GrownHead Check: 85-89

Grownheadz is a community of lovers of hip hop who came up in the Golden Age through the Renaissance, and does not condone discrimination against young bucks, old heads or the other man. But you can only truly call yourself a grownhead IF…

85. You’re still secretly impressed when a friend knows all the words to a hot new verse.
86. Now that you’ve finally got an iphone, you can’t wait for someone to write a Grownheads app.
87. You tip. At least 15 %, all the time, every time.
88. Floating around somewhere in your stuff is a red, black and green leather Africa medallion.
89. You remember when The Cosby Show first got everybody(OK white folks) saying African American.

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Somebody Needs To Tell…

Somebody needs to tell the Democrats:
Bout Time!! I guess better late than never, but DAMN!
We here at Grownheadz been complaining for months that the Dems need to get on the J-O-B, ASAP. Ask once, ask twice, and since y’all seem to be a little on the too damn polite side, even ask a third time but when the other side guys say no, uh-uh, and HELL NO… FCUK EM (we’re a family website, we don’t wanna force you to read us late in the night after hours. You already can’t play all your old NWA CD’s)

Somebody Needs to Tell The Republicans:
HA HA HA HA HA! Nanny nanny nah nah! LOL LOL LOL LMBAO !!!11!!

Somebody Needs to Tell Everybody Watching This Whole Debacle:
Now we know what TRUE haterism looks like. Check under “T” for Tea Baggers.

Some Dems need to lose their jobs. Specifically the 34 sell-outs that voted against their own party.

And all of us need to get a copy of When We Were Kings. Why you ask?
So we can learn to recognize the rope-a-dope style when we see it. The Right spent all summer going to town hall meetings, actin like straight bozo’s. Racist signs, crazy rants, and general ig’nant behavior. The Democrats weren’t any help; even with 60 votes they were too scared to get NUTHIN done.
But Barack? In the middle he stayed calm, just waitin to drop bombs, bustin that rope-a-dope style. He let everybody holler and scream, taking their best shots at his loyalty, birth and even his soul (some still say he’s the antichrist). And when they were all hollered out, homie looked around like, That’s all you got? And STILL got it done.
His speech to House Democrats before Sunday’s vote could have come right out of a movie. Only thing missing was the swell of the score in the background and the standing ovation at the end. Oh wait, he got that, too.

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ALBUM of the WEEK: Diamond District – In The Ruff

From the Diamomd District Myspace page

In The Ruff is the highly anticipated debut album from new DC hip hop group “The Diamond District”, created by state veterans Oddisee, X.O. & YU. In The Ruff is the answer for any lover of hip hop who asks the question – “Where did that grimy East coast sound go?” The group was founded by rapper/ producer Oddisee, who has a long list of production & collaboration credits with the likes of  Talib Kweli, Siagon, Little Brother, Trek Life, Charles Hamilton, Jazzy Jeff, Buck Shot, Royce the 5′9, J-live, Lil Fame of MOP, Skyzoo and many more. Oddisee’s soulful, haunting samples over bass- heavy beat breaks create the perfect instrumentals for him, XO & YU to match with their street savvy, politically conscious lyrics. “The ware wolves wear wool suits, be ware of them…” -YU In The Ruff is a raw mid-90’s Boom-Bap themed album for the DC state of mind, destined to appeal to all lovers of hip hop’s golden era, managing to travel back in time and push the boundaries of DC Hip-Hop simultaneously.

ANYway,as always, these are not the complete songs, just 90-second clips to give you a feel for the music. If you like what you hear, buy the CD. We’ve gotta support if we want real hip hop to flourish

Music Playlist at

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Why Flavor Flav Dates Better Than You

Friday night at Flav's

By Yo Jeff the Hip Hop Dating Coach

I do a lot of dating workshops, and whenever I ask the question “Do you date better than Flavor Flav?” the audience responds with a resounding NO.

I ask attendees what the Flavor of Love show was about and I get answers like entertainment, silliness, a guy who wants to sleep with a lot of women.

Nobody recognizes it as a televised display of Flavor Flav’s dating process. Since Flavor of Love‘s debut in 2006, there have been Rock of Love, I Love New York, Real Chance of Love, For the Love of Ray J, Frank the Entertainer, A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila, and A Double Shot of Love with a couple of twins. But it was Hip Hop’s famous hypeman who started it all.

So, I use this show which nobody seems to respect to illustrate a few important criteria most people do not include in their own dating processes.

If the purpose of dating is the personal vetting process to find a life partner, then there are three things most single people can learn from Flavor of Love.

1. Flavor Flav always met the exes.
Some people feel this is an unimportant or irrelevant activity. To these people I say, imagine if your date told you his ex-girlfriend was a crazy freak who didn’t understand him. And his name was Chris Brown.
When Flavor Flav met the ex-boyfriends of the girls on his show, he found that a few of them had cheated in the past or were still dating their boyfriends. Good to know, right?

Sometimes talking directly to the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is not possible. An alternative to speaking to the ex directly is simply keeping in mind that whatever the potential date tells you about their past relationships is their side of the story. So, listen out for supporting information from their family and friends about the type of person your date is.

2. Flavor Flav introduced his dates to his family and friends.
This is something a majority of people don’t do until they are in relationships. For those of us who don’t think it’s an important early step, there are two reasons I disagree with you.

A) You should see how the person you’re dating behaves toward the permanent people in your life–are they snobbish? Awkward? Flirtatious? It’s best to find out early, and from people who love you.
B) If you conceive a child with the date, then they will all be family anyway. This is important for couples who are sexuality active to understand, because birth control methods can fail and an unexpected pregnancy can join you for life. With a child in the picture, a good relationship between the date and the family can make everyone’s lives much easier.

3. Flavor Flav always made it a point to meet the parents.
This is even more important than introducing your date to your family. When you meet the family of the person you are dating, you can see how they talk to each other, their attitudes toward church or finances, learn if they have unhealthy eating habits or are right-wing gun nuts.

It gives you a better idea of the environment they come from, and what you may be in store for if things get serious. Your date’s family may not ever become your family, but isn’t it better to be prepared, just in case?

The main reason I like using Flavor Flav as an example is because everyone feels that they’re smarter and date better than him. But Flav really isn’t doing anything more than parents used to request of their children.

The problem is the games people have been playing on each other over the years have watered down everyone’s dating processes. The purpose of dating has never changed and the more you respect it as the first phase of family building, the smoother your dating process will be. Remember, you’re the producer of your own Flavor of Love.

Need relationship advice? Email Yo Jeff, the Hip Hop Dating Coach at

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The Hip Hop Purist: In Search of….Music (back in the day)

I was a fiend…

Back in my college days at Alabama A&M University, I became the Internet junkie I am today. I started out chatting on I even battled on and argued in the forums on But the thing I was most interested in was hearing hard-to-find music.

I would scour campus looking for the best computers with the best connections. I hated when my wbs chat sessions were halted because of ram or connectivity issues. Eventually I found some computers that were worthy of my time. They were in one of the chemistry labs and in the physics labs. I knew some people so I would stay in there after hours, continuing my argumentation sessions. These computers were nice and fast. And I soon discovered they had some software installed on them that the other computers did not have. Something called RealPlayer.

During this time of my life, I was a serious Freestyle Fellowship fan. These dudes could do no wrong. Around this time I just got my copy of “All Balls Don’t Bounce.” I remember the excitement of having the cassette tape in my Walkman for the first time. But what was even more exciting was being able to listen to the unreleased stuff that was out there.

The name of my favorite site has escaped my memory, but I had daily sessions with RealPlayer listening to obscure underground music from the West Coast. Every time I saw “buffering” show up on the little interface, I got angry. These computers were fast enough to let me chat freely and they zipped from site to site with lightening speed, but my songs had to pause because of something called buffering.

So one day, I go to this site and it has been updated with a Mikah 9 song. My eyes widened as my mouse clicked — more buffering! I had to have spent an hour listening to “The Fruit Don’t Fall” in bits and pieces. The sound quality was terrible (mad hiss and mad static). All of this did not matter. For the longest, I devoted time to try to listen to it daily.

Mikah impressed me probably more than any other Fellowship member (Mikah and P.E.A.C.E. are probably tied in reality). He was the one always trying to be different. He would sing a song (“Park Bench People”), mix singing and rapping (“Mary” — where Bone Thugs got their style from), then rap fast while still remaining lyrically potent (“Way Cool”).

“Fruit Don’t Fall” had no video, no radio play. It was not for sale. I could not listen to it on my headphones or in my 88 Ford Tempo. My only access to this song was via an Internet-connected computer with RealPlayer software on it. I don’t even think I actually heard “Fruit Don’t Fall” uninterrupted in it’s entirety until I bought the Timetable album years later. Guess what? Worth it.

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Quick Hits: Judging By The Cover

Just some different takes on album covers we found.  Which makes me think are Grownheadz and older the only ones that still call them album covers?  I mean really kids don’t buy albums, they don’t even buy CD’s.  In fact,  do kids even know what we’re really talking about when we say album cover. ANYway check em out

Depending on your point of view of women, violence, or religion these are (supposedly) Hip Hop’s most controversial album covers.

Although I coulda SWORE king magazine went out of business. Oh hell I KNOW they stop publishing (SIGH) but everybody and everything live on in the “interwebs” here is their list of the 8 best Hip Hop album covers

Finally found this on flikr. An artist reimagined some classic album covers with your favorite comic book heros.  For all those guys and gals that used to collect comic books back in the day

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HOT 5: Top 5 Finest Sitcom Moms

Back before we were grownheads, we respected our elders. Especially the ones we spent time with the most–the ones on TV (latchkey kids, hoooo).

While our parents were out making paper, the Jeffersons, the Evanses and the Cosbys were teaching us valuable lessons about life, love and marriage. They were our surrogate parents, and not to get all weird on you, but some of them could tuck us into bed ANY NIGHT OF THE WEEK, knowhutimsayn?

5. Wanda: We figure Kellita Smith’s character on The Bernie Mac Show was Bernie’s second wife. Homegirl wasn’t technically a mom, but was helping to raise his crackhead sister’s kids while juggling a career as VP of AT&T. And she was keeping it tight.

4. New Aunt Viv: In Season 4-6 of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Daphne Maxwell Reid came in as a tamer, more June Cleaverish mother to the Banks clan. Her light skinned thickness was a totally different look than the previous mom, and some people say the change was when the show jumped the shark. But she looked pretty good doing it.

Aunt Viv, you look different in Season 4...

3. Old Aunt Viv: The original Fresh Prince of Bel Air mom was a tall, dark beauty with a body like whoa. Janet Hubert-Whitten headed the Banks family for Seasons 1-3 with an outspoken personality and legs for days. A few episodes had her donning a dancer’s leotard and performing, and it wasn’t quite clear how Uncle Phil handled all that. She had a career too (damned if I remember what it was), and rocked Afrocentric hair from time to time. I miss her.

2. Willona: Upstairs neighbors never looked that good. Ja’net Dubois played Florida Evans’ contemporary, but unlike Florida, you could tell Willona Woods knew her way around a party. Even in her 50s and 60s, in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka and The Wayans Bros., she was still fine.

Spanking, anyone?

1. Claire Huxtable: The Don Diva of all TV moms, Claire Huxtable was kicking out kids and kicking butt in a courtroom. In another case of ‘How the Hell He Pull That?’ I just couldn’t see Cliff keeping up. The kids knew they could bid for Dad’s sympathy, but when Claire pulled up her eyebrow, even us watching at home straightened up in our seats. She knew how to crack that whip, and we lerrrved it.

Honorable Mention

Ghetto and loving it!

Peg Bundy: Former bad girl turned housewife Peg Bundy worked the redhead thang way better than old girl off That 70’s Show, with a lot cigarette in one hand and a box of bonbons in the other. In spandex pants and a leopard print top, she was sexier than Kelly and smarter than Al, even if she hardly ever got him to “go upstairs.”

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