HOT 5: Dumb Names

Trugoy (De La Soul): we know it’s yogurt backwards, but that doesn’t tell us anything? But that’s been the De la steelo for years. I used to think I just wasn’t deep enough to understand what the hell they were talking about until talking with other folks, they didn’t know what the hell they were talking about either. So a dumb name is par for the course

Jadakiss (The Lox): For a gangster its not the hardest name ever it sounds like a girls name, kinda. Our crack research team here at grownheadz HQ actually spent 25 MINUTES investigating the name on the net. They (ok me) got nothing. The closest I got is my personal theory. Jadakiss’s real name is James and maaaaaybe his name is a short way of saying “J da kiss of death” but that’s just a wild guess. We actually know a woman who named her daughter Jadakiss (yeah its ghetto). With a name like Jadakiss a rapper might feel obigated to over compensate in his rhymes to prove how hard they are.

Cappadonna (Wu-Tang Clan): We think Cappadonna was late to the Wu-name choosing party, and there’s so many of them that all the good names got taken up quick. Or maybe he just really likes coffee. Whatever the reason, it’s not good enough. Or maybe he was like “Check this out y’all you heard of Madonna right? Well I got a gun and I’ll bust a cap in yo ass. So get this get this, my name is CAP-adonna. How ya like me now do ya feel me? ”

Sheek louch (The Lox): Snuffaluffagus’s deadbeat cousin.

Crunchy Black (Three Six Mafia): He is not representing for the dark-skined set. Sounds like a mean-ass childhood nickname that homie never got over. Or, how about a flavor at a ghetto dairy Queen. Alright, alright one mo. We won’t go to deep with this but something to do with underwear and we’ll stop it right there.

Homorable mention We were all done and then we thought aww hell the other dude in de la soul has a dumb name too. That’s right y’all plug one himself Posdanus has made the cut.

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