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Charlotte Heads Name Their Top Female MCs

We polled heads at Radio Rehab, Charlotte’s monthly adult hip hop party, for their favorite female emcees of all time. Heavy weights MC Lyte, Latifah and Lauryn Hill topped the list, but we got a few curveballs thrown in that made us say, Oh yeah!


Competition was tight, with a number of 3- and 4-way ties, but the closer we got to No. 1, a single lady’s name came up again and again.

5. Monie Love / Lil’ Kim / Heather B / Ladybug
4. Mia X / Roxanne Shante / Rah Digga / Da Brat : Everyone needs to let off steam once in a while, and this category clearly fills that requirement. Whether at a party or about to get at somebody, these were the chicks to bump.
3. Bahamadia / Yo-Yo : Epic clash between East v. West, Conscious v. Gangster, Natural v. Extensions!!
2. Queen Latifah / Lauryn Hill : We like guidance and teachers for the No. 2 spot.
1. MC Lyte : You really thought it would be anyone else?

Agree or disagree? Who do you think should have made the cut?


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22 Female MCs You Need to Hear NOW

Artist: Dubelyoo society6.com

In no particular order, a round-up of hot bars that you need in rotation. Some are new, some older, all dope–and all ladies.

  1. Ra the MC – Victory Lap
  2. Jean Grae – Don’t Rush Me
  3. Narubi Selah – U Already Know
  4. Invincible – Sledgehammer
  5. Boog Brown – Friction
  6. Rapsody – Imagination
  7. Nikki Lynnette – The Strong Survive
  8. Psalm One- A Girl Named You
  9. Lady Luck / Remy Ma – Battle
  10. Nitti Scott – Tell Somebody
  11. Miki Vale – Black
  12. Eternia – Evidence
  13. AzItIz – Industry Influence
  14. Brianna – Rack City
  15. Rocky Rivera – Swagger Jackn
  16. Rogue Venom – Afterlife
  17. Master Mimz – Back down Mubarack
  18. Marz Lovejoy – Sticky
  19. Rita J- No Regrets
  20. Miz Korona – Pete Rock
  21. Queen Pen – Ghetto Divorce
  22. Apani B- A Million Eyes

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IMO: Mad Rapp Fan – Female MC’s Need Your Help

Female MCs need your support now!! Buy their CDs, don’t download their efforts. Send money today so they can feed their families. Don’t you care? A dollar a day can save an MC’s will to spit. Ladies used to be first, but now they’re acting and being treated like second-class rap fans. (1)
Yes, I am a man and I can’t speak for you, but this just my pseudo-sexist view. So here it is: don’t let L Boogie’s flake out kill your joy. The sun rah’s lyte feels the luck of the grae queen.
Feminists can’t blame all the sexism in hip-hop on men. Women are struggling to strike an impossible balance being a lady and hard lyrical content. Sexxy brains is not an oxymoron, some of you have them! I know some mofo’s are pissed, but fuck um. There ‘s no balance, you do you. Show your cleavage in the streets and the work place if this makes you feel good; a good mood yields good work.
Fans stereotype what an XX-chromosome MC look like: double-wide or a shim. Mediocre female MCs pimp their bodies for peanuts. You must walk, talk and act like a woman, but whose definition are you using? You do you. I know, Mad Rap Fan is lecturing on a subject he can’t understand, but skills is skills. Some women will buy MC Such-and-Such with 102 bitches in 20 songs, but won’t buy Jean Grae and will go as far to say they don’t wanna hear a rapper talking about all those female issues. If men were responsible for starting this sexism machine in hip hop, ladies you are the oil that lubes those gears. MAD RAP FAN OUT!!

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