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Mix Down: Black History Month Mix in March

Well, well well time for another mix of the week. Something pleasing for your  listening pleasure.  This was supposed to be the Black History month Mix.  Ooops, about that.. didn’t post it in time.. but since Black History is 365 why should we change the name.  Yes it IS Women’s History Month but the mix wasn’t all that feministic (I don’t think that’s a word) BUT it does feature a whole lotta black artist, ANYway check it out.


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1. Buggin Out – A Tribe Called Quest
2. Electric Relaxation – A Tribe Called Quest
3. Ms. Jackson – INSTR
4. Etenalist – Reflection Eternal
5. The Corner – INSTR
6. Gazzilion Ear – MF Doom
7. I’m A Huslter – INSTR
8. Run It – Boogie Boys
9. Fly Girl – Boogie Boys
10. Pisol Grip Pump – INSTR

12. Step It Up – Akrobatic
13. Mother Funkin Groove – INSTR
14. Pipe Dream – 5 Ela
15. Beat F – INSTR
16. I’m Too Much – Chubb Rock
17. Just The Two Of Us – Chubb Rock
18. Tight Rope – Brother Ali
19. Top Billin – INSTR
20. The Formula – D.O.C.

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MIxDown: DJ Priority – CLassic Hip Hop Mix

Coming straight out of NJ, it’s DJ Priority. DJ/Turntablist, Producer of Hip Hop/Soul music, co-owner of the MTP Beat Battle, Crate Digger and Music Head.  I guess we can Add Grownhead to the list. 

He has an album on iTunes with Venomous 2000 called Fresh, Amazingly.  He joins us today with this Classic hip hop mix for all the true fans.

“Classic Hip Hop Mix” Mixed by DJ Priority by djpriority

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MixDown: It’s Been A Long Time Mix

Check out the new mix from resident cross-fader rider DJ A-See.

Yeah it HAS been along time since the last time. BUT, absence makes the the heart grow fonder. So without further adeiu, we present (drum roll please) THE MIX..

1. I Get Around – Tupac
2. Bomat Break – INST
3. Cha Cha Cha – MC Lyte
4. Beat C – INST
5. Blue Collar Worker – Blu
6. Beat D – INST
7. TV Show – Abstract Rude
8. Beat H – INST
9. Most Beatifulist Thing – Keith Murray
10. Get Lifted – Keith Murray
11. Sunny CA – Fashawn
12. Keep Rising…- INST
13. Sambo Song – Raydar Ellis
14. B.O.B – Outkast
15. I Go To Work – Kool Moe Dee
16. It Takes 2 – INST
17. Forgot Abour Dre – Dr. Dre
18. Slow Joint – INST
19. That’s What I’m Looking For – Da Brat

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The MIXdown: The Stamp Mix

Its been a long time.  But what do you expect, its damn hard moving across the country.  Its even harder to get moved in, open all your boxes and then FINALLY put all the equiptment together.  But alast here we are.  Why the Stamp Mix and not say oh, the Turkey Mix, the Stuffing Mix, or even the Thanksgiving Mix?  Well silly rabbit that’s just TOO obvious. According to US Post Office its Stamp Collecting Month all across the land so why not celebrate this action-packed month. If you notice I start the mix off with a little diddy from the Fresh Prince aka Will Smith. Since Willow gettin all this play from Whip My Hair, we can see where she might have got it from.

1. Rock The House – Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
2. Aonetwo – INSTR
3. Ooowee – J Live
4. The Dane Side – INSTR
5. We Alright – EMC
6. Humpty Dance – INSTR
7. Hip Hop Music – Groove B. Chill
8. Dance on Glass – Q Tip
9. Booger Break – INTR
10. Seventeen MC’s – Insight
11. So Whatcha Sayin – INSTR
12. Strictly Business – EPMD
13. You’re A Customer – INSTR
14. Heard’em Say – Kanye West
15. Jazzie’s Groove – INSTR
16. I Poke Her Face – Kid Cudi (w/ Kanye & Common)
17. No Good Break – INSTR
18. Fatboys – The Fatboys

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MIX of the WEEK: The Posture Mix

Yeah,yeah we know its Mother’s Day, but DJ A-See didn’t take the time to put together a mix featuring all sorts of hip-hop mama songs. Besides it would be too cliche to just hava Mother’s Day Mix anyway. And why the Posture Mix you ask? Well silly its Good Posture Month at least according to the American Chiropratric Association. So while you enjoy your Mothers tell her to sit up straight in that seat.

1. You Can’t See – Heavy D
2. Nappy Mama – INSTR
3. Shame On A N***a – Wu – Tang Clan
4. Cold Gettin Funky – INSTR
5. Dinner & a Movie – Cool Calm Pete
6. Somethin For The Radio – INSTR
7. Speakers Funk – Giant Panda
8. Mona Lisa – Slick Rick
9. Sucker MC’s – INSTR

10. My Adidas – Run-DMC (ACCA)
11. Walk This Way – INSTR
12. Lionel – New Jack Hustle
13. I Ain’t No Joke – INSTR
14. Take’em High – Mic Athletic League
15. Big Beat – INSTR
16. I Got It Like That – Jungle Brothers
17. 1 Thing – INSTR
18. Pump It Up – Joe Budde

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MIX of the WEEK: The Anxiety Mix

Once again it’s on, time for another mix of the week.  Well, this month is National Anxiety Month, and we don’t really know  what you’re supposed to do.  There wasn’t alot of info on the month. Do we worry more?  Worry less? Pick an anxiety for the month or rebuke an anxiety for a month.  We’ll let you decide. Remember you can minimize the window OR open another tab while you let the mix roll so you can listen while you cruise the net.

1. Vocab – The Fugees
2. Abel – INSTR
3. One In A Million – Pete Rock & CL Smooth
4. Substitution – INSTR
5. Alleye Need – Tanya Morgan
6. Baby – INSTR
7. Daydteamin – Lupe Fiasco
8. Work – INSTR
9. Elevators – OutKast
10. Funky Drummer – INSTR
11. How Many Of Us – Y Society
12. Hittin It – INSTR
13. Sterotypes – Reks
14. Bounti Hunta – INSTR
15. Sound Of Da Police – KRS- One
16. 360 Degrees – Grand Puba

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MIX of the WEEK: The Buffalo Soldier Mix

turn - 03

Since its Black History Month I figure all this month I’ll name my mixes after a part of Black History that  I personally have always liked.  As a child (and adult) I was always fascinated with the Buffalo Soldiers.  Maybe cause i never saw too many black cowboys in the movie or I don’t know, they just sounded cool.  I even like that line from Will Smith for his remake (sorta, kinda) of Wild Wild West for the movie Wild Wild West ” Buffalo Soldier yo I thought I told ya” ANYway check here for more info and enjoy the mix. 

Remember you can open another window and minimize this one while the music plays.

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MIX of the WEEK:Stress Free Family Mix


I guess since this is probably one of the more stressful months for families the folks at Parenting Without Pressure felt it would be the best month to actually celebrate Stress Free Family Holiday Month.  Well good luck that.  Hopefully this mix will help take a little stress out your life.

1. Come Clean – Jeru The Damaja
2. Cell Therapy – Goodie Mob
3. The Bridge Is Over – INSTR
4. Disturbing Behavior – Crown City Rockers
5. Set – INSTR
6. Cool Thing To Do – Soul Position
7. Work – INSTR
8. Feel Me Flow – Naughty by Nature
9. MVP – Big L

10. Nastrodomus – INSTR
11. Car Horn – Common
12. Serpent’s Love – Lifesavas
13. Guilty Conscience – Eminem & Dr. Dre
14. Third World – Immortal Technique
15. Dreams – INSTR
16. B-Boy Document – High & Mighty
17. G Funk Freestyle – Biggie Smalls

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MIX of the WEEK: The Novel Mix

Just in case you didn’t know this month is national Novel Writing Month.  We figure its appropriate since some folks here at Grownheadz made their way down to the Miami Internatinal Book Fair.  We even got an interview with Jerry Craft creator of  the comic strip Mama’s Boys (waiting on Resident Alien to knock that out). but ANYway check out the mix remeber you can always minimize the screen and open another screen and let the muscic play while you cruise the net.

1. Hard Knock Life – Jay Z
2. Hard Knock Life (INSTR)
3. Dirt Off Your Shoulder – Jay Z
4. The What – Biggie Smalls & Method Man
5. Umbrella (INSTR)
6. I Don’t Like the Look Of It – Da Backwoodz
7. Science Fiction – The Mighty Underdogs
8. Beat 5 (INSTR)

9. Slow & Low – Run DMC
10. Slow & Low – Beastie Boys
11. Thuggish Ruggish Bone – Bone,Thugs & Harmony
12. Capt. Save’em (INSTR)
13. Shaka – Q-Tip
14. 2-32’s – Jean Grae
15. Some Beat (INSTR)
16. Reprogram – Channel Live
17. Hey Young World – Slick Rick

JUST A NOTE – as you can see above Run-DMC and The Beastie Boys  have done Slow & Low, MAYBE a little  known fact Run-DMC actually wrote Slow & Low and did a demo version which just got released for the first time on the the RE-release of King of Rock

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