Stray Notions: Eleven

WHO was the best?

WHAT would happen if there were no hypothetical questions?

WHEN sign-makers go on strike, is anything written on their picket signs?

WHERE is Nikki D?

HOW do you know when it is time to tune your bagpipes?

WHY isn’t 11 pronounced onety one?

DO unto others

IF crimefighters fight crime and firefighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?

WONDER after eating, do fish have to wait one hour before getting out of the water?

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Audio Session: Fokis & RP w/ King Sun – Pass Dat (single)

“Pass Dat” featuring King Sun is the second official single off of Fokis’ upcoming Vintage Album, produced by HipHipHeredia (Fokis’s older brother). It’s alway interesting to hear an old school cat spit it when you haven’t heard them in a while. True Grownheadz remember King Sun from back in the day: he had that kind of monotone Rakim-flow on songs like Hey Love, Be Black and a personal fav of mine (I even rocked it at a few parties), hip house song On The Club Tip.

I actually have a King Sun story, and what better place to use it?

My senior year at Hampton University saw its share of rappers loitering around campus. Now, maybe down in Georgia at Morehouse and Spellman, they’re used to that but at Hampton in ’92, we weren’t. At one point, Flavor Flav was known to roam the yard in a big green mask. Rumor was he was going to to enroll in the music department.

Anyway, me and the crew were hangin’ out near the dorms when a tall dude flanked by a couple of guys crossed the street in front of some girls. His boy said loud enough for everybody in the DMV to hear, “A-YO KING SUN, when we gotta be at the soundcheck?”

We looked, the girls looked and we all shared a collective moment of “Oh….And?”

(from Fokis’s people)
The Vintage Album is scheduled for release this summer and features Hip-Hop legends Kurtis Blow, DMC, Grandmaster Caz, Brand Nubian, Kool G. Rap, Spoonie Gee, King T, MC Eiht, Mic Geronimo, N.O.R.E. and more. Created with two purposes in mind, Vintage was intended as a salute to Hip-Hop’s pioneers and to re-create the sound and feel of the early 80’s through the mid 90’s.

“Pass Dat” has been made available as a pay what you can download via Bandcamp. Pay nothing or pay something, the choice is yours.



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Grownhead Check 169 – 175

Grownheadz is a community of lovers of hip hop who came up in the Golden Age through the Renaissance, and does not condone discrimination against young bucks, old heads or the other man. But you can only truly call yourself a grownhead IF…

169) …you were sadly surprised to hear about MCA of the Beastie Boys passing.  
170) …you remember a time when rappers died from violence not health reasons.
171) …its hard to believe the Beastie Boys first album, License to Ill, came out over 25 years ago  
172) … after seeing The Avengers, and waiting on the next Batman  movie, you see we reeeeeeeally need to get us some black superheros other than Hancock and Blade  
173) …90% of the time you spend in front of a computer is for real work
174) …your ringtone is something generic and not the hottest song on the radio     
175) …you see a whole lotta commercials with black people in them and its not just during a “black” show i.e during Soul Train, Living Single,New York Undercover ,etc.

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HOT 5: Top 5 Beastie Boys Songs

Unless you just TOTALLY don’t keep up at all you know by now that Adam Yauch, MCA, of the Beastie Boys passed on Friday.  You know your grownhead if you were sincerely surpised and aghast at the news.  Here at GHz we were most definately surprised an aghast at the news.  So here are our top Beastie Boy songs. Notice we say songs and not videos cause sometimes the dopest songs didn’t always have a video and sometimes the video (Sabotage) is a better video than actual Hip Hop song. Just so ya know we didn’t just go for the hits but ones where they were truly representin hip hop

The New Style
Before Fight For Yor Right blew them all up on MTV this was the first release of Liscence to Ill.  It was hot in the streets with no MTV pub. BTW this video is courtey of Neal Brennan, he helped produce and write a little program called the Chappelle Show.  Apparently this was going to be a music segment on the never finished 3rd season.

Shake Your Rump
Off Paul’s Boutique the second album and the first after they left Def Jam. The Beasties sampled the “Woo Ha got ya all in check” thing years before Busta made it into a hit record.

Pass The Mic
From Check Your Head yeah yeah everybody loves So What Cha Want. But this gem had the three rockin hard. Plus it waaay easier to understand tha So What Cha Want it dosn’t have all the distortion on the voices.

Get it Together featuring Q-Tip
Off Ill Communication their fourth album. I actually wanted to put Root Down on here too but gave the nod to this one cause they had Q-Tip on it.

3 MC’s and 1 DJ
The Beasties took it way old school with this one from Hello Nasty. It literally is just 3 MC’s and 1 DJ doin somrthing that seems almost forgotten now a song given love to their DJ MIxMaster Mike.

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