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Yeah, I STILL Buy CD’s

I was just reading a post by Manifesto over at Blackvibes.com, lamenting the pace of technology and how fast things change.  As a grownhead, I truly feel him when he says: 

“I didn’t realize I was in the midst of a media medium shift until about a year and a half ago, when I referenced on Facebook the compact disc wallet I keep in my car, and several friends responded, ‘Who the hell still listens to CDs in their car?’ The concept of only listening to my iPod in the whip was foreign to me then, and remains as such now. 

“I suppose I’m turning into my father — the man who only grudgingly embraces new media; I always make fun of him for just graduating from dial-up Internet less than two years ago and still using as his primary television the one that belonged to his mother-in-law who died in 1994. But am I really much different from a man who still speaks fondly of the 8-track player on his old Buick Century?” 

"What you mean cassettes are out?"


My “Nobody Told Me” moment came about 9 years ago, when I was passing out 15-minute mix tapes to showcase my finesse on the two turntables.  I gave it to one club owner and he looked a little funny, then said, “I gotta find a tapedeck to play this in.” 

Manifesto isn’t alone in bemoaning the death of CDs.  A download is convenient, but there just isn’t that sense of permanence that comes from holding the CD of the artist; reading the liner notes, peeping the cover art. MP3s just don’t give you the same level of knowledge of the album.  

Even artists seem to be leaving the format behind.  Talib Kweli only released his new CD Gutter Rainbows in digital format (at least, here in the States).  I was kickin it with our own Hip Hop Purist a while back and he was telling me his misadventures of trying to get an actual hardcopy of Blu & Exile’s debut album “Below the Heavens.” Long story short, he downloaded it.  

Like Manifesto, I just gotta say I’m fighting the good fight–but things aren’t looking so great for our hero. 


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