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Quick Hits: Crack Also Teaches

I came across an article about how the 10 Crack Commandments can be applied to something else other than just selling crack.  Found it very interesting and saved the link to be used later. OOOps unfortunately my computer is accidently shut off. I lose the link and I can’t remember EXACTLY what the article is named ,but I’m sure I’ll find it. Siiiiiike. Surprise, surprise, surprise it was harder than I thought.  I found there is apperantly more than one post about how the 10 Crack Commandments can be used for OTHER things, so get your pencils out please and take notes

The post that started this great odyssey: What Generation Overshare Can Learn From Biggie

For those who actually help build this great infomation super highway Notorious S.E.O.: The 10 Crack Commandments of Link Building

I started to notice a a little trend here maybe you can spot it.  The Notorious CEO: Ten Startup Commandments from Biggie Smalls

And finally for those of you out there on your own doing doin your own thang . Notorious B.I.G. – 10 Freelancer Commandments.

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Quick Hits: The Basketball Edition

Since it’s March Madness time we figured we would find some basketball stufff to feed the over-load.

Complex gives us the Top 25 Michael Jordan Nike commercials.  My personal favorite happens to be the one featuring Mike dunking in sl-mo to somebody beatboxing.

Don’t know if you know but  its March Madness.  From Paste.com they have the Top 20 March Madness Songs.  Slow down there player all the songs have “March” or they have “Madness” in them.  It makes for an eclectic list

What about the ladies? After  Baylor University’s Brittney Griner dunked in her last 2 games.  ABC  answers the question “Why Can’t Women Dunk”

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Quik Hits: Gotta List Checkin It Twice

Some lists of things we found out and about on this vast interweb thang.

 Miami New Time Times.  Having lived in Miami I can atest that if you live there you know all about getting your drink on.  Top Ten Rap Tracks About Gettin’ Drunk


Denver WestWorld. Coming from the mile high city  to celebrate the 100 year Anniversary of Chevrolet, it 10 songs celebratin Chevys

PasteMagazine.com. Rap songs just aint for rappers you know. Paste has a list of 10 rap covers the love and 10 the want to see (psst.. all these songs aint by rappers though)


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Quick Hits:10

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Plus ten, plus ten more, so guess we should really call this the Quick Hits 30. 

ANYway check out these thirty tidbits we found in the vast internet funland:

Kanye and Jay-Z were supposed to drop their collabo album July 4th. SIKE!  These are 10 Albums that the World Probabbly Won’t See(HipHop Wired)

Wayne insinuated he might be retire. Check these 10 Rappers who REALLY need to Retire. (HipHop Wired)

Ah, skits–the often excruciating, but sometimes funny bits of magic between album cuts. Here is a list of the 10 Greatest Hip Hop skits. (Village Voice)

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Quick Hits: Some Things of interest

Just some things you might wanna to take a look at to help pass the time while you’re supposed to be doing your REAL work at the job.

Complex.com has the 50 Greatest Logos in Hip Hop. See if you recognize a few favorites.

Black Entrerprise has the 11 Most Successful Artist Brands beyond music.

And finally, the fine writers over at Cracked.com bring revealing facts to all those 80’s memories.  6 Beloved 80’s Toys with Horrifying Origins

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Quik Hits: Random Stuff

Just some things we found while cruising this vast vast super-info highway.

That right! I Did it! A prisoner serving life admits to shooting Tupac. No not the time in Las Vegas the OTHER time in New York.

Worth the weight? Since Fat Joe lost all that weight some other artist who saw their fortunes change due to their waistlines

Tired of Best buy? Check this list of indie record stores to get your listen on.

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Words from the Souls

Check this interview the Souls of Mischief did right befor the release of Montezuma’s Revenge

by ALex Dwyer for HipHopDx

In a musical terrain where fans are reduced to digits on a Facebook page, the emphasis on actual face-to-face supporter acquisition has plummeted. Pictures and signed apparel are trumped by @ replies on a Twitter feed and RTs following a performance. Up and coming artists dip out on studio sessions to make sure their follower and friends count stays above one to one.
Who better to clap on the lights of reality than a quartet of emcees who have their hard-earned fan base to thank for their fully stocked cabinets and the three-eyed symbol etched tee shirts on their backs? Thanks to their dedication to these fans, Souls of Mischief are 16 years deep into infinity.
Mostly devoid of any sort of mainstream success since 1993, Tajai, A-Plus, Opio and Phesto D epitomize the show-by-show, record-by-record tactic that is prescribed by their career’s longevity. For their first album in almost a decade, the original group within the greater Hieroglyphics constituency brought Stetsasonic, Gravediggaz, and De La Soul production wizard Prince Paul into their close-knit fold.
Soul’s trademark lighthearted realism, steady rocking, and non-stop touring has branded them as certified veterans of underground Hip Hop. With the Montezuma’s Revenge release in full effect, A-Plus, Tajai and Opio spoke to HipHopDX on what it takes to survive in a group, in Oakland and in Hip Hop. 
HipHopDX: Montezuma’s Revenge is out, your first album in years. What do you think of how it turned out and the overall response to it?

Opio: It’s been a long time coming. Souls of Mischief have been out so much on tour, doing records with Hiero and our own solo records but the opportunity to work with Prince Paul, he’s an architect. Working with that dude was a dream come true. People who respect the real foundation of Hip Hop are showing love for this record. We are blessed right now.
DX: Did you find that Prince Paul had a big influence on how you guys recorded this album? I noticed that the overall sound of the album was more nuanced than what I was used to hearing from Souls of Mischief.

Tajai: I’m working with one of the best producers in the music game. To have a dude whose records have been so much of a foundation to how we even got to the point where were at, all in a house together, chillin’, playing beats, making songs, that brings out a whole different dimension. I got A-Plus, Opio, Dominio, these are in house production dudes who got hits, slappers. Then you got Prince Paul and these dudes are all living in the same house. We’re living in the same house making music. Music is organic right, so just being there and living with it and letting it grow, that’s how it came out. It was more of living together and we went over a lot of beats.


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Moka Who?

Canadian rapper Moka Only gets real about fame, major labels and Drake.


by Futura for We Got The Jazz.com

Platinum plaques, Junos, 7 MMVAs (Much Music Video Awards), roughly 36 albums and counting… Canadian emcee, Moka Only, took the time to chop it up with us. Canadian Hip Hop, collaborations, ADAT, and everything in between is covered.

For those who don’t know, can you tell us a little about yourself and what you bring to Hip Hop?

I am Moka Only, some know me simply as Torch. Depends on how in depth the person is with my music. I’m just a beatmaker/producers/emcee/doctor. I came up in the Vancouver, Victoria BC area. I’d like to think that I bring a sense of adventure and maybe mystery to music.

What artists, Hip Hop or not, did you grow up listening to and who would you say influenced your style and music?

Somehow I was always interested in piano singer/songwriter types like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles or Elton John, Billy Joel, etc. Then I started getting into jazz at a young age. Once I had become immersed in Hip-Hop, I would gravitate toward the more left-leaning artists like Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, (A) Tribe (Called Quest), etc…cats that used jazz or progressive textures in they music and abstract raps.

What’s your thought on Drake being widely accepted now, when he was rhyming for quite sometime before?

My thoughts about Drake blowing up only now? Shoot, that’s just the nature of the buzz and sometimes the power of the co-sign. Just because you’ve been rapping or whatever for a long time doesn’t automatically mean you are ‘in there’. Skills take a long time to hone and obviously Drake has made good use of his years building raps. So kudos to him!


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Quick Hits: Ten, Eleven, Twelve

Just some lists we found floating on the “webs”

Earth, Wind & Fire famously sang “Something happened along the way…” in After The Love Is Gone well courtesy of Vibe.com its the 10 messiest break ups in Hip Hop and R&B.

Remember that time you heard about that album by that rapper that was supposed to come out. Us too.  StreetLevel.com has 11 of the biggest Urban Legend albums that never happened.

And finally twelve.  TWELVE!  The Atlanta Post gives us 12 rappers and the political offices they would have.

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