Charlotte Heads Name Their Top Female MCs

We polled heads at Radio Rehab, Charlotte’s monthly adult hip hop party, for their favorite female emcees of all time. Heavy weights MC Lyte, Latifah and Lauryn Hill topped the list, but we got a few curveballs thrown in that made us say, Oh yeah!


Competition was tight, with a number of 3- and 4-way ties, but the closer we got to No. 1, a single lady’s name came up again and again.

5. Monie Love / Lil’ Kim / Heather B / Ladybug
4. Mia X / Roxanne Shante / Rah Digga / Da Brat : Everyone needs to let off steam once in a while, and this category clearly fills that requirement. Whether at a party or about to get at somebody, these were the chicks to bump.
3. Bahamadia / Yo-Yo : Epic clash between East v. West, Conscious v. Gangster, Natural v. Extensions!!
2. Queen Latifah / Lauryn Hill : We like guidance and teachers for the No. 2 spot.
1. MC Lyte : You really thought it would be anyone else?

Agree or disagree? Who do you think should have made the cut?


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Quick Hits: The Basketball Edition

Since it’s March Madness time we figured we would find some basketball stufff to feed the over-load.

Complex gives us the Top 25 Michael Jordan Nike commercials.  My personal favorite happens to be the one featuring Mike dunking in sl-mo to somebody beatboxing.

Don’t know if you know but  its March Madness.  From they have the Top 20 March Madness Songs.  Slow down there player all the songs have “March” or they have “Madness” in them.  It makes for an eclectic list

What about the ladies? After  Baylor University’s Brittney Griner dunked in her last 2 games.  ABC  answers the question “Why Can’t Women Dunk”

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Hip Hop Affirmations: Dreaming About Getting Paid

‘Cause I don’t like to dream about getting paid.” ~RakimPaid in Full

I like to dream about getting paid…but I also like to take action to get paid.

When I was an intern following graduate school and could only afford to buy sunflower seeds and quarter water, I would dream about getting paid. I created a list of ways to make money. One young lady at the job would say, “Bruny, you are always up to something;” she was right. I did not like trying to figure out what my future wife and I could do with only enough money for train fare.

So I decided to create my get paid list. I was hungry (figuratively and literally) and let everything around me inspire what went on my list. I was sitting at my internship one day and the candy machine guy came by–”Oh” I thought, “I could own candy machines.” My list included everything from painting houses to buying candy in bulk and selling it at a marked up price. My list has evolved over the years to include selling books, presenting and consulting. The key is to get an early start on learning how to make money so it feels easy and natural over time.

Affirmation of the Day:
I am a money making machine

Question of the Day:
What unique talent can you use to generate income?

Action of the Day:
Create a list of your hobbies and places where you can get paid doing what you love.

Run the Point; from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,
Mike Bruny

Mike Bruny is a certified professional life coach and author, helping ambitious professionals gain clarity for life/career decisions. Reach him at His book  “Move the Crowd: 30 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life.” is availible at www.Amazon.com

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Audio Session: Blacastan – Sand Storms (single)

First leak from Blacastan’s forthcoming LP “The Master Builder Part II”
2 X CD (disc 1-full length album; disc 2-mixtape version of full album plus bonus cuts) that dropped o 3/13/12, hosted & mixed by Doo Wop & Mr. Peter Parker. Blacastan’s “The Master Builder Part II” features appearances from Slaine, Celph Titled, Moe Pope, OuterSpace, Mr. Green, Reef The Lost Cauze & more.  Check the behind the scene video after the song


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Mix Down: Black History Month Mix in March

Well, well well time for another mix of the week. Something pleasing for your  listening pleasure.  This was supposed to be the Black History month Mix.  Ooops, about that.. didn’t post it in time.. but since Black History is 365 why should we change the name.  Yes it IS Women’s History Month but the mix wasn’t all that feministic (I don’t think that’s a word) BUT it does feature a whole lotta black artist, ANYway check it out.


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1. Buggin Out – A Tribe Called Quest
2. Electric Relaxation – A Tribe Called Quest
3. Ms. Jackson – INSTR
4. Etenalist – Reflection Eternal
5. The Corner – INSTR
6. Gazzilion Ear – MF Doom
7. I’m A Huslter – INSTR
8. Run It – Boogie Boys
9. Fly Girl – Boogie Boys
10. Pisol Grip Pump – INSTR

12. Step It Up – Akrobatic
13. Mother Funkin Groove – INSTR
14. Pipe Dream – 5 Ela
15. Beat F – INSTR
16. I’m Too Much – Chubb Rock
17. Just The Two Of Us – Chubb Rock
18. Tight Rope – Brother Ali
19. Top Billin – INSTR
20. The Formula – D.O.C.

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Grownhead Check: 155 – 161

It’s cool to kick it about PE and Mantronix, but if you’re going to claim the title of grownhead, we’ve gotta make sure you’re really down. Therefore, you truly are a grownhead IF….

155) … “church clothes” are what you wear everyday–to work
156) … you take naps if you’re going to hang out late
157) … you actually tip a waitress or bartender
158) … you make it a point to watch “Unsung” on TVOne
159) … you have co-workers that were born the year you graduated from high school
160) … you actually eat breakfast food at breakfast time
161) … you remember the plot to both “Breakin'” and “Breakin’ II”



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Audio Session: Theology3/Mathematik – Watch Out (single)

From the album The New North, The Real Frequency collective has been hard at work shining light on Toronto’s youngest and brightest hip-hop talent.

Names like Shad, Kardinal Offishall, Boi-1-Da Rich Kidd, Marco Polo, JD Era, and many more – over 30 artists and producers total – grace the album. Included in that group is Theology 3 and Mathematik, who come together for this latest offering, “Watch Out,” a track produced by Tone Mason. Check the behind the scenes video after the track.


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behind the scenes video

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22 Female MCs You Need to Hear NOW

Artist: Dubelyoo

In no particular order, a round-up of hot bars that you need in rotation. Some are new, some older, all dope–and all ladies.

  1. Ra the MC – Victory Lap
  2. Jean Grae – Don’t Rush Me
  3. Narubi Selah – U Already Know
  4. Invincible – Sledgehammer
  5. Boog Brown – Friction
  6. Rapsody – Imagination
  7. Nikki Lynnette – The Strong Survive
  8. Psalm One- A Girl Named You
  9. Lady Luck / Remy Ma – Battle
  10. Nitti Scott – Tell Somebody
  11. Miki Vale – Black
  12. Eternia – Evidence
  13. AzItIz – Industry Influence
  14. Brianna – Rack City
  15. Rocky Rivera – Swagger Jackn
  16. Rogue Venom – Afterlife
  17. Master Mimz – Back down Mubarack
  18. Marz Lovejoy – Sticky
  19. Rita J- No Regrets
  20. Miz Korona – Pete Rock
  21. Queen Pen – Ghetto Divorce
  22. Apani B- A Million Eyes

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The Hip-Hop Purist – Nancy Reagan, Weed and the Power of Hip Hop

“I might smoke a spliff, but I won’t sniff” – Grand Puba

I am of the belief that who you are as a teenager is basically who you are for life.

I am dumbfounded when I run into people who tell me they have never been in a fight in their entire lives. But it’s not like I grew up in a horrible neighborhood. Many of my teenage years were spent in Kenner, LA.

I grew up in a place that was below middle class. I stayed off of Idaho and 25th Street, in some apartments that had seen better days. I was a few blocks away from a canal, so I spent much of my time catching turtles and snakes. When I was not doing that, I was fishing either on the Mississippi River, Lake Ponchatrain, Lafreniere Park or the Parish Line. My Parish Line fishing spot was near the home of one of my good friends.

The people in my neighborhood thought I was weird because I liked reptiles and because I had no N’awlins accent. But being cool with my boy in another neighborhood got me in close with his crew, regardless of hobbies or vernacular. My friend had rank because he did some pretty courageous things. He also beat up some people everyone was afraid of. No one really messed with him.

He did all of the dirt during the week. On the weekends, we were out trying to outfish each other. These times were golden. Not only because I was growing into myself, but hip hop was also at its peak.

Everyone listened to hip hop. Everyone was influenced by MCs and the way they dealt with life. Many of us had no father at home, so hip hop acted as a viable substitute. This was the time when it was a noble trait for MCs to be intelligent. I don’t think Chuck D realized how much power he had over us.

I guess Grand Puba didn’t either…

I remember vividly the scene in my boy’s room, when our group listened to and began actively debating the line I began this piece with. We had all been indoctrinated by Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign through our public school curriculum. So it was a big deal for someone in our little crew to smoke weed. One guy had already started smoking, and used the music to somehow justify it. In his mind, Puba was a righteous brother, and if Puba could do drugs and still remain righteous, he too could smoke and remain righteous.

Then Cypress Hill came out…And dedicated their first single to David Duke when they were on Yo Mtv Raps…

Today, my boy and many of the dudes from that neighborhood struggle with addiction problems. Some deal drugs. Some live on the streets. Some are dead. We are ultimately in control of our destinies, so I am not trying to blame Puba for their fates. I’m just saying. There are many weed heads who never try anything stronger. But there are also many who do.

“No I don’t smoke weed or cess / Cause it’s known to give a brother brain damage” – Dr. Dre

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