Audio Session – BBU – bell hooks (Mixtape Leaks)

Coming straight out the Windy City is BBU intersting group from the looks of the bio. The first two songs below are nice the last two are definately for the dance floor but say a little more than the average dance tune. You decide.  But they are all going to be on their mixtape bell hooks dropping tomorrow.

(from BBU’s people)
BBU (which stands for Bin Laden Blowin! Up or Black, Brown and Ugly) are a Chicago-based, trio of hip-hop activists whose futureNOW sound is as diverse as the scenes they come from, run with and intentionally mash-up at their shows and in the sonic landscapes they rock over.

Imagine Outkast, Bad Brains and Public Enemy cipher-politicking at a community-organized,revolutionary Juke party. On the strength of their mixtape, Fear of A Clear Channel Planet (available for download atv BBU has performed across the country with Mos Def, (MF) DOOM, Dead Prez, J. Cole; been on Lollapalooza and SXSW stages and featured in the pages of The New York Times, The Washington Post, URB, The Chicago Tribune and TimeOut Chicago. The Chicago Reader named BBU, Best New Musical Group and the taste-making website Pitchfork hailed their anthem, “Chi Don’t Dance” as their Best New Dance Track.

As the crew finishes their new mixtape, bell hooks set to drop Tuesday (tomorrow) February 21 MCs Epic, Illekt and Jasson Perez, remain on the artist-activist grind, working as community and union organizers, health care providers and educators and are helping to grow a culture connected to a People’s Movement. They are creating a soundtrack for the people, by the people.


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