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Quick Hits:10

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Plus ten, plus ten more, so guess we should really call this the Quick Hits 30. 

ANYway check out these thirty tidbits we found in the vast internet funland:

Kanye and Jay-Z were supposed to drop their collabo album July 4th. SIKE!  These are 10 Albums that the World Probabbly Won’t See(HipHop Wired)

Wayne insinuated he might be retire. Check these 10 Rappers who REALLY need to Retire. (HipHop Wired)

Ah, skits–the often excruciating, but sometimes funny bits of magic between album cuts. Here is a list of the 10 Greatest Hip Hop skits. (Village Voice)

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Come Together…Right Now

Why the Conscious Hip-Hop community needs a DJ Khaled

By Jasiri X fo Davey D’s Hip-Hop News

By now we all know DJ Khaled, and his incessant yelling out of whatever is his new catch phrase of the year, which also of course just happens to be the name of his latest album (marketing majors pay attention). But what has made DJ Khaled truly successful is his ability to bring together many of the top artists in the game, on song after song, throughout his entire projects.khaled1

This rap unity has enabled not only DJ Khaled to become rich and famous (or infamous if you will), but has also propelled lesser known artists from his region IE: Plies and Rick Ross into Hip-Hop stardom.

This made me wonder, how come the conscious Hip-Hop community, which always talks unity, community, and cooperation, doesn’t have a DJ Khaled? Rarely do you see conscious artists coming together on high profile collaborations. The last one I can remember off top was the Hip-Hop for Respect project which was in 2000!

Imagine how dope a project would be that had KRS-ONE, Chuck D, Lupe, Mos Def, Kanye, Dead Prez and NYOIL with Erika Badu on one song and the very next track featuring Immortal Technique, Black Thought, Brother J, Common, Wise Intelligent, Pharaoh Monch and Lyfe Jennings on the hook. This would be a real Hip-Hop fans dream come true!


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