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GhTV: Rappers on Jeopardy

During the last Radio Rehab we asked a simple qustion “Which rappers do you think would do good on Jeopardy”.  You can get in on the fun too.  The next Radio Rehab is Thursday July 19 at the Neighborhood Theater.  Check the Radio Rehab Charlotte website here for more info

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The MIXdown: The Stamp Mix

Its been a long time.  But what do you expect, its damn hard moving across the country.  Its even harder to get moved in, open all your boxes and then FINALLY put all the equiptment together.  But alast here we are.  Why the Stamp Mix and not say oh, the Turkey Mix, the Stuffing Mix, or even the Thanksgiving Mix?  Well silly rabbit that’s just TOO obvious. According to US Post Office its Stamp Collecting Month all across the land so why not celebrate this action-packed month. If you notice I start the mix off with a little diddy from the Fresh Prince aka Will Smith. Since Willow gettin all this play from Whip My Hair, we can see where she might have got it from.

1. Rock The House – Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
2. Aonetwo – INSTR
3. Ooowee – J Live
4. The Dane Side – INSTR
5. We Alright – EMC
6. Humpty Dance – INSTR
7. Hip Hop Music – Groove B. Chill
8. Dance on Glass – Q Tip
9. Booger Break – INTR
10. Seventeen MC’s – Insight
11. So Whatcha Sayin – INSTR
12. Strictly Business – EPMD
13. You’re A Customer – INSTR
14. Heard’em Say – Kanye West
15. Jazzie’s Groove – INSTR
16. I Poke Her Face – Kid Cudi (w/ Kanye & Common)
17. No Good Break – INSTR
18. Fatboys – The Fatboys

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TOP 5 Rappers Who Need The Other Guy

5 Rappers Who Need the Other Guy

5. Pete Rock and CL Smooth
T.R.O.Y. will forever be in the pantheon of hip hop classics, and Mecca and the Soul Brother had more than a few hot singles. When they broke up, to no one’s surprise Pete Rock kept right on producing (das efx, Rakim, Ghostface Killer, etc.). And what of CL? He kinda just disappeared. He spit a little here and there but after he and Pete Rock broke up in 1994, he didn’t release a solo project till 2006. Maybe he was disenchanted with the music biz, or wanted to focus on his family, and maybe he was just searching for the perfect beat. Whatever. CL might want to work out the his differences with Mr. Rock and get back in the studio.

4. Phife needs Q-Tip
A Tribe Called Quest were the hotness when they were hittin. The Low End Theory is a BONIFIED hip-hop classic and Midnight Maurauders got so much play, DJ A-See waited 10 years to put it back in rotation. You all know how the story goes–they broke up. Q-Tip took that summer by storm with Vivrant Thang and Breathe & Stop. So we, YOU, everybody waited for the five foot assassin to drop his project. It dropped, and just kept going down. No fire, no sizzle, no nuthin. Yes, the Abstract was considered the dominant rapper, but Phife was no slouch. He and Tip had that ever-elusive thing called chemistry, but for Phife, it takes two to get a crowd reaction.

3. Parish needs Eric Sermon
Back when EPMD was at its height, Eric was dope but you would wait for Parish’s verse. No question, he had the hotter lines. When Eric and Parish closed up shop and released their respective solo projects, conventional wisdom was that Parrish would do OK but Eric might be in trouble. But Eric flipped the script. His single Boomdigi wasn’t too bad, got some play. And Parish? Suuuuuuuuucked. No, REALLY suuuuuuucked. K-Rocka (of Grownhead Convo fame) and DJ A-See were shocked, shocked I tell you, at the utter wackness of the album. Resident Alien exchanged the tape, thinking it had to be defective. It was like the Green Eyed Bandit got some evil sorcerer to steal his former partner’s emcee skills. It was one of the worst solo debuts by an established artist EVER. And that’s counting John and Yoko. The funny thing is, when EPMD got back together, Parish was back to his normal dope self. What happened? We don’t know either, but P better neva let E go. And he also probly shouldn’t eat spaghetti at his house either.

2. Prince Po needs Pharaoh Monch
Resident Alien says Prince Po was the better rapper in Organized Konfusion: better concepts, better wordplay, better flow, betta, betta, betta. That may be true, but where’s he at? It’s not always about who’s a better rapper, but a better grinder. Maybe, just maybe, Po needed Monch to push him to get up off his ass and write some rhymes, get a producer, or book some studio time. Maybe it was always Pharaoh getting the name out and puttin in work. Of course this is all conjecture; all we know for sure is Pharaoh is ready to drop his THIRD solo release. And Po? Resident Alien is keeping her fingers crossed.

1. Rakim needs Eric B.
We have alluded to this before. But hell it’s worth repeating; Eric B. might have been the straw that stirred the Rakim hit music cocktail. Not to quote Kelly Clarkson, but since he’s been gone Rakim Allah just ain’t had the same swagger. He still ranks praise as one of the game’s earliest lyrical innovators, but for all his talent he should have done more. Perhaps Rakim needs someone to push him in the studio. Maybe Eric handled all the beat stuff so Ra could focus on the lyrics. We don’t know the formula, but whatever they had worked. Ra, call that man. Eric, put down that sammitch and pick up.

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Top 10 Female Friendly MC’s of All Time

by Shannon Barbour for About.com

One morning, on my way to work, my neighbor–a gentleman in his 60s–commented on the Mos Def CD in my hand. After inspecting its ‘explicit lyrics’ label, he asked, “What kind of dirty music are you listening to?” I replied that Mos is a talented rapper/actor. “But rap is hard on women,” he added. “It’s so misogynistic.” For the most part, he’s right. It’s hard to embrace all aspects of hip-hop, when so many artists would rather objectify than celebrate women. Sometimes, I find myself having to defend my love for hip-hop for this reason. Thankfully, there are quite a few MCs who still respect the ladies.

10. Krs-One
Krs-One falls into the category of the rare MC whose political ambitions were so great that they neutered any sexuality to be found in his rhymes. He did however, coin the expression ‘Jimmy-hat’ in what was arguably the first safe-sex rap song, along with the phrase, ‘you can’t trust a big butt and a smile.’ Hey, he had to make folk wise up somehow.

9. Chuck D (Public Enemy)
They were fighting the power and believed women to be assets in the struggle. At the height of their career, they talked about young black men’s confrontations with police and the destructive nature of crack cocaine in hoods across the America, but they never called the tragically crack-addicted mothers b*tches or h*s. Now Flav’s exploits on Flavor of Love, well, that’s another story…

8. Q-Tip (A Tribe Called Quest)
Q-Tip’s solo-effort ‘Vivrant Thing’ with its glam video replete with models was still more respectable that 90% of the music out at the time. (Think Juvenile’s ‘Back That A** Up,’ o.k., enough said) “Electric Relaxation” is probably Tribe’s most sexually-charged hit and it still makes most of us wanna dance. ‘Find a Way,’ is the classic boy meets girl hip-hop song.


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ALBUM of the WEEK: Q-Tip – The Renaissance

It’s been a minute but now he’s back. The minute being 8 years Q-tip finally has an “official” follow up to Amplfied. The Abstract has had some starts and stops in the last few years. In fact it might be said this is sort of a “best of” of his never released material. If you havn’t noticed we try not to actually review music here on Album of the Week. We want you to listen and decide for yourself. Don’t forget, these are not the complete songs—just 90-second clips so you can get a feel for the music. If you like what you hear, go out and buy the CD. Quality hip hop grows when we support the artists.

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