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Hip Hop Affirmations: How You Living?

Understand the way that I live;
that’s positive and the message I got to give
is a benefit for you and me.
I’m talkin about P-E-A-C-E.
Big Daddy Kane
– Young, Gifted and Black

How are you living and what message are you giving? It’s the beginning of a new year. Decide to live positive thoughts and actions. That doesn’t mean things will always go your way and we are to live on fantasy island, but know that you ALWAYS have a choice when it comes to how you “be.” Decide to “be” the bigger person and talk about P-E-A-C-E.

This is just a weekly taste of Hip Hop Affirmations.If you want a daily dose visit Hip Hop Affirmations.com and get each and every day started right.

Mike Bruny is a certified professional life coach and author, working with ambitious professionals across the country. He helps them to rediscover their values, gain clarity for life/career decisions and live more fulfilling lives. If you want to know more, reach him at: bruny@hiphopaffirmations.com.
His book “Move the Crowd: 30 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life.” is availible now on amazon.com

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HOT 5: 5 Wishes for Hip Hop in 2010

January is winding down and we here at GrownHeadz realize that everybody else has already published their lists of hopes, dreams and ‘can’t-wait-for’s for 2010. But missing firsties has never stopped us before.
Our Christmas cards routinely arrive around Martin Luther King Day — we buy afrocentric ones to hedge our bets (they’re going out this weekend, mom, promise). So embracing the spirit of procrastination, we proudly present the last post to welcome in the New Year:

Hip Hop Wishlist for 2010

5. Real Death of Auto-Tune
We remember a time, not so long ago, when a rapper would get his boy from the block who can “sang” to do the hook 51390167on his song. Think TJ Swann with the Juice Crew, or the man who took it to the next level, spawning multiple hits and an imitator or two, Nate Dogg. No gimmicks, no hook ups, just one man, one mic and usually, only one note but we aren’t getting into that right now.

With the popularization of Auto-Tune, EVERYBODY is unleashing their inner Al B. Sure (not even close to being a compliment). Enough is enough. We’re not saying we want to see T-Pain’s kids in the poor house or anything, but we’ve been checking our clocks and that trend should be hitting the 15-minute mark any time now.

4. Positive Paradigm Shift
Alright let me get my grownhead, grown up rant on for a second. Can some rapper pos-impactsomewhere please, PUH-leeeze have a huge street/radio hit talking about something positive? Better yet, can two or three artists have big street/radio hits on some non-gangsta, non-clubbin, non-materialistic subject matter?
It doesn’t have to be an anthem, just be something we can really feel. Let it blow big enough that the labels and powers that be run out and try to find more rappers like that. And that the artists have good lawyers.

3. Adult Hip Hop Radio Stationold school
All the kids who used to bump Run-DMC, the Fatboys and Whodini and now have kids of their own, stand up.
Alright, sit your big ass down, but I made my point: Us grownheads are all growed up now and in a prime demographic that advertisers like. Once some smart radio jock figures this out and spins hip hop from 1984 to 1996 exclusively, they will rule the adult urban market in their city.

2. Dope Female MC Catches Fire
We’re not asking for much, just for a female emcee to bust above ground who’s so brolic she’s undeniable. You know, like the first time you heard Em and thought, femceedamn, whiteboy can flow. It’s been a long time since a dope female had a hit.
Back in ’92, there were actually enough female emcees to have their own concert festival. You may recall ‘Sisters In The Name of Rap,’ hosted by Dee Barnes and featuring Yo-yo, Lyte, Latifah, Salt N Pepa, Roxanne Shante, and about 20 other lesser-known rappers. Our own Resident Alien won a copy from Black Beat. But now? They can’t get enough ladies together onstage to give away a Grammy. The culture is suffering from the lack of female perspectives, and young girls need lyrical champions, too.

1. Strong MC from the Freshman Class
B.O.B, Kid Cudi, Asher Roth, Wale, Drake, Jay Electronica. Throughout 2009, this was the shortlist circulating on the freshman classinterwebs for the Next Big Thing: the few, the proud, the fresh who would carry hip hop into a new age.
Several of the gents, like Asher and Cudi, dropped B- projects; the albums were decent, but their success rested mainly on one hot song. Wale and B.O.B. promise more brilliance than they actually deliver, and half of Drake’s appeal is just from being so out of left field. C’mon, ‘Degrassi Jr. High?’ Only Jay Electronica hits that heart, despite no major release.
We understand that it’s hard to live up to the hype, but when talking about game changers, WE think names like Rakim, Snoop Dog, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy. Things weren’t the same once they dropped, and their songs became classics.
The new cats got a few nice songs, but we can’t really picture a 20th anniversary release of “Day and Night.” But I guess we shouldn’t judge too harshly. On the strength of their first releases, we might have misgauged PE, BDP and the Fugees’ skills, too. Keep hope alive.

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HOT 5: 5 Reasons Wayne Just Might Bethe Best….Maybe.

Since Wayne won damn near every rap category at the ‘09 Grammys, we just had to ask the question: Is Dwayne Carter REALLY all that? Well, YES. The top 5 reasons he really IS the best…..maybe—and we won’t say I told you so.

5. He Kept Saying So
Psychological theory says that in order for the brain to act on a suggestion, it has to be repeated at least three times. That’s why commercials and presidential campaigns repeat ideas again, again and again. If 3 times is the charm,wayne1 Wayne passed that marker a looong time ago. Wayne has been saying he’s the best for years.
While it’s true that every rapper says they’re the best, it seems as though Wayne really means it. Add in a few good turns of phrase and punch lines and people start to believe it. DISCLAIMER: The repetition thing doesn’t always work. DJ Khaled yells “We the beeeeeeest!!!” like a madman with Tourettes Syndrome and I still don’t believe him.

4. Good Beat Selection
SUMMER TOURS LIL' WAYNE You could be rapping truth to power, telling the secrets to lifelong love and happiness in your rhymes, but if the beat is wack? Who cares (ask Rakim). There’s nothing like having a good prolific producer in the crew. Cash Money can never give Mannie Fresh the money he deserves for all the beats he made that helped make them famous. He was not only good, but fast, and he made mostly original music so they kept the lion’s share of profit from recording. Now, Mannie has since left the clique, but Baby has enough
money to get whatever producer that Wayne wants; not to mention the fact that most producers wouldn’t mind the near-guaranteed hit of a Weezy cameo.

3. On His Grind
Hip hop fans may be the ultimate haters, but we can’t knock the hustle. I know many a head who thought Master P SUCKED but had to praise his work ethic. I ain’t no 50 Centwayne2 fan, but DAMN! I ain’t mad at that Vitamin Water money. Same is true for Wayne: he might not be the best lyricist to more than a few minds, but if every rapper worked like Weezy they would be on top of the game. The man has got to hold the record for being on the most recordings in 1 year. It’s taken Dre almost 10 years to look even close to releasing another album, while Wayne has probably put out more records in 6 months than the good doctor’s whole career.

2. You Can Hear His Growth
A lot of times rappers come fully formed. They do all the writing and Lil Wayne performs as the headliner for the 11th Annual BMI Atlapracticing BEFORE they blow up, so what we usually get is a fully conceived rapper with their own original voice. Lil Wayne really was little when he started. The brash youngun’ hooked up with Cash Money when he was barely a teen.

Just like when Janet Jackson went from cute Penny on Good Times to budding flower Charlene Duprey on Diff’rent Strokes, then took Control as a fine-ass grown woman, Wayne grew up before our eyes from talking about ghetto kid stuff to talking about grown-up ghetto stuff. Even the detractors must admit Weezy showed improvement from “Block Is Hot” to “Fireman.”

1. Every Generation has Their Own Hero
I was schooling a younger cat a few years ago about how Wayne wasn’t all that compared to Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and a slew of other old school artists. But he stopped me when he said “That’s what YOU grew up on. Wayne is what I grewwayne3 up on and what I’ll be talking bout when I’m older.” And there it is. To truly feel an artist or understand the vibe, sometimes ya gotta BE there, in the club or the streets or the lunchroom when it hits and everybody loses their mind. Each generation MUST have their own heroes. They may respect Rakim and Kane, but in 2015, it’ll take A Milli to pack the dancefloor.
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