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The Hip Hop Purist: The Devil and Ms. Monae

“The dichotomy in me knew something was fishy.” – Saafir
I recently went to a Tribe Called Quest show in Atlanta. It was wonderful.
They performed all of their popular songs and then some. Jarobi even came on stage. Of course, Jarobi was supposed to be there. But someone else was not.
At the end of their set, Q-Tip announced the foreigner. I became a xenophobe, hoping for a Trouble T-Roy moment when Puffy grabbed the mic and said “Wassup, New York”. Boos were automatic. So were obscene finger gestures. I even participated in the fun, myself.
Puff, as hip hop’s Antichrist, has more than one reason to be hated (besides cheesecake delivery). He is the sole reason I check for the 7 Daggers of Megiddo on ebay. But this ain’t about him. It’s about his motives.
I recently had the pleasure of listening to ArchAndroid for the first time. This album snuck up on me completely accidentally. I heard good things about it so I decided to give it a listen via illegal download.
I bought Badu’s first album when it came out based on the strength of her first single. She was sneaking 5%-er mythology into mainstreamer-isms. I thought that this might be the thing that would change the R&B genre into something listenable. I bought the album and noticed it was replete with love songs and immediately gave it away. Lauryn Hill did something similar to me. I really want a female MC to be in my top 10 list. Medusa is the closest thing, but she just does not have enough material.
So in steps Janelle Monae. “Dance or Die” has her flowing her ass off over a fast, pop-y beat. I was impressed. I was even more impressed when I read the lyrics.
Then I noticed she had some videos. “Tightrope” seemed to have the most Youtube hits, so I gave it a try, still expecting the worst. Sometimes I love being wrong. The video was dope. I think I get the concept. The mental institution is symbolic of the mind. She starts off in her room and then sneaks into a hallway. She (Janelle) is symbolic of a thought. She is met by more thoughts (her dancers) and they start having a good time. Not sure about the minions dressed up as the grim reaper with mirrors for faces. They seem to be symbolic of convention or pragmatism.

Lyrically, she touches on the balance of emotions. Life is full of highs and lows. You have to know that either is on the horizon at all times. So don’t get too caught up in either the highs or the lows — thus the balance of tipping on a tightrope. She even shows that you can escape your mental state and go other places you have never seen before.
“I learned to relax in my room and escape from New York and return through the womb of the world as a thought.” – Rakim
She danced right through the wall of the institution and into the wilderness while gazing with what seemed to be awe. The mirror-faced minions followed her though and guided her back to her room in the institution.
Even if I am completely wrong about my interpretation of the video, it still provokes thought and discussion. Try to get that from Nicky Manaj (am I hating?).
So after I watched that video a number of times, I clicked on the next one. At first glance, it seemed much shallower than the previous one. It is one take of her singing “Cold War” with different camera angles focusing on her face. But she seems to go through a range of emotions during the take. There is one point where she even starts crying, although she tries valiantly to hold it back. When she says “I was made to believe there’s something wrong with me,” I completely felt her. I, too, was taught that there had to be something wrong with me through elementary, middle school and high school. I met up with a bunch of other weirdos in college, though. But those memories do hit hard and they hit randomly and they evoke an emotional response. She forced me to deal with those emotions while showing her own. Again, I was impressed.
I have not fully digested ArchAndroid yet. I really want to buy the album but I am torn. I want to show this talented young person that I respect her voice and her imagination. But I do not want to put one red cent in the pocket of the Antichrist.
Why would Puff sign her? Is he trying to add some sort of legitimacy to his legacy by promoting someone with actual talent? Naw, he is the Antichrist, and he has no soul. Right? Or could he be trying to prove a point? He signs a person with originality and imagination and throws his marketing machine behind her just to get a mediocre return on investment (on purpose, maybe) to show that the marketplace has no urge to be moved by thought.
I have read on some sites that the record sales have been pretty bleak. Janelle is a superstar. She is a role model for young women. She shows them that they can still be beautiful without being scantily clad. Having an imagination is a virtue! Having independent thought is not a crime! Fuck convention! Be the person you are supposed to be.
She should be selling out arenas. I checked her tour dates and she is merely opening up for other groups in small venues.
When I get my paycheck Friday, I will ask the Hip Hop Gods to forgive me in a moment of weakness. As a crusader constantly compelled to seek justice, I will spend my hard earned money to buy a copy of ArchAndroid, giving Diddy more power to destroy the art form I hold so close to my heart. Hell, I may even buy 2 copies.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Diddy: Holiday Edition

Diddy Solo with CIROC

Recently, I got the chance to sit down with Diddy for exactly 10 minutes, and find out a little of what makes Hip Hop’s Greatest Showman tick.

10. Money Ain’t a Thang–For Christmas Entertaining
“A lot of people think a party is about… how much you spend. I think a party is about the outcome, if everybody had a good time. One of my favorite party’s was just 10 people, ten of my closest friends, on an island having a good time, or at my house in New York. Just close the door, turn down the shades, and turn up the music. Just like money can’t buy you love, money can’t buy you a good party. You have to have the other elements.”

9. House Party or Club? Theme Parties or Not?
“House party, definitely. I like themes but honestly, some of the best parties are probably more organic. Just have good people.”

8. Diddy doesn’t like the hard stuff.
“I was always a pina colada, fuzzy navel kind of guy. I don’t like drinks that are too harsh on the palate; I like things that taste good.” He just coined Dirty Money: Ocean Spray White Cran Peach and Ciroc vodka.

7. What’s Driving Diddy in 2010?
“My motivation is to become a better man, have balance in my life. Spend more time with my kids, become a better father, a better son. My motivation has nothing to do with money. Just really trying my best to please God, please my family.”

6. What the Industry Needs to Change
“The industry needs to give new artists more of a chance. Its so hard for them to be heard.”

5. Holiday Fashion Advice
“New Year’s [dressing] is just so hard in general. But you can’t go wrong in a black tuxedo. Me, I’m all or nothing kind of guy. Either put on the tux or stay home and relax with the fam.”

4. The Most Thoughtful Christmas present He’s Received
“A brand-new Bible somebody gave me. It was just a beautiful Bible, and it was something that meant a lot to me.”

3. What’s Hardest About Being Diddy?
“Just the human side of things that sometimes people don’t understand I need to do, as far as like, being with my family and doing regular things.”

2. Old-School Holiday Tradition?
“Collard greens on New Year’s Day.”

1. Why He Can’t Leave the Stage Alone
“Once you’ve seen or felt what it feels like to give joy to maybe 70,000 people in a stadium or 5,000 people in a theater—there’s just, there’s nothing like that. There’s no high like that, there’s no feeling like that in the world.”

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