Stray Notions: no.3

WHO needs a band with a beat this dope?

WHAT is it about Nikki Minaj that sets off more envy than a Fat Joe record? Lil’ Kim, Gloria Velez, (insert substandard female rapper here)…

WHEN is Obama going stop trying to placate everybody (GOP, Blue Dog Dems, and Tea Bagging Anti-Masturbators) and bring some of that “Chicago Way” to Washington?

WHERE do Mexican drug dealers get their cojones from? In one small Mexican village of about 26,000 the Mayor was found stoned to death, the entire police dept. had to be fired and the chief of the city council was tortured and killed. Nino Brown wasn’t ever that bad.

HOW many church offerings are Bishop Eddie Long’s accusers going to ask for in their lawsuit?

WHY did the inventor of the Segway die in a Segway accident–what’s next, Ronald McDonald choking on a french fry?

DO rappers ever wish they picked a better name?

IF Wile E. Coyote from the Road Runner had enough money to buy all that ACME crap, why didn’t he just buy dinner?

WONDER how many light-skinned, curly haired, righteous, blue collar  Christian brothers Tyler Perry will shoehorn into “For Colored Girls”?

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Hip Hop Affirmations: No You Did Not Just Say That

“YouTube or
Google me,
turn it up and play it,
Cause many people
think it,
I just had the balls to say it”

LudacrisLast of a Dying Breed

I can’t hear you. We only have a limited time on this planet so we must take advantage of every second. There are times we will have to step out of our comfort zone in the name of what is right.

It may be at home, work or church; if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Will you speak up?

Affirmation of the Day:
I have the courage to say what I have to say

Question of the Day:
What do you need to say?

Action of the Day:
Take a deep breath and say what you have to say.

Run the Point; from where you are, with what you have!

Your Ambassador,
Mike Bruny

Check here for your daily Hip Hop Affirmation.

Mike Bruny is a certified professional life coach, working with ambitious professionals across the country. He helps them to rediscover their values, gain clarity for life/career decisions and live more fulfilling lives. If you want to know more, reach him at:

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Ludaris feat Lil’ Wayne – Last Of A Dying Breed

The things I do for y’all. I had to look through a couple versions of this songs to find the right match. I can only assume that this original album version may have been a little more controversial than Def Jam was willing to deal with and released a “safeer” version to the radio stations. ANYway enjoy.

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Quick Hits: 10 + 10 + 10

Just some interesting things we found on the net.
Just like we used to clown our parents and older cousins for saying things like “young blood” or “I can dig it”, so we now are getting dissed.  Ah but we can alway reminisce 10 Old School Hip Hop Phrases That Need To Be Brought Back

We were really diggin and found this one from a few months ago.  But it still might be true. 10 Songs that Killed Hip Hop.  Although we FIRMLY believe that Hip Hop is not dead.  Some of these songs did cause a rigor mortis-ish feeling in the rap world

And now something for those true TRUE heads.  You know who you are. The ones who used to actually read the back of the album cover or cassette (like our resident MixMaster Dj-aSEE). The ones who actually follow the beats. Just for you 10Most Underrated hip hop Producers

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Gold Diggers Revealed!


Gold Digger (EPMD)
Gold Digger (EPMD)

Are you a Gold digger?

Gold digger /gold dig’ger/ n. : A woman who dates men for their money, often viewed as greedy and evil by men, and quietly admired by some women.

As a young man on the market, I was always spooked by what I thought was an urban legend: the Gold digger.

Somehow, I still found myself in a relationship with a woman who was a part-time Gold digger. It was through this relationship that I learned the truth behind the mystery of the Gold digger.

You may be a Gold digger if:

1. You cannot financially support yourself (and/or child) and feel having a man in your life would solve the problem.

2. You feel you are a better person because of the price of the clothes you wear or the car you drive, whether you paid for them yourself or someone bought them for you as a gift.

3. You feel you are a better person based on the status of the company you keep, whether they are your friends or friends of the person you are dating.

4. You have no problem with the man you are dating financially supporting you by paying all your bills including, but not limited to, your rent, cell phone bill, car note or even your child’s tuition.

5. You feel the price of a gift is equivalent to how much the gift giver loves you.

6. You feel your boyfriend is supposed to have your financial back. To ensure he is capable of this you may create a false financial crisis to see if he hands you cash to solve your problem. He has to pay out of his own
pocket, and not try to solve the problem by helping you find a better job or part-time job. God forbid he shows you how to consolidate your bills or
suggests you cut back on your spending. Black Gold diggers call this activity “checking a Nigga.”

7. You feel you should be able to ask your boyfriend for money without having to explain why, no matter how well he is doing financially. Or, you feel you shouldn’t even have to ask for money. You may feel your boyfriend should understand that you have bills, and he should give you money weekly to get your hair and nails done. Smalltime men, $50 a week works, but up to
$500 can be expected. High-rollers are expected to give thousands to their girlfriends, which puts them into the “Sugardaddy” category.

8. You have no problem borrowing your boyfriend’s things for your personal use. You use possessions like his car, truck or credit card more than you use your own. This is a Golddigger tendency especially if you’ve
practically moved into his house, condo or boat.

9. You allow a richer man more access to your body or your possessions than you would a poorer man. It could even be something as simple as time. The free time you used to spend with your girlfriends, your family or your child is now spent with the new man at amusement parks or on short trips to the Caribbean where he pays for everything. A good sign of this is if you can’t remember when you last spent time with those who used to be important to you.

10. You don’t want to introduce your richer boyfriend to family and friends or even socialize with them when you’re with him. This sign deals with the inner guilt you have about the fact that your new man’s only attribute is his money. You avoid family and friends because they notice changes in your behavior that you choose to ignore.

These signs are just clues to help identify a Gold digger. If only one is true then that woman may not be a Gold digger. However, she may be an admirer of their tactics, and that’s just as bad.

Everybody wants a person who can support him or herself and there’s nothing wrong with that. In America, men are conditioned to think they should provide for their wives. Where the confusion exists is when women allow their preference for a financially stable man to overshadow other preferences which are necessary for a successful relationship.

And because men often allow beauty to overshadow other attributes like education level or common sense, Gold diggers are able to use their beauty to get what they want.

Women guilty of allowing their desire to find a financially secure mate may date an unattractive man who has a lot of money or a man who is disrespectful but gives her expensive gifts.

Gold digging is just as bad as men who date women just for the sex. People should choose mates based on more than one particular quality or characteristic. Looks don’t last forever and wealth doesn’t make a man a good father or husband.

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Fly Like Egyptian Musk…

I swear I can’t remember his first name, but I am pretty sure his last name was “X”. I do know that he worked in the cafeteria at Alabama A&M University my freshman year. I do know that he sold me my first vial of Egyptian Musk. And I am pretty sure he did not eat barbecued pork skins.

That was the year that I realized I was not so weird after all. Other people also hated the songs on the radio. Other people could care less about ironing their clothes. Other people scheduled their classes around Rap City. Freshman year felt like home.

If I could only remember his name, I would tell you that this dude looked at me and talked to me and drew some conclusions. Hindsight tells me he was trying to recruit me into selling The Final Call. But my freshman state of mind thought this nameless person thought I was smart enough to take in extra “information”. So one day, he invited me into his dorm room to meet with a discussion group.

Louis Farrakhan
The Honorable Louis Eugene Walcott

I had a few Louis Eugene Walcott tapes that I would play from time to time so I was familiar with the info. Back then, rappers also quoted and sampled Mr. Walcott. Hell, even Chuck D was a follower.

I felt I was armed and ready for this discussion. He who shall remain Nameless got a question from another group member and the conversation turned to “The Mother Plane“. Nameless dude damn near locked his doors and closed his windows and whispered all info dealing with “The Mother Plane”. I felt privileged to hear about it.

The thing I remembered the most was I had to watch my weight because the beam that was gonna lift me up to heaven could only lift 150 lbs.
For a long time after that meeting, I was afraid to speak about what I learned. I thought the S1Ws might come and murder me in my sleep or something.

I was a pantheist back then. I still played around with the concept of God. So I was always searching for better, more logical answers to my God questions. After the secret “Mother Plane” meeting, I knew nameless dude could provide no answers.

Years later, I ordered Freestyle Fellowship’s first tape “To Whom It May Concern” because I was so impressed by their second tape “Innercity Griots”. Two songs stole the show on “To Whom..” On a song called “For No Reason,” P.E.A.C.E. detailed killing people because they provoked him in ways only he could understand:

I’m on the next block, murderin’ nonstop
saw some fools in a flock so I threw a rock
to see if they would move, but they didn’t
BANG! good riddance.


The second song that garnered much accolades from me was Mikah 9’s “7th Seal”.

When I first heard the song, I was transforming into the atheist I am today. I had long abandoned the concepts in the song. I somehow misplaced my Mr. Walcott tapes. I even misplaced the name of the Egyptian Musk seller. But that song was bumped then and still is bumped now because of the subject matter and how it was so artfully handled. Ellay Khule mentioned that song as a turning point.

7th Seal blew everybody’s mind for at least 2 years straight. People studied that shit backwards and forwards — even we don’t know all those words. That made everybody say like ‘I gotta get a tape out’ or ‘I can’t rap like so-and-so no more. I can’t be in 80s, now we movin’ to the 90s.’ That totally transferred our musical thought.”

It is funny how certain songs unintentionally document so many things. That song came out in 91. The secret meeting took place in 93. My memory maps that song to that meeting every time I hear the beat. To this day, I am always tempted to ask the stouter members of the Nation if they are aware of the mother plane’s tractor beam. I never do though, because I’m still afraid of Professor Griff.

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Crew Grrl Order & 3 Perils of Girl Rap Groups

Crew Grrl Order
Crew Grrl Order

Crew Grrl Order opened up for Public Enemy’s Charlotte appearance this Sunday, to a receptive crowd of about four hundred at Amos’s South End. The trio had pounds of energy and stage presence, kicking off the set with “She Don’t Play That.” They kept the energy going despite sometimes muted mics and dense rhymes that were hard for the crowd to appreciate live.

For my first experience seeing them in concert, I plan to follow them and buy the download. I really hope to see them flourish, especially after this national tour promoting their newest album, “All Bets Off.”

And I pray they avoid 3 classic follies of b-girl groups.

1) Static styles. Andre was always the more reflective, off-beat foil to Big Boi’s bouncing, persona-driven rhymes. Busta had the element of surprise down to a science. It’s good for rap partners to be distinguishable from each other on a track. But when the roles are super clearly defined (“You’re the streets. You’re the scholar,”), it can hurt the group’s creativity and make everything sound too scripted.

2) Where’s the beats? Fiery lyrics and political challenges aside, a song has to bump to get fans on board. Or immediately convey a mood. Cut corners everywhere else, but production. That’s the holy grail, y’all, and one place girl groups — with the exception of Salt N Pepa — have traditionally been lacking.

3) Frank and Earnest. The genius of TLC is that they weren’t scared to get goofy. They defied both the super sexy and the queen mother wisdom pigeon holes of ’90s female performers. This openness looked fearless and free. It was more powerful than an army of dour ladies in African garb rapping about the Middle Passage, or spandex-clad pimpstresses talking about whose man they could take. A little bit of humor and play go further toward establishing an honest connection with fans than all the messaging in the world.

Here’s hoping Crew Grrl Order continues the positive trend and encourages more women to get on the mic. Keep an eye out for the upcoming GrownHeadz exclusive interview. Peace!

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Game Changer: Tariq Elite’s Man-Up Tour

Tariq Elite Nasheed
Tariq Elite, Godfather of Game. (

International playboy Tariq “Elite” Nasheed, author of “Play or Be Played,” “The Art of Gold Digging,” and “The Mack Within” has one mission in life: to get your game up.

His year-long Man Up Tour has gone to New York, Australia, Hawaii, and points in between. Grownheadz contributors caught the tour in Atlanta and brought back their take on it.

Michael “MDot” Carter / Grown Man Game :

Author and Game Advisor Tariq Elite had not appeared in Atlanta for a lecture since 2008, so the Man Up Tour was a welcome reunion that found the 7 Stages Theatre packed.

The biggest surprise was the sheer number of well-dressed, upscale African-American men. Atlanta has a huge “moist” reputation that all guys are unfairly associated with. Man Up was proof that real guys who want to upgrade themselves are alive and well in the ATL. Many women also attended, adding to the diverse crowd.

Tariq began with his usual poise and charismatic demeanor. He’s an engaging speaker, conveying his message with humor while touching on history, relationships and social issues.

The best part of the show was the Q&A because it really allowed everyone to air out issues that are prevalent in the dating scene. Tariq’s no-nonsense view on male and female relationships came through in every answer. One man brought his two high school sons to the event, and Tariq took special care to listen and encourage them to boldly pursue their goals. 

The crowd seemed empowered after the lecture to aim higher and achieve more, not just in dating and relationships, but in life all around. Tariq is a class act and if you have a chance to check out the tour, you will not be disappointed.

Toni “Bougie” Martin / Real Talk for Single Ladies:

A standing room-only crowd of good-looking Black brothas dressed like they had jobs: It was like being in the ladies’ version of Magic City!

It was a beautiful sight to see the huge number of attractive, straight men Tariq Nasheed’s Man Up Tour brought to converge in Atlanta—supposedly the Black gay mecca of North America. Unfortunately, the same media which is so committed to trumpeting the demise of Black relationships was absent this drizzly Saturday evening.

I felt like the fly on the wall most women wish they could be when the fellas get together for guy talk. More than anything, it was eye-opening to discover how many men have questions and thirst for knowledge in dealing with the opposite sex. I always thought men had the playbook—not the case.

Tariq dropped so much knowledge to empower men to step their game up—with regard to their approach of women, but also in accomplishing the most out of life in a culture that rarely supports and appreciates them. There are really no other forums where men can get educated on manhood, share their dating and mating issues and just “chop it up,” without women jumping down their throat in judgment about what’s PC or not.

The most enlightening portion of the night was the Q & A. In addition to questions like how to tell if a woman is cheating, how to cure the 7 Year Itch and how to enter business ventures with childhood friends, one woman asked the million-dollar question:

“What do you tell men on how to deal with a Strong, Independent Black Woman?”

The audience let out a collective groan as Tariq asked the lady to define her statement. She then rattled off a list of material and career accomplishments, like her own business and financial stability.

Tariq asked, “What does all of that do for me” [as a potential partner]? The woman was speechless.

The trappings of success mean little when it comes to having a harmonious relationship, he advised the women in the audience. According to Tariq, men don’t evaluate women the same way women evaluate men. They don’t see a woman’s ambition and accomplishments as sexy; they’re looking for what we can bring to the table–literally! For men, more traditionally feminine qualities like cooking, nurturing, emotional support, as well as a solid family background are prized over managerial skills and degrees.

He also had a word of advice for single black women suffering from a loss of confidence in a bone-dry dating scene: take the show on the road. Travel! Europe, Africa and Latin America are brimming with men who think there’s nothing more beautiful on this earth than a black woman. Get your confidence up, get your swagger up, he said, and then bring that back home and see the difference. Which reminds me, I’ve gotta call my travel agent…

Bougie columnist Toni V. Martin’s work has appeared in national magazines and media outlets. Pre-order her newest book, Tight $queeze: Escape from Life’s 25 Worst Financial Fiascoes, at tonivmartin dot com.

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