The Hip Hop Purist: My Christmas Rant

It’s the most wonderful time to be a whore for corporate pirates. Get jingling, baby.

This is my Christmas anthem forever. I know that some hip hoppers prefer other ones. Ras expresses exactly how I feel (although it is dated and he blatantly lies because only me, my homies and roaches should be here now).

I wish more people felt the same way – but isn’t that the plight of having an opinion? I mean Ras goes as far as to call his mom “bereaved.” What is a “mitochondria weave” you ask?

I will not win this battle, so I offer a truce.

Enjoy this time of year with your family. And although the reason for the season is the rebirth of the Sun, try to focus on fellowship with humanity rather than the money shot of capitalistic porn that this time of year actually is.

Here, let hip hop guide you in the right direction:

“I guess everyone would ride
in a benz rather than a bucket
Anyone reside in a crib nestled in a hill
than just to get by in a studio apartment
and live a better life
But don’t all cars get you there?
Don’t all shelters keep the rain from in your hair?
And ain’t lobster and tuna both protein?
And is the price of the shoe what protects your feet?
And ain’t it all just for the next man to see?
And can you take it all with you when your spirit leaves?
And when you’re gone will the people all remember
what you had, rather than who you were when you’re mentioned?” – Gift of Gab

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Audio Session – Moka Only – Airport 4

Check out another free album preview featuring Moka Only. Hip Hop that’s new to you.

from one of his current/former labels
With a catalogue that is unmatched by many, Moka Only is often considered to be a pioneer and driving force behind Canadian West Coast hip hop, as well as an important component in popularizing the art of freestyling in Victoria and Vancouver. In the 13+ years since his debut, Moka Only has released more than 40 albums, both solo and collaborative. He records under a variety of aliases, with the most popular being Ron Contour, Flow Torch and The Durable Mammal. He has been a contributing member of numerous groups and collectives, including Perfect Strangers, Code Name: Scorpion, Cryptic Souls Crew, The Dominant Mammals, City Planners, Nowfolk and Swollen Members, along with many others. Amongst all of that, Moka has worked with underground hip hop heroes like J Dilla, Aceyalone, OH NO, MF Doom, Buck 65, K-Os, Sixtoo and more.  CLICK HERE for the rest.

As always, these are not the complete songs, just 90-second clips to give you a feel for the music. If you like what you hear, buy the CD. We’ve gotta support if we want real hip hop to flourish.

Music Playlist at

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Moka Who?

Canadian rapper Moka Only gets real about fame, major labels and Drake.


by Futura for We Got The

Platinum plaques, Junos, 7 MMVAs (Much Music Video Awards), roughly 36 albums and counting… Canadian emcee, Moka Only, took the time to chop it up with us. Canadian Hip Hop, collaborations, ADAT, and everything in between is covered.

For those who don’t know, can you tell us a little about yourself and what you bring to Hip Hop?

I am Moka Only, some know me simply as Torch. Depends on how in depth the person is with my music. I’m just a beatmaker/producers/emcee/doctor. I came up in the Vancouver, Victoria BC area. I’d like to think that I bring a sense of adventure and maybe mystery to music.

What artists, Hip Hop or not, did you grow up listening to and who would you say influenced your style and music?

Somehow I was always interested in piano singer/songwriter types like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles or Elton John, Billy Joel, etc. Then I started getting into jazz at a young age. Once I had become immersed in Hip-Hop, I would gravitate toward the more left-leaning artists like Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, (A) Tribe (Called Quest), etc…cats that used jazz or progressive textures in they music and abstract raps.

What’s your thought on Drake being widely accepted now, when he was rhyming for quite sometime before?

My thoughts about Drake blowing up only now? Shoot, that’s just the nature of the buzz and sometimes the power of the co-sign. Just because you’ve been rapping or whatever for a long time doesn’t automatically mean you are ‘in there’. Skills take a long time to hone and obviously Drake has made good use of his years building raps. So kudos to him!


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What the F*** Is A Jay Electronica?

Impress your crew by knowing that new –ish. For all the grownheads who don’t know check these songs. By the way, things have changed since that GH Convo. Jay got signed by Jay Z’s label Roc Nation and EVERYBODY (who knows) is just waiting for the album. Hopefully in 2011 Jay Electronica will be just the thing that hip hop needs.

Shiny Suit Theory ft Jay – Z
the first song released once he got signed

Exhibit C
The song everybody was talking about

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5 Mistakes On Facebook that can Ruin Your Life

Grownheads can be behind the curve on Facebook, great for finding old friends–or getting you fired. Be safe and skip these 5 Huge Mistakes.

Since most grownheadz grew up at a time when Skypagers were cutting edge technology, we can have a bit of a learning curve for newer ways of communication, or even be a little late to the game. (If you’re wondering why SexyAzz24456 hasn’t been in the AOL chatroom for a while, I’m talking to you.)

This can sometimes make us act like we have no sense when we get on something new. Enter Facebook, a great tool for staying in touch, rife with pitfalls for the newly initiated. Here are the biggest little mistakes to make on Facebook that can ruin your love life, career, or even your identity. 

1.    Not checking your privacy settings. Realize the default settings for Facebook is that everyone can see everything. Do a quick test for me, sign out of Facebook (I know – the horror). Now go to your page. If your profile page is the same as if you hadn’t signed out, then your page comes up on searches and whatever you have put on your page can be seen by everyone, including future employers, friends and family

Why yes we ARE facebook friends

2.    Post when you are going on vacation. Why would you do this? There are people you wouldn’t even tell you are running down to get the paper, much less rolling out to the Tom Joyner Cruise for a week. Why would you post it on your wall? It’s the same as spray painting on your door, “Please steal everything.” When you return home and your flat screen is gone, you can only blame yourself. Just post the photos and talk about it when you get back.

3.    Friend your entire family, their friends and their friends’ friends. Just because you know someone does not mean they are a friend. You may consider Facebook friends different, and that’s cool, but realize that letting the assistant Deacon at your church know that you’re going to get high tonight may bring unintended consequences, including him dropping by without putting anything on it.

4.    Don’t make up stuff for your personal information. First off, it’s lying, and secondly you don’t know what might come back and bite you in the butt. I have a friend that says she’s married in her info– but not to the man she’s actually married to (Facebook married???). In North Carolina, your side chick or dude can be sued for breaking up a happy home, and a Facebook declaration with something like that is all the lawyers need. “It’s Complicated” is there for a reason.

5.    Post Anything About Your Job Conflicts. Yes, you can and will get fired. The lines between personal and professional are blurring faster and faster. Many companies now have additional regulations in regards to social media sites, and they actively monitor sites like Facebook. If you are posting something  illegal or disparaging about the gig, they will find you and fire you. On the bright side though, at least you’ll have more time to play Farmville.

Grumpy Smurf, aka Tobias Wright, is Director of digital strategy for Simply Good Media , home of See Jack Shop. You can find read more of his thoughts on technology at his personal site, tobias wright dot com.

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Somebody Need To Tell: Somali Bombers

Over Thanksgiving, a Somali teen plotted to set off a bomb in Oregon. This coupled with several groups of Minnesota Somalis who are making the area ground zero for jihadi recruitment have us here at Grown Headz thinking…
Somebody Need to Tell Somali Extremists:

Airport Security
"Sir, please step your black ass right over here."

Look. As an African American born, bred and raised in this country for almost 40 years, I understand how you might develope a, well, extreme viewpoint when you look at what the US has done here and especially abroad.

Believe me, I get it. MOST of us (African Americans and even a few white folks) get it. But y’all gotta pump your brakes. Yeah, killing innocent people is morally rephrehensible and all that, but for real, FOR REAL? My objection is just a bit more self-centered than that.

You’re making it hard for me and the rest of the family. After 9/11 I truly empathized with my Arab and Middle Eastern brothers and sistas out there. They couldn’t go nowhere, no place without getting some kinda hassle. But along with that empathy was a slight tinge of relief.
Like, “Whew, glad I can slide through this airport with no problems cause EVERYBODY knows black folks don’t blow up planes and random daycares.”

It was a feeling that only white folks were used to. A feeling that must come when they hear about police looking for criminals and just knowing in their heart of hearts they’re not gonna get stopped. I gotta admit, it’s a nice feeling.

But here y’all go. Amerikkka has got you all riled up and now you wanna blow something up. Problem is, while black folks can spot the subtle differences that are a tip-off that you aren’t from the US, the authorities (i.e. white folks) can’t. They’re not making those kind of distinctions. To them, a guy from Somalia could just as well be a guy from Detroit. All they know is y’all look black LIKE US.

So after six years of sliding through airport security like grease, being damn near invisible to TSA, FBI, CIA, SHIELD, UNCLE, MI6, and any other law enforcement agency out there, y’all are putting us back on the burner, back in the spotlight, back in the trick bag.

It’s like that moment in Godfather III when Michael Corleon almost makes it to being a legit business man and his mob past pops up: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me right back in.”

Granted, we never really made it “out,” but damn it felt good to see the light at the window.

So in conclusion, Somalis terror sympathizers, please leave the demolition ish to your lighter-skinded brothers. I’ve got a plane to catch, I WILL be running late and a full body cavity search doesn’t fit my schedule.

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Bougie: 3 Ways to Think Yourself Rich

Plan, prepare, act
A man with a plan.

In the last two posts, I posed the question of “Why don’t we do better when we know better?”

I discussed peer pressure and social conformity, arguing that we conform to the standards of our circles, which results in a herd mentality.

In this last post of the series, let’s move from “Why” to “What you gonna do about it?”

Lately, I’ve been pondering the thought of “The Shift.” Not to be confused with “The Shaft,” it’s the subtle but radical change in a thought process that allows you to be, do and have more.

Albert Einstein is attributed to saying “The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

That’s one you might have to read two or three times before you get it! In short, you’re going to have to BE someone else to GET better things in your life. Here are 3 ways to make The Shift.

1. Surround Yourself With Others Who See the New You

In my circle of entrepreneurial friends, we’re constantly revealing the details of deals and proposals we’re going for. Whenever I say I’m going to present a low bid or take on a time-sucking project, my friends immediately go off on me.

They automatically inform me to up my quote, analyze the time commitment and keep an eye on the bigger picture—not just the short term. By having people around who see a vision of a bigger me, I’m constantly held accountable to the larger goals and accomplishments I’ve claimed for my future.

2. Read About Those Who Are On The Other Side

If peer pressure is one reason why we remain mediocre, how do we change our circle? Run up on the nearest millionaire and pester them to be friends? That can yield mixed results, such as restraining orders.

I don’t personally know many millionaires, but I hang around them in other ways. Reading books by high-flyers is an easy way to spend time with the type of people you want to become! And your new “friends” add value. Books by Bob Johnson and Sir Richard Branson or about companies like Google and Facebook can teach you how to structure deals, come back from setbacks and learn how it feels to have big bucks.

3. Visualize and Journal Into the New You

I know this one sounds New Age-y. I’ll try to figure out less woo-woo words to describe the process. But there is no better way to experience “The Shift” than to begin the IN-sperience you want to EX-perience.

Thoughts are free. A poor person can think the same thoughts as a millionaire. Ask yourself on paper what you would be like if you had all the money you wanted, if your finances were organized, if you were successful.

Would you spend more on frivolities or would you carefully examine expenditures to make sure they met your overall goal? Would you be more generous to causes you believe in or pinch pennies because you wanted to make sure you were straight first? Would you be organized when it came to the hundreds of thousands of dollars you’ve earned or would you ignore it?

Thinking like the you you want to become helps you create the mental framework you’ll step into once things are going the way you’ve always dreamed of.

Bougie Financial Columnist Toni V. Martin’s work has appeared in national magazines and media outlets. Pre-order her newest book, Tight $queeze: Escape from Life’s 25 Worst Financial Fiascoes, at tonivmartin dot com.

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