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The Hip Hop Purist: My Christmas Rant

It’s the most wonderful time to be a whore for corporate pirates. Get jingling, baby.

This is my Christmas anthem forever. I know that some hip hoppers prefer other ones. Ras expresses exactly how I feel (although it is dated and he blatantly lies because only me, my homies and roaches should be here now).

I wish more people felt the same way – but isn’t that the plight of having an opinion? I mean Ras goes as far as to call his mom “bereaved.” What is a “mitochondria weave” you ask?

I will not win this battle, so I offer a truce.

Enjoy this time of year with your family. And although the reason for the season is the rebirth of the Sun, try to focus on fellowship with humanity rather than the money shot of capitalistic porn that this time of year actually is.

Here, let hip hop guide you in the right direction:

“I guess everyone would ride
in a benz rather than a bucket
Anyone reside in a crib nestled in a hill
than just to get by in a studio apartment
and live a better life
But don’t all cars get you there?
Don’t all shelters keep the rain from in your hair?
And ain’t lobster and tuna both protein?
And is the price of the shoe what protects your feet?
And ain’t it all just for the next man to see?
And can you take it all with you when your spirit leaves?
And when you’re gone will the people all remember
what you had, rather than who you were when you’re mentioned?” – Gift of Gab

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The Hip Hop Purist: Death To Autotune (My Story)

Dear Grouch and Eligh,

I downloaded your latest album because I liked the song you had with Blu.  I even liked your poppy video with Pigeon John and Gift of Gab.  So I take my burned copy of your cd and gave it a guilt filled listen in my car one morning on the way to work.  All of a sudden, I did not feel guilty anymore.

Why not have T-Pain appear on your album?  You guys are too fresh for that autotune shit!

On a recent trip to ATL, I was at Criminal Records and I saw your album for sale.  I picked it up and that new Brother Ali.  Then I remembered the autotune.  My facial expression morphed into it’s “I smell something that really stinks” version and I placed your cd back on the rack out of alphabetical order (sorry people that work at Criminal).

I still play that track with Blu though.

Better luck next album.


Tha Hip Hop Purist

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ALBUM of the WEEK: The Mighty Underdogs – Droppin Science Fiction

The Mighty Underdogs is a super group consisting of Gift of Gab, from Blackalicious, Headnodic, from Crown City Rockers, and Lateef the Truthspeaker, all of them hail from the bay area. There’s not much to really say. Just check it out. Don’t forget, these are not the complete songs—just 90-second clips so you can get a feel for the music. If you like what you hear, go out and buy the CD. Quality hip hop grows when we support the artists.


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The Mighty Underdogs

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Interview With The Mighty Underdogs

by Hazard for Planet Urban.com

Droppin’ Science Fiction on Hip Hop fans around the world, the Mighty Underdogs chat about taking Hip Hop in a different direction with their new album, the role of technology in the music industry, advice for upcoming artists and loads more.

“You’re checking out Planet Urban, this is Hazard, and right now I’m joined by two veterans of the Hip Hop scene from the Bay Area, they are part of the new super-group the Mighty Underdogs, I’m speaking with Gift of Gab and underdog-picHeadnodic, how’s it goin guys?”

Gift of Gab: Things are going dope.

First of all, what is the origin of the name the Mighty Underdogs and what does it mean to you guys?

G: The Mighty Underdogs, the origin came for us a long time ago. Myself and Headnodic were talking about doing a record a long time ago. Also, me and Lateef were talking about doing a record a long time ago and we started working on something. So we decided to form one group, called the Mighty Underdogs. Originally it (the project) was titled the Underdogs, but there was already a group called that.

Headnodic: Lateef and Gab came up with it. To me it kind of depicts the state of music and people who take pride and love in making music. It’s been washed over with so many groups that it kind of turned, not just underground Hip Hop but all kinds of Hip Hop, that are slightly different from the norm into the underdogs. Then we threw the ‘mighty’ on top to give a ray of hope to the whole thing and hopefully unite a whole bunch of groups that can make quality music and try and take over the radio.

G: Also, an underdog is always hungry. You know the underdog always has his back up against the wall, so he will come out like he’s got something to prove. For us as artists it’s about staying hungry and continually pushing ourselves. Once you get comfortable with where you’re at and you think you’ve done everything you have to do that’s when you start falling off. Just the whole concept of the underdog, the mighty underdog, is the dude that with his back against the wall, that believes in what he’s doing, will come out swinging hard.


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