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Hot 5: 5 Best Heavy D Songs (for the REAL heads)

As we check out the story of Heavy D’s passing we see  things about this song and that.  Quite honestly his biggest hit “Now That We Found Love” was just aight. It was never the party rocker or got the love that these OTHER 5 songs did.

We Got Our Own Thang (12-inch Mix)
When I was rockin parties at Hampton this was the version I played. In fact this is the version everybody played at the party or the club.

Overweight Lover’s In The House

You Can’t See What I See
Hands down one of his hardest songs. It’s Resident Alien’s favorite Hev song.

Black Coffee

Big & Broad
Heavy D was one of the few rappers who made dancehall records that were actually pretty good. You could really play this at a reagae club and not get booed. This songs features two dancehall legends Supa Cat and Frankie Paul. Too bad there is no REAL video for the song.


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Audio Session: Sean Toure’ – A Day In The Life – Single

Got this video in the in box.  Although it sems like his name might cause some confusion with rapper Torae.

Since his days freestyling and break dancing for money on the streets of Baltimore, Sean-Toure’ Thames has taken his music career to the next level. Taking advantage of his growing up during the Golden era of Hip-Hop, Sean has incorporated the classic boom bap sounds of Hip Hop music into his creative and diverse sound.
Sean has quickly developed a reputation as one of Baltimore’s and underground Hip Hop’s best performers/producer/emcees.  His success as a test bin Winner on the Morgan St. Strictly Hip-Hop Radio Show, and his energetic live performances has gained much respect and notoriety as one of the DMV’s best artist and an award recognizing him as The Baltimore Scene’s 2010-2011 Music Producer of the Year.

Sean’s solo-debut Soundchanneler, The Invisible Man will be released in October 2011. 

Check the video:


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GHtv: Marvin Gaye – National Anthem

Its the 4th of July and instead of eating BBQ and hanging with the family you’re sitting in front of a computer. Thank you for letting us know you can’t go a day withut a lil GHz in ya life.  So that it won’t be a total wasted moment here’s Marvin in his last public apperance before his death doing by FAR one of the most original versions of the National Anthem. Happy 4th of July.

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