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the Hip Hop Purist – This ‘n That

Hip Hop Purist – This N That

Anakin’s Prayer by Jay Electronica

Is it just me, or is this song about his break up with Badu.  I love the Flash Gordan intro – that shit is ILL!

It may be just my imagination, but it seems like Jay caught Badu doing something and under interrogation, a bore worm scenario arose 🙂

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so sorry if I am off base.  I should just take Jay’s advice and work on mastering myself so the devil will be exorcized from my thoughts.  Even if I am off – I like this song and I am looking forward to the album.


Azeem – Open em up


Props are due

Ok, so Busdriver raps too fast.  His beats are too weird.  His voice is annoying.


How many rappers can deliver the cadence of Mozart’s Sonata in A Major so fluidly and keep the subject matter highbrow simultaneously?

“you nigga’s lookin G’d up
rollin in a Prius
but I gotta give my money management a C plus
For these foreclosed homes
and pork blown loans
I revisit the need to grind”

This one track makes whatever your excuse for not being a Busdriver fan seem flimsy.  May the haters see the California state bird on a regular basis.

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