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Searching for the Next Tupac

The producers of the Tupac bio-pic, headed up by director Antoine Fuqua, David and James Robinson, LT Hutton and Afeni Shakur (Pac’s mom), are looking for a new actor to play the title role. The casting call, held on the website, asks hopefuls to upload a five-minute audition tape. So shave your head, pick up some Thorazine (or not), tie on a bandanna and show us what you got….

"Please, don't pick Anthony Mackie..."

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Ludaris feat Lil’ Wayne – Last Of A Dying Breed

The things I do for y’all. I had to look through a couple versions of this songs to find the right match. I can only assume that this original album version may have been a little more controversial than Def Jam was willing to deal with and released a “safeer” version to the radio stations. ANYway enjoy.

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