Somebody Needs To Tell Democrats: Get a Tea Party

Somebody Needs to Tell…..

Democrats: Let’s start our own Tea Party.  Bill Maher might be right. After the whole debt ceiling debacle, where a bunch of jus’ crazy as hell sum-bitches on the right were willing to let the US economy fly off the cliff to prove a point, it’s time to fight fire with fire. 

The left needs its own group of nutjobs repping hard for reparations, getting gangsta for green energy, shit-kicking crazy for social security and foaming at the mouth for free healthcare. 

We gotta take the Sean Connery approach from “The Untouchables” and stop bringing knives to these gun fights.

Republicans: Retire “LYNCHING” as a metaphor. If you don’t like a policy or person, stop saying they need to be lynched. It is almost never (and by almost we mean 99.99998% of the time) going to be perceived as a good thing.  Even if you’re “lynching” a white guy,

Still not laughing.


most figure it wouldn’t take much for you to start stringing up the usual suspects—historically speaking. 

Besides, we’re bound together in this bloody American history, and it’s strange that such a subject of pain for one side could be such a blithe rhetorical construct for the other. Wanna hear how funny it is to us? Replace “lynch” with “rape.” And then go use these “harmless” metaphors at a rape clinic. Ha, ha hell.

From now until the end of Obama’s 2nd term (yeah, we’re claiming it), lose the “L” word.

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