Audio Session: Black Spade – To Serve With Love (Album)

This St Louis rapper ain’t scared to sing, but he’s no Nelly. Listen.

Since there is “love” in the title it’s unlikely our own Hip Hop Purist will enjoy this album. But To Serve for Love is not just for lovers, just if you like your Hip Hop a little different. But we better stop this isn’t a review. Check this from the his Myspace page –

Armed with little more than his father’s extensive record collection of jazz, soul, psychedelic rock, folk, comedy and a Kurzweil 2000 keyboard – Black Spade’s music is a melting pot of sounds hailing from St. Louis by way of New York, Detroit, LA, and everywhere that hip-hop has carved a distinctive and influential sound for itself.

Despite his strong ties to hip-hop, Spade’s taste in music walks across genres. He listens to Prince and Dilla, alongside Bloc Party and Radiohead while using all these sounds as a blueprint for his future, one that sits under the guiding light of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew era electronic sax skronk. Then there’s his rapping – Spade’s cadence flutters up and down like Pharoahe Monch, but stays introspective like Common. Before you know it, he’ll switch to singing and suddenly his songs become less like hip hop experimentation and more like fully fleshed sketches.  CLick here for the rest.

ANYway, don’t forget, these are not the complete songs—just 90-second clips so you can get a feel for the music. If you like what you hear, go out and buy the CD.  Quality hip hop grows when we support the artists.

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