Late Movie Fridays Listing

Charlotte Grownheadz, you’ve heard the buzz; Late Movie Fridays is the spot for Charlotte’s sophisticated fun crowd. & the Charlotte Black Film Festival screen classic, independent, funny and provocative black films the last Friday of each month.

No cover, 25+ preferred. Come early for cocktails and board games. Games start at 9, Movie begins at 11.

July 29 is a dope double header. A hilarious short from “Awkward Black Girl,” who was recently featured on, and “Slam,” the award-winning 1998 feature film starring Saul Williams and Sonja Sohn of The Wire.

Synopsis: When a gang-related friend goes down, a talented street poet must find his own tools to overcome both the neighborhood code and Washington DC’s stacked criminal justice system.

Bring a friend and we’ll see you there!


AUG 28     Do Women Know What They Want? A documentary from Michael Baisden

SEPT 30    How I Spent My Summer Vacation
OCT 28      Eve’s Bayou

NOV 25     Night Catches Us 
DEC 30      Mooz-Lum

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We’re On Vacation

We’re not taking a whole lotta time off, just a few days. But we’ll be back on it by Monday. BTW for all the Charlotte Grownheadz, we’ll see y’all at Late Movie Friday. This week we’re showing Slam. Peace (for now).


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MIxDown: DJ Priority – CLassic Hip Hop Mix

Coming straight out of NJ, it’s DJ Priority. DJ/Turntablist, Producer of Hip Hop/Soul music, co-owner of the MTP Beat Battle, Crate Digger and Music Head.  I guess we can Add Grownhead to the list. 

He has an album on iTunes with Venomous 2000 called Fresh, Amazingly.  He joins us today with this Classic hip hop mix for all the true fans.

“Classic Hip Hop Mix” Mixed by DJ Priority by djpriority

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Quick Hits:10

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Plus ten, plus ten more, so guess we should really call this the Quick Hits 30. 

ANYway check out these thirty tidbits we found in the vast internet funland:

Kanye and Jay-Z were supposed to drop their collabo album July 4th. SIKE!  These are 10 Albums that the World Probabbly Won’t See(HipHop Wired)

Wayne insinuated he might be retire. Check these 10 Rappers who REALLY need to Retire. (HipHop Wired)

Ah, skits–the often excruciating, but sometimes funny bits of magic between album cuts. Here is a list of the 10 Greatest Hip Hop skits. (Village Voice)

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Pt. II: Value Your People (Or Put Them Down)

Cover of "Prepping for Prosperity" book
Toni V. Martin’s newest book, “Prepping for Prosperity,” is available now for e-readers!

(Financial expert Toni V. Martin’s 3-part series on Values breaks down how to ensure you give sufficient energy to what you value most.)

In the first part of this series, I explained that we spend our time on what we value most. When it comes to people, it’s not just the measurement of time that demonstrates their value to us. Communication, appreciation and dedication are the markers by which we can evaluate who we value the most in our lives.

In all relationships, there are inevitable times when another person simply gets on your nerves. In romantic situations, enough of these can add up and cause you to call it quits. With family, you might stop going around certain relatives. In a friendship, you might stop returning their calls.

For whatever reason, you’ve determined that the person doesn’t add enough value to your life for you to maintain contact with them. When you value people, you communicate on a regular basis. Not only do you enjoy the contact, but you genuinely care about how they’re doing and want to know if there’s any way you can assist them.

This leads to how we show appreciation. You’d be surprised at how far the smallest gestures of recognition go, no matter how cheesy. Something about a certificate of recognition makes everyone feel good.

I love stationery, so I take advantage of my stash to send affirming messages to my friends. They’re always so touched that I took the time to hand-write, address, stamp and mail warm words and thoughts to them. Whether I get cards back or not, it’s a simple way to let them know that their presence in my life is noted and appreciated.

Have you ever noticed how we feel free to let the people closest to us bear the brunt of our foul moods, quirks and idiosyncracies while we’re polite to a fault to people we don’t even care for? Are you quick to “cut people off” and let relationships fall by the wayside?

Once, in a fight with a friend, I told them to “replace me if you can.” I didn’t say that to rub in how wonderful I am, but to say good luck trying to replicate my level of loyalty, nurturing, and understanding in a johnny-come-lately acquaintance.

The true qualities of friendship are developed over time and trial, and shouldn’t be callously tossed at the first sign of discord.

Another time, I let a misunderstanding with a good friend fester, telling myself it was no big deal. But when it was pointed out to me, I realized that I have chased and called lesser people to maintain ties. This friend had been too good for me to be satisfied with seeing our connection wither. I sucked it up and extended the olive branch to right whatever wrongs I’d done.

Do your words and actions validate the people you value?

Bougie Financial Columnist Toni V. Martin’s work has appeared in national magazines and media outlets. Her newest book, “Prepping for Prosperity: How to Be Rich Before You Get Rich,” is available at tonivmartin dot com.

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Elenora Fagan’s on that Rock $#!+…But Don’t Sleep On Their Rhymes

Still haven't figured this logo out...

Most of the time when rock meets rap, one of the elements is not up to par. Either the rhymes are strong but the chords are weak, or the guitar is hitting but the lyricist is a dull blade.

Enter Elenora Fagan. The Charlotte-based hip hop-rock band is the cure for both maladies: mindful, provocative lyrics backed by a tight trinity of guitar, bass and drum. Citing influences from The Roots to Red Hot Chili Peppers, their sound is a seamless blend of hip hop and hardcore, with hits of house and reggae.

Like DOC said, they’re funky enuff. But the real draw are the group’s two emcees, who pack their verses tight with humor, angst and social commentary. It’s a refreshing addition to Charlotte’s hip hop scene, crowded as it is with  enthusiastic but underpar rappers yelling about money at every single open mic night.

GrownHeadz caught up with lead vocalist Currin Hightower after a Michael Jackson tribute concert at Amos South End. He promised Elenora Fagan, notorious for doing kick-ass shows but having no mixtapes or tees for fans to take home, is working hard to finish their first studio album.

“We’re recording, but it should be ready by early Fall,” he said.

Fagan brought their signature brand of electricity to the MJ tribute, with Thriller riffs and an amped-up rendition of Dirty Diana that got the sluggish crowd to their feet. The Golden Pyramids, Joe Crush, Elevator Jay and DJ Pyro rounded out the lineup.

The crowd, a mix of hardcore Michael Jackson lovers, hip hop heads and rock fans, never exactly gelled. Some performers, such as Mother Earth, a doe-eyed afro chic who rocked the mic and the drums with Joe Crush, got a lot of love; other more rock-oriented acts like The Golden Pyramids got a bit of the cold shoulder.

Pyramids’ frontman William Curry was undeterred, kicking off his group’s set with “F@$% you if you don’t wanna get up.”  The band proceeded to play their asses off to a nearly deserted pit, then ceded the stage to headliners Elenora Fagan.

Elenora Fagan has said they chose the unusual name  to reflect their diversity of styles. It’s Billie Holiday’s government name–and “If you don’t know who Billie Holiday is, I feel sorry for you,” Currin tells audiences.

The group is made up of five guys: Rappers Hightower and Jahmaar Stafford, drummer Matthew Wood, guitarist Jevon Washington and Juan Ossa on bass. The band, which has been together going on 2 years, is picking up steam, booking shows at The World Famous Milestone, Wine Up, Loose Change and WSBF 88.1’s Spring Festival in Clemson, SC.

As yet untitled, the debut release will be ready to drop this fall. In the meantime, support the Queen City’s favorite hip rock band with a donation to their kickstarter fund

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IMO: 19 Again

EDITOR’ S NOTE – This post is actually a comment we got about Gods’Illa’s single, You Don’t Have To Be A Star.  The comment was so insightful that we wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to read it.  BIG shout out to seanzbrother; glad to have brought you some music that reminds you why you STILL love hip hop.

From seanzbrother:

Not too long ago, I was watching ‘Tupac Resurrection’ with my 16-year-old son. I pointed out, when they showed clips of Black Panther and SNCC activities, that young people were always catalysts for change in our communities.

Although my generation benefited from the struggles of the 60′s and 70′s, we were children of the 80′s. Our revolution was televised. We expressed our activism, our culture, our frustrations, and our dreams through the music and art of hip-hop culture.

Those who were there know what crack did to the Black communities of NYC during the 1980′s. Hip-hop’s heroes like Tupac, and Sister Souljah, broadcast the daily triumphs and struggle of a youth that felt voiceless. For that reason, we loved ‘Pac as we loved Hip-Hop.

As an adult now, I miss Hip-Hop. I miss Hip-Hop that truthfully conveys the beauty of the Black community; a beauty that shines through, despite the best efforts of those who foolishly presume to wield power. I want to thank Gods’ Illa for ‘You Don’t Have To Be A Star’. I mean, I’m definitely gettin’ my grown man on. But that true love has a way of making you feel nineteen again. Peace.

Check the song below.

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Quick Hits: Some Things of interest

Just some things you might wanna to take a look at to help pass the time while you’re supposed to be doing your REAL work at the job. has the 50 Greatest Logos in Hip Hop. See if you recognize a few favorites.

Black Entrerprise has the 11 Most Successful Artist Brands beyond music.

And finally, the fine writers over at bring revealing facts to all those 80’s memories.  6 Beloved 80’s Toys with Horrifying Origins

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