecks who would be Democrats if they had sense enough to vote in their own economic interest — aren’t making all those distinctions. India is next to Pakistan, which is next to Afghanistan, which is damn near I-RACK. Democrats who lean Republican have the same racial issues—it’s why they’re leaning Republican in the first place! So the GOP’s strategy risks losing their own base, and won’t pull anyone across the fence either.

The GOP is grabbing anybody with a tan (except Alan Keyes) to throw in front of a camera right now. But somebody needs to tell them nobody’s falling for it.

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