Who will be Hip Hop’s 1st Billionaire?

Sean Combs in a tux
A different kind of shiny suit...

The Firm? A little squishy. Blueprint? Back to the drawing board. It looks like Hip Hop’s first billionaire playboy (alter ego notwithstanding) will be Sean Combs.

Folks over at Forbes say astronomical sales of Ciroc Vodka, Sean John clothing and even, we guess, an album or two have pushed the man behind Bad Boy closer to Big Baller status than any other rapper in history.

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Searching for the Next Tupac

The producers of the Tupac bio-pic, headed up by director Antoine Fuqua, David and James Robinson, LT Hutton and Afeni Shakur (Pac’s mom), are looking for a new actor to play the title role. The casting call, held on the website InSearchofTupac.com, asks hopefuls to upload a five-minute audition tape. So shave your head, pick up some Thorazine (or not), tie on a bandanna and show us what you got….

"Please, don't pick Anthony Mackie..."

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Hot 5: Rappers Who Sound Like Superheros

Hot 5: Rappers Who Sound Like Superheroes
One of the best things about getting into the rap game is picking a name. Only rappers, Muslim converts and people going into Witness Protection get to choose the name the world will know them by, and the name an artist chooses says a lot about them. Trugoy, we can only assume, loves yogurt. But some artists we think have a secret fantasy of going back to their old stomping grounds, this time in a mask and tights, and taking back the streets they had to run down last time. Word to Spiderman.

Black Thought (telekinesis, mind reading)
Now, depending on your perspective, Black Thought can be either a

I know what evil lurks in the hearts of men.

good guy or a bad guy. If you’re part of the community, you might figure black thoughts are probably a good thing.  If you’re from a different community you might say “Look, Black Thought–RUN!!” Since we reside in the ‘hood (or close to it), bring him on. 

Stetsasonic (techie crew)

we DID get the group discount on the outfits

Most definitely a super group of gadgeted-up, secret weapon carrying, GI Joe-like soldiers each with their own specialty, ready to bring supersonic justice to that black azz.

Fearless Four (super strength, super speed, flying, etc all those traditional super powers)

Pay no mind to our sexy leather we will protect you

It’s kinda obvious, but they have an old-old school-sounding name for crime fighters, like they were formed way back in the forties or fifties.

Positive K (the power of positive thinking)
Positive K? Yeah, ya man Pos K. We figure him to be one of those happy go lucky super heros who were created by Sesame Street or Electric Company. You know, running around telling kids to play fair and saying no to drugs. All good things to tell the children, mind you. But he ain’t the hero to call when it’s really going down.

Newcleus (space-age powers and abilities)
Jam On It was THE jam back in the day. They were on some kinda P-Funk thing with the voices and coming from outer space deal.  But with a name like Newcleus, they COULD have been some atomic powered super team that fought the big stuff like Godzilla or King Kong with their nuclear powers.

Honorable Mentions:  Just-Ice (you know justice), Supernatural (kinda obvious), Super Lover Cee (for the true headz that remember “Doin the James”)

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