HOT 5: Rappers Who Sound Like Supervillians

Hot 5 Rappers Who Could Be Supervillains
Previously on GrownHeadz, we discussed rappers who sound like superheroes. But you can’t have a good hero without a nemesis undermining their every move. These five rappers sound like the bad guys knocking off banks and vaguely plotting to rule the world.

The Luniz
Every supervillain has to have minions, a group of not-too-bright but criminally inclined guys to do his bidding and laugh in unison at his jokes. That’s who the Luniz sound like. Crazy enough to ride, but too crazy to mastermind the plan. We kinda figured they would work for the Joker or maybe the Riddler.

don't sleep, this necklace will cut ya

Rah Digga
With “raw” as your name, it doesn’t sound like you’d be a happy-go-lucky type. More like someone with a wicked grudge whose weapon of choice would be a rusty meat hook. 

The Gravediggaz
With a name like this, what else could they be? Well, we guess they COULD be a group of professional, respected gravediggers (no grave too deep and free estimates), but realistically (yes, realistically!) they’d probably gut you and take your gold teeth.

Jeru the Damaja
For some reason, we’re envisioning a larger-than-life 1960’s style supervillain with hammers for hands, fighting Spiderman and wrecking NYC in the process. Yelling things like “Jeru Smash!!!” and making purple spandex look hardcore again.

Double XX Posse

You know what time it is!

They climbin’ through your window/ snatchin your people up/ hide your kids/hide your wife/hide your kids/hide your wife/ and hide your husband…. You get the picture.

Honorable Mentions:
Mistidious Misfits – Not really bad, just mischievous, sorta like the blonde hightop kids in Meteor Man.
Lootpack – Their name says it all. Keep your wallet in your front pocket.
GangStarr – They run the gangs in Gotham.

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GHtv: Marvin Gaye – National Anthem

Its the 4th of July and instead of eating BBQ and hanging with the family you’re sitting in front of a computer. Thank you for letting us know you can’t go a day withut a lil GHz in ya life.  So that it won’t be a total wasted moment here’s Marvin in his last public apperance before his death doing by FAR one of the most original versions of the National Anthem. Happy 4th of July.

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