TOP 5 Rappers Who Need The Other Guy

5 Rappers Who Need the Other Guy

5. Pete Rock and CL Smooth
T.R.O.Y. will forever be in the pantheon of hip hop classics, and Mecca and the Soul Brother had more than a few hot singles. When they broke up, to no one’s surprise Pete Rock kept right on producing (das efx, Rakim, Ghostface Killer, etc.). And what of CL? He kinda just disappeared. He spit a little here and there but after he and Pete Rock broke up in 1994, he didn’t release a solo project till 2006. Maybe he was disenchanted with the music biz, or wanted to focus on his family, and maybe he was just searching for the perfect beat. Whatever. CL might want to work out the his differences with Mr. Rock and get back in the studio.

4. Phife needs Q-Tip
A Tribe Called Quest were the hotness when they were hittin. The Low End Theory is a BONIFIED hip-hop classic and Midnight Maurauders got so much play, DJ A-See waited 10 years to put it back in rotation. You all know how the story goes–they broke up. Q-Tip took that summer by storm with Vivrant Thang and Breathe & Stop. So we, YOU, everybody waited for the five foot assassin to drop his project. It dropped, and just kept going down. No fire, no sizzle, no nuthin. Yes, the Abstract was considered the dominant rapper, but Phife was no slouch. He and Tip had that ever-elusive thing called chemistry, but for Phife, it takes two to get a crowd reaction.

3. Parish needs Eric Sermon
Back when EPMD was at its height, Eric was dope but you would wait for Parish’s verse. No question, he had the hotter lines. When Eric and Parish closed up shop and released their respective solo projects, conventional wisdom was that Parrish would do OK but Eric might be in trouble. But Eric flipped the script. His single Boomdigi wasn’t too bad, got some play. And Parish? Suuuuuuuuucked. No, REALLY suuuuuuucked. K-Rocka (of Grownhead Convo fame) and DJ A-See were shocked, shocked I tell you, at the utter wackness of the album. Resident Alien exchanged the tape, thinking it had to be defective. It was like the Green Eyed Bandit got some evil sorcerer to steal his former partner’s emcee skills. It was one of the worst solo debuts by an established artist EVER. And that’s counting John and Yoko. The funny thing is, when EPMD got back together, Parish was back to his normal dope self. What happened? We don’t know either, but P better neva let E go. And he also probly shouldn’t eat spaghetti at his house either.

2. Prince Po needs Pharaoh Monch
Resident Alien says Prince Po was the better rapper in Organized Konfusion: better concepts, better wordplay, better flow, betta, betta, betta. That may be true, but where’s he at? It’s not always about who’s a better rapper, but a better grinder. Maybe, just maybe, Po needed Monch to push him to get up off his ass and write some rhymes, get a producer, or book some studio time. Maybe it was always Pharaoh getting the name out and puttin in work. Of course this is all conjecture; all we know for sure is Pharaoh is ready to drop his THIRD solo release. And Po? Resident Alien is keeping her fingers crossed.

1. Rakim needs Eric B.
We have alluded to this before. But hell it’s worth repeating; Eric B. might have been the straw that stirred the Rakim hit music cocktail. Not to quote Kelly Clarkson, but since he’s been gone Rakim Allah just ain’t had the same swagger. He still ranks praise as one of the game’s earliest lyrical innovators, but for all his talent he should have done more. Perhaps Rakim needs someone to push him in the studio. Maybe Eric handled all the beat stuff so Ra could focus on the lyrics. We don’t know the formula, but whatever they had worked. Ra, call that man. Eric, put down that sammitch and pick up.

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ALBUM of the WEEK: Raydar Ellis – Late Pass

Hailing from Boston MA Raydar has been in it for a minute as a producer and rapper. We featured Mr. Ellis before just a few months ago with his collaboration with Quite Nyce. We promised then that we would post his first album to give you a chance to peruse his earlier work.

Just a reminder: these are not the complete songs, just 90-second clips so you can get a feel for the music. If you like what you hear, buy the CD. If we want good hip hop to flourish, we’ve gotta support the artists.

Music Playlist at

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Interview: Get a Late Pass with Raydar Ellis

by Tood E. Jones for

(Editor’s Note – This is an interview that he did right before he dropped Late Pass)

Raydar Ellis may have taken a while to reach this point but, he is an emcee who is worth the wait. The hip-hop nation was late in recognizing his talent. Not only should he have been known by the underground already, I should have conducted this interview a long time ago. I should have known about him way before Traffic Entertainment (Karma and Michael Quarterson) sent me his music and assisted in hooking up this interview.
An album about an album, “Late Pass” by Raydar Ellis is helping to bring creativity back into hip-hop music. Released on Brick Records, the LP includes songs about relationships, the struggles of Black actors through the past decades, graffiti, hip-hop culture, fat women, and more. Production is mainly handled by Raydar, but some songs are produced by Hezekiah, 7L, Clokwork, Marty Macfly, The Fundamental, and The Beboy. Guests performances include Edo.G, Esoteric, Project Move, and Shortbus. Standout cuts include “And It Sounds Like…’, “Whatchu Say Dat Deah”, “I 4 An I”, “Pay Homage”, and “3 Steps”. The diverse styles and topics give the album an intelligent depth for entertaining repeated listens. The old school styles of “Whatchu Say Dat Deah” is complemented by the scratched vocal samples on “And It Sounds Like”. Serious issues on the concept tracks “Sambo Song” and “3 Steps” give the album a timeless quality. Every hip-hop fan will need Late Pass because they should have been bumping this album a while ago. Go ahead and listen, you are already late….

MVRemix: What goes on?

Raydar Ellis: I’m chilling, just got my laptop back from the shop, so I’m hyped. I was on the desktop earlier.

MVRemix: Your new CD, ‘Late Pass’ was just released. Tell us about it.

Raydar Ellis: ‘Late Pass’ is something like an organized confusion to me. Not the group, but the way it’s structured. It’s an album about an album. The confusion comes from me popping tapes randomly, in and out of the deck, which become the songs you hear. But, the organization is the reason I’m doing that, to get my album into my label on time.”

MVRemix: What song on ‘Late Pass’ took the longest to complete? Why?”

Raydar Ellis: ‘3 Steps’, the second single, because of all the places it had to travel. It went from Philly to NY, where I got the beat from Hezekiah at Beat Society. Then, it went to NJ and to MA, where I wrote and recorded my parts. Then, it went to Cali to get Honeylungs on the hook. Then, back to me in Boston. Then, back to Hezekiah in Philly. That song just took forever because of Fed Ex.”

MVRemix: What is the meaning behind the title, ‘Late Pass’?”

Raydar Ellis: It all comes from the label calling me at the beginning of the album saying, ‘You’re late on turning your album in’. So, for the rest of the album, I’m trying to figure out what the album should be. I called it ‘Late Pass’ because that’s basically what the label gives me on the record, so I can hand the album in.

MVRemix: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

Raydar Ellis: Usually, it is either a theme or the beat first. I rarely write without a beat because I’m always making beats. Like, ‘3 Steps’ was done with the beat first. Then topic, then lyrics. ‘Paint Your Picture’ was concept first. Then, the beat.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with Edo.G for ‘Shut Shit Down’? What was that collaboration like? Was it done in the studio?

Raydar Ellis: Karma at Brick hooked that up. I had been listening to him for years. When Karma suggested it, I was like ‘Oh Hell yeah! Great idea!’ We recorded at Beyonder’s studio and the collaboration was dope! I felt like a kid on Christmas. He’s a really down to earth dude and very professional.

MVRemix: What made you choose the producers for ‘Late Pass’?

Raydar Ellis: Most of the cats I got down with, I had known for years, like The Beboy, Macfly, and Clokwork. Actually, Macfly was my room mate. So, for ‘I 4 An I’, all I had to do was go across the hallway to get a beat. Hezekiah came randomly, from when I went to Beat Society. I ran into him at the door, copped his album, and asked if he had a beat CD. He hooked me up and ‘3 Steps’ was born. 7L came on board when we were thinking about a remix for the 1st single. But his remix was so dope that we had to put it on the album.


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Raydar Ellis – My Favorite Things

This isn’t some big Raydar Ellis Love In or anything like that. But as we were trolling the internets we found this post from Raydar on his Myspace page. Since actual CD’s seem to becoming rare and therefore liner notes (you know all the info about the artist) becoming even rarer. The artist webpage is now the place to go get an idea of the state mind of a performer. You know “where they comin from” and all. ANYway he posted All the Reason I live for Hip Hop. there were about 50 some funny,some obscure but they all give me an idea about Raydar Ellis. We featured a few of favorites CHECK HERE for the rest of the list

All The Reasons
In No Order..

I LIVE Hip Hop because of..

2. Camp Lo’s “Uptown Saturday Night”…the whole album

8. The Biz doll

9. “Put a quarter in your ass cuz you played yourself”-Big Daddy Kane

10. The dialogue during the House Party scene in Beat Street “Y’all Biters!! All Y’all homeboys is biters, y’all wack! So wassup wit dat???” So bad it’s good.

11. Craig Mack “Flava in Ya Ear” remix & The Fugees “Vocab”

12. DJ Premier’s hooks

16. Every beat on Group Home’s “Livin Proof”

17. The Ed Lover Dance


34. Timbs & bubble goose coats/MY A-DIDAS!!!!

35. Incredible Bongo Band’s “Apache”, The Winston’s “Amen Brother”, Jame’s Brown’s “Funky Drummer”, The Honeydrippers “Impeach the president”, Moutain “Long Red”, and any other break beat that has been used to death but somehow re-emerges every few years and sounds fresher than ever

40. Likwit Crew, Boot Camp Clik, Justice League, Low Budget Crew, Wu-Tang, Juice Crew, Soulquarians, Native Tongues, Electric, Demigodz, AOTP, D.I.T.C., Def Squad, ahem…Short Bus…and any other crew that does and did it’s thang

44. Mr. T’s commandments

45. 45’s, 33 1/3, & even 78s

47. Forgotten jams that make you say “I REMEMBER THAT!!!”: The Nonce “Bus Stops”, No Face “No Brothas Allowed”, The B.U.M.S. “Elevation (Free My Mind), Da Bush Babees “Remember We”, Cella Dwellas “Land Of The Lost”, Phil Most Chill “On Tempo Jack”, Conscious Daughters “Gamer”, Nonchalant “5 o’clock”, Channel Live “Mad Izm”, Everybody and their mother “The Points” (Panther Soundtrack)

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Hip Hop Affirmation: Ready to Start Winning

Jay-Z – Change the Game

Are you ready to start winning? Get it set in your mind that you will win, no matter what! In my book, “Move the Crowd: 30 Days of Hip Hop Affirmations to Change Your Life,” I speak about how I used a “I will not lose,” mindset before a job interview, a presentation or meeting with potential clients. For me it was my, “Lucky Shoes.” Now we both know there was nothing lucky about those shoes, but it allowed me to have the right mental framework to make things happen.

Affirmation of the Day:
I will not lose

Question of the Day:
What do you use to stay in the proper frame of mind to win?

Your Ambassador,

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GHtv (one mo’gin): SNL Clip

If you were unaware Gabourey Sadibe hosted SNL this weekend. Overall the show had its moments and Gaby did pretty well. But maaaaaaan we were actually rolling here at GH HQ with the Steve Harvey sketch.  You’ll see for yourself but  I gotta know. Whatcha goin do Steve? You gonna let them diss you like that son? This is there FIRST time I EVER laughed at Kenan Thompson’s non-funny self. No I was not of fan of Kenan and Kel back in the day (where Kel at anyway?). He even slid in an old school Fu-Schnickens reference.

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Somebody Need To Tell….

John McCain that martinis and meds don’t mix.
The former presidential candidate was on the O’Reilly Factor discussing Arizona’s newest immigration law, which allows police to conduct random checks to determine whether someone is in the US illegally. Foes of the legislation believe — rightfully so — that this is just legal racial profiling. The former maverick senator, who is in a tight race to keep his seat and has to shine up his GOP bonafieds, is all for the new law. But just a few years back, didn’t he introduce legislation to overhaul immigration? If you recall, the Right was overwhelmingly against allowing them thar ill-legals into the Yoo ESS AE. They got all worked up and red in the face, huffing and puffin with so much overt and covert racism that they pushed a couple million Hispanics right into the arms of some light-skin dude named Barack. But McCain has good reason for his political quick-change:
“’s the drivers of cars with illegals in it that are intentionally causing accidents on the freeway. Look, our border is not secured. Our citizens are not safe.”
Johnny boy, as a person who risks their life to drive in Miami every day, I UNDERSTAND how you might wonder if these folks are driving this badly on purpose. Inthe five years I’ve lived here, I’ve witnessed more accidents than all my previous life combined. But Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez aren’t hatching a nefarious plot to put a dent in every new American car. At the risk of sounding like a chauvinist, Latin and Caribbean immigrants are just bad drivers. They haven’t been stealing mom’s car since they were 14. So c’mon man, you need to come up with a better excuse than that if you’re going to flip-flop.

Somebody Needs to Tell…

Roger Goodell to S***t or get off the pot.
Unless your internet connect is under a rock, you’ve heard about Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisburger being accused of sexual assault by a 20-year-old college student, and GA authorities’ subsequent decision to not to charge for lack of evidence. Hey Roj, what’s the hold-up with Big Ben? You’ve said yourself that you don’t actually have to be found guilty of a crime to be in violation of the NFL conduct policy. Now, we understand why you might let Ben slide on the first accusation of sexual assault –oops, I mean rape, that came out. It’s assumed that every self-respecting pro athlete will be targeted by a gold digging SKEEZERat least once in his career. So the first one is free. But it’s the SECOND time. Roj didn’t have a problem pulling out the conduct code on black players, but now that a big-name white dude is on the spot, where’s the swift justice? Koren Robinson got suspended for a year for a DUI that got dropped. Bryant McKinnie lost four games for a tussle in a Miami nightclub, and Pacman Jones was out indefinitely because of strip club shenanigans where he was never charged with anything. We’re just saying, we’re watching you, Roj. There’s a little time left on the clock but people are going to start to wonder (and some already have) if you’re operating under the If you’re white, you’re alright rule.


Just when you think its safe. We guess Raj heard about our post and in an insidious plot Mr. Goodell announced the suspension of Ben Rothlisberger AFTER we posted in an attempt to embarrass US.  Well anyway Commissioner Roger Goodell is letting us know white AIN’T alright (at least this time).  Big Ben has been suspended for 6 games in the upcoming season.  Raj is obviously sending a signal to other players, if I will suspend a two-time Super Bowl winning QB even when he hasn’t been charged guess what I might do to YOU.

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