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Album of the Week: Lute -West 1996 Pt.2

I’m at odds when I find an artist, do I just paste the info from the press release OR do I do an in-depth review. Well, the problem is two-fold. I’m lazy, which makes the cutting and pasting so tempting and I like for YOU to decide if you like something or not. We just try to curate and present what seems to be quality music.  A dilemma for another day. Luther “Lute” Nicholson’ is from Charlotte NC. and signed with J. Cole’s Dreamville records in 2015. This is his debut album for the label.

Check out the documentary Still Slummin for deeper insight

AND here is the first video Morning Shift

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Audio Session: Don’t Call It A Comeback – The Perceptionists

Back in 2005 one of the hypest CD’s I had in my collection was The Perceptionists’ “Black Dialogue”. The beats were hype the lyrics were on point, an overall great effort. It featured rappers Akrobatik and Mr. Lif and DJ Fakts One. I wasn’t really surprised when they didn’t drop another album they were a group of solo artists so maybe it was just a one-off. Well, 12 years later they’re baaaaaack. Dropping in about two weeks, September 29 to be exact is their follow-up cd “Resolution”.

Here is the lead single Hose Down (feat. Syne).


Check the rest of the album. Availible on Bandcamp.

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Audio Session: Fokis f/Brand Nubian – Big Business (single)

(From Fokis’s people) Another leak off Fokis’ upcoming Vintage Album called “Big Business” f/ Brand Nubian. Fokis’ upcoming The Vintage Album which is slated for release August 28, 2012 and it Kurtis Blow, N.O.R.E, DMC, Spoonie Gee, Craig G, Kool G Rap, Brand Nubian, Mic Geronimo, and more.

Created with two purposes in mind, The Vintage Album was intended not only to salute Hip-Hop’s pioneers but also to re-create the sound and feel of the early 80’s through the mid 90’s.

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Audio Session: Public Enemy – I Will Not be Moved (single)

Yeaaaaaaaah Boyeeeeeee. Back cause you’re looking for the same thing. This is the first single off PE’s brand new album “Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear On No Stamp”. I tell folks all the time when they wanna say that hip hop is dead that more than a few off your heros (like PE) are still dropping albums. When they say Hip Hop doesn’t speak to them anymore I tell them that Chuck is still talking…ya just gotta listen.

Check the promo for the album “Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear On No Stamp”.

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Audio Session: Fokis & RP w/ King Sun – Pass Dat (single)

“Pass Dat” featuring King Sun is the second official single off of Fokis’ upcoming Vintage Album, produced by HipHipHeredia (Fokis’s older brother). It’s alway interesting to hear an old school cat spit it when you haven’t heard them in a while. True Grownheadz remember King Sun from back in the day: he had that kind of monotone Rakim-flow on songs like Hey Love, Be Black and a personal fav of mine (I even rocked it at a few parties), hip house song On The Club Tip.

I actually have a King Sun story, and what better place to use it?

My senior year at Hampton University saw its share of rappers loitering around campus. Now, maybe down in Georgia at Morehouse and Spellman, they’re used to that but at Hampton in ’92, we weren’t. At one point, Flavor Flav was known to roam the yard in a big green mask. Rumor was he was going to to enroll in the music department.

Anyway, me and the crew were hangin’ out near the dorms when a tall dude flanked by a couple of guys crossed the street in front of some girls. His boy said loud enough for everybody in the DMV to hear, “A-YO KING SUN, when we gotta be at the soundcheck?”

We looked, the girls looked and we all shared a collective moment of “Oh….And?”

(from Fokis’s people)
The Vintage Album is scheduled for release this summer and features Hip-Hop legends Kurtis Blow, DMC, Grandmaster Caz, Brand Nubian, Kool G. Rap, Spoonie Gee, King T, MC Eiht, Mic Geronimo, N.O.R.E. and more. Created with two purposes in mind, Vintage was intended as a salute to Hip-Hop’s pioneers and to re-create the sound and feel of the early 80’s through the mid 90’s.

“Pass Dat” has been made available as a pay what you can download via Bandcamp. Pay nothing or pay something, the choice is yours.



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