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CLIP of the WEEK: DO NOT Do This At Home

Hey ain’t nuthin wrong with some PE. I can appreciate Joel’s love of Public Enemy and Luke Cage, Powerman but if your gonna cover Public Enemy call some friends, turn up the amps, kick up the volume and let it rock. Check out his cover of PE’s You’re Gonna Get Yours from their first album Yo! Bum Rush The Show (3:47)

By the way here’s the original YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAH BOYEEEEEEEEE

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CLIP of the WEEK

Since the Madd Rapp Fan is talking about holy hop hop we figured why not feature a few videos. Now If you’re a doubting Thomas. DON’t SLEEP! The flows are nice, the beats are nice, the vibe is nice.

Cross Movement – When I Flow (4:21)

Braille – Shades of Grey (4:38)
I bought dudes album and it took me like 5 songs be fore it dawnws on me ‘Heeeeeeey I think he might be a gospel rapper” but still the album was nice

Sho Baraka – Higher Love (3:56)

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