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Stray Notions: Ocho

WHO do you blame?

WHAT if cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny?

WHEN will Obama stop tryin to work wih the Rethugs?

WHERE is the group Zhigge (for true heads that remember)?

HOW long will it take for Drake to fall off?

WHY do/did people think Two And A Half Men is/was funny?

DO you need a silencer if you are going to shoot a mime?

IF you get a beer belly by drinking beer, do you get a pot belly by smoking pot?

WONDER how long the Carolina Panthers rookie QB Cam Johnson can keep up the pace?

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Top 6 Tweets on Osama Bin Laden’s Death

President Barack Obama vs. Osama bin Laden
"I got you, sucka."

 6. @SeanUppercut wait….not only did he [okay, not really] kill bin laden, he waited till Donald Trump’s show to announce the body. SWAG

5. @LupeFiasco: Now kill poverty, wack schools, and US imperialism…

4. @ThroatChopU: Obama better have that long form death certificate.

3. @nicekicks: With bin Laden dead does that mean I still get molested tomorrow at the airport? Just asking… [All signs point to YES]

2. @HeroStatus: Osama Bin Laden killed after checking into his cave on @foursquare.

1. @Ken_Doll312: Obama Has The Juice Now

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Stray Notions: no.3

WHO needs a band with a beat this dope?

WHAT is it about Nikki Minaj that sets off more envy than a Fat Joe record? Lil’ Kim, Gloria Velez, (insert substandard female rapper here)…

WHEN is Obama going stop trying to placate everybody (GOP, Blue Dog Dems, and Tea Bagging Anti-Masturbators) and bring some of that “Chicago Way” to Washington?

WHERE do Mexican drug dealers get their cojones from? In one small Mexican village of about 26,000 the Mayor was found stoned to death, the entire police dept. had to be fired and the chief of the city council was tortured and killed. Nino Brown wasn’t ever that bad.

HOW many church offerings are Bishop Eddie Long’s accusers going to ask for in their lawsuit?

WHY did the inventor of the Segway die in a Segway accident–what’s next, Ronald McDonald choking on a french fry?

DO rappers ever wish they picked a better name?

IF Wile E. Coyote from the Road Runner had enough money to buy all that ACME crap, why didn’t he just buy dinner?

WONDER how many light-skinned, curly haired, righteous, blue collar  Christian brothers Tyler Perry will shoehorn into “For Colored Girls”?

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Stray Notions

Just some random thoughts that crossed our minds.

IF Fed Ex and UPS were to merge, would they call it Fed UP?

WHO is going to get the Supreme Court nod now that John Paul Stevens is retiring?

WHAT can the Pope say that’s going to make things better?   

WHEN is Mystical going to drop a record now that he’s out of jail?

WHERE is Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rudd?

HOW hard will democrats fight for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee?

WHY are all these supa-rich supa-star atheletes going broke?

DO Lipton Tea employees take coffee breaks?

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IMO: I Just Gotta Say – Is Obama Mayor Carcetti?

Here at Grownheadz HQ, we have been going back and looking at past seasons of The Wire. I’m not getting into a big post about how great the show was, either you saw and loved it, or watched it and got bored. LadyT had a few choice words about her love for the program.

The point of our discussion today is this: . Is Obama just Mayor Carcetti and the US just a big coast-to-coast Baltimore?

obama1Tom Carcetti is a white guy who runs for mayor of Baltimore, and because it’s a TV show he actually wins in the majority black city. Throughout his campaign, he calls out the incumbent mayor on all sorts of misdeeds, broken promises, and ethical lapses.

Carcetti is not just your typical politician; massive ego aside, he really wants to make things better for the citizens of Baltimore. He has all these big plans, makes a lot of promises, and gets everybody in the city (well, at least the police department) believing that change has finally come. They even start proclaiming that’s it’s a “New Day” (sound familiar?).

Once in office, Carcetti learns the enormity of the city’s problems and has to make harsh decisions, some more for his political career than in the best interests of the city. As the season proceeds we see how the system rebels against change. Carcetti makes deals that are the political thing to do (all part of the game, ya know) but not the RIGHT thing to do.

Furthermore, all those pledges he made have to be reprioritized because of the circumstances at hand. The next thing you know, people are talking about broken promises and his own ethical lapses. If you didn’t know, everything comes full circle in world of The Wire.

When he started his run for president, even his lawyer’s cynicism couldn’t have prepared President Obama for just how utterly F***D things would be right now. Remember coming up, how your moms told you that you’d have to be twice as smart to becarcetti1 considered half as good? Obama will have to be the best president ever just to be considered a success.

A friend and I joked that once Obama started getting the really real lowdown on what was going on, his opinion on things might change. He might be sitting with Michele right now saying, “Damn! If this report is right, we really might have to bomb Iran.”

There was a telling scene on the Wire when Carcetti’s main right hand man is chatting at the bar with his counterpart from the prior administration. He relates how he watched his boss, a man he believed in, refuse needed funds for city schools in order to avoid looking weak in a future gubernatorial bid. His counterpoint, with the wisdom that only comes from experience, replied “Sooner or later, they all disappoint.”

The fact is, at some point in the next four years this moment will come for Obama. It’s inevitable: the day will come that a hard choice will have to be made which will pit the fortunes of many black folks against those of a larger number of whites, and our living black and shining prince will turn his face from us.

I just hope when that day comes, he and we can hang on to some thread of the hope we all felt on his journey to the White House. I hope the end for once does justify the means. I hope he proves to be a better man than Carcetti.

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IMO: Madd Rapp Fan: Dumb Is Not The New Cool

Yo, it’s your friendly neighborhood MADD RAPP FAN on a rant again.
Is dumb cool? No, mofos, it’s not. Some love to not know, Chris Rock said in his classic stand-up special. This phenomenon is not just in hip-hop and niggadom, it’s a part of general society. For a great reminder, look at last year’s election.

First hip-hop. For the last ten years, hip-hop has had a lobotomy. Back in the day, MCs used to shout out their schools or frat (i.e. Run DMC and Saint Johns). Now they shit out they’re a fool with a gat. Where did we go wrong? I say the geeks will inherit the earth, not prom royalty. Rappers emphasize their jail time rather than the time they were on the Dean’s list. Many rappers are smart, but hide their intellect more than women did in the ‘50s.

This dumb act has been happening around the neighborhood for as long as I can remember. It was cool to beignorant dumb. Jocks in high school hid high GPAs like pretty girls would hide their glasses and lower their vocabulary to impress the same dudes for the same reasons—they assume that guys would be intimidated by their intelligence.

What else is at work, when platinum-selling rappers deny that they went to college and had a government job (I won’t name any names, but his rhymes with Dick Floss). He isn’t the only one; a lot of rappers are hiding their credit hours. Instead of shouting out Lil’ Junebug that’s doing a dime up state, give a shout out to to Big Kev for finishing his master’s at Michigan State. Don’t get me wrong, a few rappers grew up in the hood, but most grew up on the mean streets of -insert suburb here- and need to stop fronting.

And what’s wrong with being smart? I don’t want the prom king and queen running the government, I want the chess clubbing, debate teaming, yearbook staffing, student council president son of a bitch that can talk to anybody.

Back in December, Republicans weren’t just acting dumb, they were good and proud of it. Grandpa Munster and Caribou Barbie were the last of any class, hiding their ignorance in the “just plain folk” chatter. It was a celebration of not knowing. Thank God we got Obama, that combination of Steve Urkel and Stephon Urkelle, with his finger on the button.

My fellow hip hoppens (members of the hip hop Nation), dumb is not cool for you, rappers, or politicians. MAD RAP FAN out!! P.S. If you’ve got a hotel room or just a play cousin in D.C., holla at your boy—I’m ready to sleep under the kitchen table for the inauguration!

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We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

It took almost a month but damnit an Obama party just don’t stop. After the historic win we here at Grownheadz HQ had to show just how important and truly momentous an occasion this was, and we could could only think of one way of doing it right. BY NOT WORKING (no seriously THIS grownhead really took 2 days off from work) Anyway since we got a black presdient we really gotta start doing it right. He ain’t can’t take a day off so hy should we.

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IMO: Doubting Obama

I Just Gotta Say

As I write this there are only 5 days left in the presidential campaign (you might have heard something about it). I think a lot of black people have become just like the racist dimwits who after all this time (20 months) and ALL the information out there still actually believe….

A) Obama is a Muslim
B) Obama is an Arab
C) Obama is up to something
D) All of the above.

Now you might ask yourself what do those crazies, or lazies and your average African American have in common? Well, regardless of all the polls showing that Obama is ahead, GOP loyalists jumping ship left and right AND the overwhelming number of black folks who are early voting, many of us STILL just don’t believe what we are being told or what we see. But unlike the idiots above whose ideas are borne of incredible willful ignorance, or just plain simple ignorance. Our doubts are based on knowing TOO MUCH. We know too well that all those people (okay White folks) who say they’re down for change could be lying (see the often referenced “Bradley Effect”). We know that just when we finally get the win the rules might change (when OJ was acquitted he got sued in civil court and lost; until that happened I had never, EVER heard of someone being found innocent and then getting tried again for basically the same thing, and I read). We know that no matter how obvious the outcome SHOULD be we might still lose (see the Rodney King Trial or the acquittal of the cops who shot Amadou Diallo 41 times). I have read a few stories of black folks hoping for the best but bracing for the worst, not allowing themselves to believe that a black guy can actually become president. My mom and many people from her generation never dreamed it would happen in their lifetime. Now, unlike my mother, I figured I probably might have a chance, maybe, of seeing a black man lead this country. But I assumed I would be really, really old. So with 5 days left and all you doubters out there worried and wondering if it’s actually going to happen, getting ready for the big letdown or the collective “I knew they weren’t ready!!!” I just gotta say one thing. Me too.

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