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Hip Hop Affirmations: What Are You Looking For?

As sure as this earth is turning,
souls is burnings
in search of higher learning
Turning in every direction
seeking direction”

– Jay-Z

What are you looking for? The 3 years following grad school, I had 4 jobs as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. What did I discover? Sometimes you have to jump around in order to find what you are truly seeking. It can take a lot of guts to leave a situation that is not right for you, especially if you are fighting the pressures from voices around you telling you what you should be doing and that, “you are lucky to have a job.”

Some people think a little differently. They feel that the job is lucky to have them. They understand that they may not be in the ideal situation, but they continue to use their “off” time as “on” time. Time to get on to discovering what they are really passionate about. In my search I’ve done many different things including a stint in a Multi-Level Marketing company. Some may cringe or turn their nose up at that opportunity, but I can tell you first hand that my experience sparked a desire to focus on personal development.

I recommend self-discovery to everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s never to late to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

Two books recommended by Ambassador Bruny for Self-Discovery:
-The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
-What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles

Affirmation of the Day:
I love all the unanswered questions I have about what I want to do with my life. It shows that I care about my impact on this world

Question of the Day:
What do you want to be when you grow up?

Action of the Day:
Find 10 minutes to focus and journal your answer to the question of the day

Run the Point; from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,
Mike Bruny

Mike Bruny is a certified professional life coach and author, helping ambitious professionals gain clarity for life/career decisions. Reach him at bruny@hiphopaffirmations.com. His book  “Move the Crowd: 30 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life.” is availible at www.Amazon.comhttp://tinyurl.com/movethecrowd

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Quick Hits:10

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Plus ten, plus ten more, so guess we should really call this the Quick Hits 30. 

ANYway check out these thirty tidbits we found in the vast internet funland:

Kanye and Jay-Z were supposed to drop their collabo album July 4th. SIKE!  These are 10 Albums that the World Probabbly Won’t See(HipHop Wired)

Wayne insinuated he might be retire. Check these 10 Rappers who REALLY need to Retire. (HipHop Wired)

Ah, skits–the often excruciating, but sometimes funny bits of magic between album cuts. Here is a list of the 10 Greatest Hip Hop skits. (Village Voice)

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Hip Hop Affirmations: Let’s Get Together

“You ain’t havin it, good, me either.
Let’s get together and make this whole
world believe us.”

Can’t Knock the Hustle

on Reasonable Doubt

Are you a solo artist? It can be pretty lonely trying to accomplish your goals on your own. Are there opportunities for you to partner with folks who have the same work ethic and are on the same page as you?

Affirmation of the Day:
I find individuals who are just as dedicated and hungry as I am to be part of my team

Question of the Day:
Who needs to be part of your team?

Action of the Day:
Create a document listing where you could benefit from a partner.

Run the Point; from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,
Mike Bruny

This is just a weekly taste of Hip Hop Affirmations.If you want a daily dose visit Hip Hop Affermations.com and get each and every day started right.

Mike Bruny is a certified professional life coach and author, working with ambitious professionals across the country. He helps them to rediscover their values, gain clarity for life/career decisions and live more fulfilling lives. If you want to know more, reach him at: bruny@hiphopaffirmations.com.

His book “Move the Crowd: 30 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life.” is availible now on amazon.com

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Hip Hop Affirmations – Are You in the Right Place?

“How could you falter
when you’re the rock of Gibraltar;
I had to get off the boat so I could walk on water.”

Diamonds from Sierra Leone (REMIX) by Kanye West

Do you belong? Have you ever walked into a class or meeting, took a seat only to realize you were in the wrong place? Did you have the guts to get up even though all eyes would be on you?

Affirmation of the Day:
I am ready to take the big steps needed to succeed.

Question of the Day:
What boat do you need to step off of?

Action of the Day:
Get off the boat

Run the Point; from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,
Mike Bruny

This is just a weekly taste of Hip Hop Affirmations. If you want a daily dose visit Hip Hop Affermations.com and get each and every day started right.

The Ambassador Mike Bruny is a life coach and author of “Move the Crowd: 30 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life.” availible now on amazon.com

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What the F*** Is A Jay Electronica?

Impress your crew by knowing that new –ish. For all the grownheads who don’t know check these songs. By the way, things have changed since that GH Convo. Jay got signed by Jay Z’s label Roc Nation and EVERYBODY (who knows) is just waiting for the album. Hopefully in 2011 Jay Electronica will be just the thing that hip hop needs.

Shiny Suit Theory ft Jay – Z
the first song released once he got signed

Exhibit C
The song everybody was talking about

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Hip Hop Affirmations: Are You Sure You’re Ready


Going to the Million Man March back in 1995 came out of the blue, but I was ready to go. I was ready mentally and it only took me a few minutes to physically put together my traveling bag. 

The other day I got a call that went something like this:

 “Hey Mike, President Obama is going to be at the rally in Boston on Saturday and we would like you to cover it for EthnicOnline.net.” 

I was ready to go.

Hip Hop Affirmations has a lot of room to grow and I’m still working towards my aspiration of creating with Jay-Z.  When, not if, that opportunity comes, I’ll be ready.  How? 

By clarifying my vision and coming up with different scenarios to increase the chances of success.  Also, by cleaning up and strengthening the Ambassador Bruny brand.  Who’s coming with me?  I could use some partners.

What’s your story and take on being prepared?  I’d love to hear about it.

Affirmation of the Day: I am prepared for future opportunities.

Question of the Day: When has being prepared led to success in your life?

Action of the Day: List the necessary skills needed for success in your life.  Slowly, or not so slowly, start to gain those skills. (Yes, they can be thought.)

Run the Point, from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,

Mike Bruny

Mike Bruny is a certified professional life coach, helping professionals across the country rediscover their values, gain clarity and live more fulfilling lives. Reach him at: bruny@hiphopaffirmations.com. Check here for your daily Hip Hop Affirmation.

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Top 5 Greatest Hits Albums That Don’t Exist

A while back, we talked about one-hit wonders who drank their own Kool-Aid and released greatest hits albums, i.e. Tag Team, whose CD sadly features both House and Spanish remixes of Whoomp! There It Is.
Well, on the other end of the spectrum, there are a few artists who really could help out DJ’s and fans by putting all their chart-topping street anthems in one place.
Even though we’ve gone hard on a couple of them in Grownheadz Convos (Crying? There’s no crying in GrownHeadz Convos!), they’ve all consistently packed dancefloors and we give props where they’re due. In honor of Halloween, here are 13 tracks from each artist that can get the party poppin.


Tell me who's your barber, how's he cut so good?! (topsocialite.com)

Since he first dropped in 2000 (yeah, you’re old), Chris Luva Luva has had at least 1 hit per album. Hell, even his cameos blow up spots. We think a greatest hits might go a little something like this:

Your Fantasy
Roll Out
Pimpin All over the World
Number One Spot
Stand Up
Move Bitch
Get Back
Area Code
Splash Waterfalls
How Low Can You Go
My Chick Bad


Did he wear the same suit to court as to the premiere of Takers? Tacky, man. (blogs.bet.com, askmen.com)

Since he’s fresh outta jail and might be gettin ready to go back, TI should consider dropping a greatest hits just to give him some time to catch his breath. Speaking on catching your breath, hey Tip, you ‘spose to be a grown man and all, isn’t it time to take it up a notch?

Do like all the rest of us grown-up, got-a-job-but-still-smoke folks out there and do that ish in ya house, homie. Wasting time, literally. Anyways:

Be Easy
Big Things Poppin’ (Do It)
Bring Em Out
Rubber Band Man
Top Back
U Don’t Know Me
What You Know
Whatever You Like
Live Your Life
Swagga Like us

Jay Z (*Update: Greatest Hits Coming Nov. 23)

Jay Z
Jigga goes for the Twofer look when he's not onstage (accesshollywood.com)

We know, ol’ Hov doesn’t get much love in the house of Grownheadz (Hip Hop Purist is just mean). Nonetheless, Pop Carter certainly gets his numbers. There’s even a greatest hits import, but no U.S. release. When and if it ever happens, these are a few songs that COULD be included:

Dead Presidents
Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Hardknock Life
I Just Wanna Love You
Aint No Nigga
Big Pimpin
Brooklyns Finest
Can I Get
22 Twos
99 Problems
Empire State of Mind
On to the Next One
In all actuality, Jay could make a filler-free double disc and nobody’d be mad about it.

Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot
Worst Secret Santa ever. (polaroidsofandroids.com)

Where the hell is Missy at? Maybe she just doesn’t need the money. Between hits for herself and others the Misdemeanor should be clocking MAJOR royalty checks each month. Missy is another who released a greatest hits overseas, but like most Americans, until it happens over here it doesn’t count to us.

The Rain
Hit Em With The Hee
Sock It To Me
Hot Boyz
All In My Grill
She’s A Bitch
One Minute Man
Get Ur Freak On
Gossip Folks
Work It
Pxxxy Cat
Pass The Dutch
Lose Control

Lil Wayne
Hard time is hard for anybody. But it must be HELLA hard when you’re used to a life of haze, head and 24-7 hijinks. I mean, sure Baby ‘nem got him the hooked up commissary, conjugals, and protection (plus, he’s ugly enough that nobody wants the booty), but it’s gotta be damn depressing.

Lil Wayne
It's a lil sad to realize this is the normalest he can look. (bvnewswire.com)

If Weezy ever decided to make a greatest hits, it would be like those Time Life 10-disc sets. Hip hop’s Golden Child probably has more songs, cameos and mixtapes than anyone else in the game. Plus he can fart on beat and go plat. Which is not necessarily good for the culture, but awful entertaining regardless.

Drop It Like It’s Hot
Got Money
Hustler Musik
Neck of the Woods
Stuntin’ Like My Daddy
Tha Block Is Hot
Mrs. Officer

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Hip Hop Affirmation: Ready to Start Winning

Jay-Z – Change the Game

Are you ready to start winning? Get it set in your mind that you will win, no matter what! In my book, “Move the Crowd: 30 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life,” I speak about how I used a “I will not lose,” mindset before a job interview, a presentation or meeting with potential clients. For me it was my, “Lucky Shoes.” Now we both know there was nothing lucky about those shoes, but it allowed me to have the right mental framework to make things happen.

Affirmation of the Day:
I will not lose

Question of the Day:
What do you use to stay in the proper frame of mind to win?

Your Ambassador,

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