GH Event: Debut of Late Movie Fridays!

Coming May 27, 2011

Late Movie Fridays Flier
Are you ready, Charlotte??

Charlotte, NC — What’s open later than the movies, Better than a bar and cooler than a club?  GrownHeadz’s Late Movie Fridays!

Charlotteans, come chill out with other urban sophisticates on the last Friday of every month and enjoy indie, cult classic and forgotten black film gems.
No cover, 25 and up, no pressure, just a good time. Doors open at 10, with boardgames and cocktails to break the ice; lights go down at 11.
DJ A-See provides the sounds of classic hip hop, underground funk and rare grooves.
The event is sponsored by (of course!) and the Charlotte Black Film Festival. Tell your friends, tell your spouse, tell anyone except for the kids–this is strictly for the grown folks. It happens the last Friday of every month at Red@28 Books.
  • WHAT: Late Movie Fridays
  • WHEN: May 27, June 24, July 29 and August 26. Doors at 10 pm, film at 11
  • WHERE: Red@28 Books, 2424 N. Davidson, Charlotte, NC (across from Amelie’s French Bakery); 704.377.8989
  • HOW MUCH: No Cover, Free
  • WHY: Because the Queen City deserves it

Friday May 27th screening: I’m Through With White Girls 


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Stray Notions:6

WHO do you think you are

WHAT happens if you get scared half to death twice?

WHEN your pet bird sees you reading the newspaper, does he wonder why you’re just sitting there, staring at carpeting?

WHEREever I am I always find myself looking out the window wishing I was somewhere else. -Angelina Jolie

HOW do they figure out experation dates on food?

WHY do toasters always have a setting so high that could burn the toast to a horrible crisp which no decent human being would eat?

DO androids dream of electric sheep?

IF con is the opposite of pro, is congress the opposite of progress?

WONDER how it will take the NFL to relize they had a pretty good thing going

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Audio Session: Ilmaculate & G-Force – Lay It Down

The Green Tape matches up two of Portland, Oregon’s brightest talents – Illmaculate & up-and-coming producer, G_Force (aka Calvin Valentine, producer for Talib Kweli’s Blacksmith label, Strong Arm Steady, Planet Asia, TxE & more), as they re-work soul legend Al Green’s 2008 comeback album, Lay It Down, originally produced by ?uestlove & James Poyser of The Roots – song-by-song with G_Force sampling the originals & flipping them into completely new works while Illmaculate uses the songs’ concepts as launching pads into some of his most personal works to date.

The video:

Download Song

The original Lay It Down by Al Green

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Grownhead Check: 121 – 126

Periodically, we need to check credentials to weed out the spies, posers, and undercover gangsters (reformed gangsters are fine) and make sure you are a real grownhead. Soooooo, you truly are a grownhead IF….

121) …you remember eating fried baloney sandwiches with the slits on the side that used to bubble up in the center.
122) …you watch the Weather Channel
123) …you remember before there was The Source, Vibe, or Sister 2 Sister there was Right On
124) …the first “reggae “ songs you knew were Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant and Pass the Dutchie by Musical Youth
125) …you remember the cartoon Battle of the Planets with G-Force (not a bad name for a rap group)
126) …you remember who Rodney Allen Ripley was

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Hip Hop Affiirmations: There Is A Way

There is a way
No matter what they

– Mos Def
There Is A Way

There will always be someone to tell you, “No, you’re not ready, you have too much on your plate, etc.,” but you have to decide for yourself. I’ve learned to smile and nod then move on and get back to my work.

Affirmation of the Day:
 There is a way, there is a way

Question of the Day:
Where do you need to apply, “There is a way, no matter what they say?”

Action of the Day:
Practice the following statement, “Thanks for the input”

Run the Point; from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,

Check out the song

This is just a weekly taste of Hip Hop Affirmations.If you want a daily dose visit Hip Hop and get each and every day started right.

Mike Bruny is a certified professional life coach and author, working with ambitious professionals across the country. He helps them to rediscover their values, gain clarity for life/career decisions and live more fulfilling lives. If you want to know more, reach him at:,

His book “Move the Crowd: 30 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life.” is availible now on

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Top 6 Tweets on Osama Bin Laden’s Death

President Barack Obama vs. Osama bin Laden
"I got you, sucka."

 6. @SeanUppercut wait….not only did he [okay, not really] kill bin laden, he waited till Donald Trump’s show to announce the body. SWAG

5. @LupeFiasco: Now kill poverty, wack schools, and US imperialism…

4. @ThroatChopU: Obama better have that long form death certificate.

3. @nicekicks: With bin Laden dead does that mean I still get molested tomorrow at the airport? Just asking… [All signs point to YES]

2. @HeroStatus: Osama Bin Laden killed after checking into his cave on @foursquare.

1. @Ken_Doll312: Obama Has The Juice Now

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