Hip Hop Reactions to Michael Jackson Death


Its all over the news about Michae Jackson dying. With all the coverage its interesting to note is the reactions from all those “gangstas”. Keep in mind not in a snarky ha ha sense. But sometimes we forget that even the suipposdely “hardest” rapper or person has a side we don’t see and if they are a certain age or had siblings a certain age THEY REMEBER MICHAEL JACKSON..anyway

B-Real (Cypress Hill)
R.I.P Micheal Jackson you’re an ICON, no matter what ppl say, your music is untouchable u r loved n will b missed

If it were not for Micheal Jackson I would not be where or who I am today. His Music and Legacy will live on Forever. Prayers to the fam R.I.P.

Ice T:
“Rest In Peace Mike. People can say what they want but you were 100% original. WE will always love , miss & remember your GREATNESS.”

Fat Joe:
“This is probably [among] the top three worst days of my life there wouldn’t be no Usher, there wouldn’t be no Chris Brown. There wouldn’t be nobody without MJ. There wouldn’t be no Justin.”

Snoop Dog:
“I feel like his music will never die and his spirit will never die, because he influenced so many if us. He gave us a lot of hope that we feel like we can be big. He was very inspiring and up close and personal with his fans. That to me was special. That’s one of the things that I loved about Mike. When I got a chance to meet him, that’s the feeling and spirit that I got from him.”

Lil Wayne:
“I personally can’t believe it, but it’s more unfortunate for the world of music. … My love goes out to his family. … A sad day in history, not [just] music.”

Irv Gotti:
“He made the best records, videos, everything. I’m saddened by the world’s loss.”

DJ Whoo Kid (G-Unit associate):
“I am alone in my den just sittin here lost! he brought the reality of death to my mind! I feel like somebody stole 25 years of history and experience from my life ! Michael Jackson – D*mn !Can’t believe that he was aware of me! What a wack confusing feeling – this thing called DEATH! What a wake up call! RIP MJ!!! RIP Michael Jackson – MY N-Word FOR Life !” (DJ Whoo Kid’s Twitter)

Juelez Santana:
“This lady on the news is saying ‘a’ pop icon just died,” “NO THE POP ICON. F*ck she talkin bout, She need to be Fired. Thats like when they was calling the people refugees when the were tryna leave New Orleans. People are always tryna discredit us. And just so yall know. Michael Jackson was Bigger and Better then Elvis Presley Could have ever been!”

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IMO: I Found the Answer – The Madd Rapp Fan

Hey boys and girls, MAD RAP FAN is not so mad anymore. I have found the Precious: subject matter! Yes!!

Have you found it hard to listen to hip-hop with your kids or mother in the car? Well I have. You don’t realize how much profanity is in the music you bump until you’re with the “this many’s” (1through 5-year-olds).


The solution is His-Hop—hip-hop geared for lover of God. Like most, I thought hip-hop about GOD was lame. But Cross Movement changed that. These duds are the Run DMC of Christian hip-hop. Nice on the mic is an understatement for these emcees (Tonic, Ambassador, Phanatik, Tru Life) and former members (Cruz Cordero, Enock and Earthquake). It’s like The Roots spawned younglings who are butter to the soul and ears.

Here’s a list of emcees to start off your His-hop starter kit: Braille, R-Swift, Tim Brindle, Sho Baraka, Stephen the Levite and Shai Linne. This is just the tip of the iceburg. If you know of some other Christian emcees who make the grade, hit up the comments and share.

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CLIP of the WEEK

Since the Madd Rapp Fan is talking about holy hop hop we figured why not feature a few videos. Now If you’re a doubting Thomas. DON’t SLEEP! The flows are nice, the beats are nice, the vibe is nice.

Cross Movement – When I Flow (4:21)

Braille – Shades of Grey (4:38)
I bought dudes album and it took me like 5 songs be fore it dawnws on me ‘Heeeeeeey I think he might be a gospel rapper” but still the album was nice

Sho Baraka – Higher Love (3:56)

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The Mixtape Lives

by Brooklyne Gipson for theloop

After 30 years of growth in a genre initially written off as a passing fad, rapper Nas eulogized hip-hop with his third solo album Hip Hop is Dead in 2006. Although the title caused an uproar in the hip-hop community, especially in the south where artists like Young Jeezy believed Nas’ dis was targeted directly at them, the numbers didn’t lie. Hip-hop sales were in all actuality falling at an alarming rate for the first time in its history.mixtape

According to MSNBC, “Rap sales slid 21 percent from 2005 to 2006 and for the first time in 12 years no rap album was among the top 10 sellers of the year.”

In the face of the reality that hip-hop’s heavyweights were aging, (Jay Z is now 39 and Nas is 35) critics pondered what these numbers meant for the future of hip-hop. Had it’s mainstream appeal finally backfired? Had corporate America finally completely devalued hip-hop by putting money behind unsubstantial “ringtone rappers” that hipsters and teenagers in middle America had created a demand for, instead of supporting true artists? Did the new mainstream audience bait the artists themselves to devalue their own art (or completely fabricate talent in the first place) to create a product that would sell? Most importantly, could hip-hop be saved?

The answer came in a familiar format — a mixtape.


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Somebody Need To Tell: Shook Ones Edition

If Mobb Deep were to remix the classic song Shook Ones for today’s politics, we’d see a bedraggled collection of Republican pundits, U.S. senators and PR shills for al Qaeda huddled under the “scared to death and scared to look” banner.

Teflon Don President Barack Obama continues steamrolling halfway crooks with a ground-breaking Supreme Court nominee, a slamming speech to the Muslim world and by making headway on finding placement for Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Yo Quiero a Seat on the Supreme Court

First off, somebody needs to tell Fox (Faux) News commentators, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and some senators that white ain’t always right.
These guys are shocked, SHOCKED! that SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor would base judiciary decisions on her own life experiences.  Before we learn empathy and even after we acquire it, we see things from where we’re at, and where we’ve been.  Those with higher-order thinking skills then try to see things from the other guy’s perspective.

To presume that only white men are capable of being dispassionate and objective is foolish, stupid and dare I say it (and I durst), racist.

Super Mohammed

muslim-heros2With Europe now willing to take some Gitmo prisoners off our hands and a former detainee’s interview being published, somebody needs to tell Republican senators (and a few Democrats too) that the prisoners in Guantanamo are neither super villains nor members of the Legion of Doom.

The recent dust-up about housing detainees in the U.S. has folks shook like these guys are Magneto and need special super-powered cells to hold them.  Truth: We’ve got folks waaaaaaaaay worse than this locked up in the U.S. Our serial killers, child rapists and mass murderers make the dudes in Guantanamo look like, well, religious nutjobs, and religious nutjobs generally get their ass handed to them in a shank fight.  What’s worse is that many of these guys bore no ill will toward the U.S. before they got snatched off a Kabul street corner and tossed into Gitmo.  But now?  They’re mad as hell and fiending for a piece of apple pie, American Pie-style.

Recruitment’s Down All Ovah

On a related note, Obama’s Cairo speech set on track his plan to end the “cycle of suspicion and discord” with the Middle East. It was a small gesture of conciliation and respect that moved even many skeptical hearts across the extremist1Muslim world, and put the false mullahs, extremists and opportunists in full frenzy mode.

Al Qaeda is starting to see this skinny brother from Chicago for what he really is: a major threat to recruitment. Well, there’s strength in numbers—maybe they can give their Republican brothers a call.

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Age Ain’t Nuthin But A Number

by Khalil Amani for GrownHood.com

Why Can’t I Be Hip-hop? Just ‘Cause I’m Old?

I’m first generation hip-hop! Eighteen-years old when Rappers Delight hit the airwaves! Rap music started with my generation of teenagers, now some of y’all wanna ban me from some shyt that started with me?

I’m getting effin’ tired of young people thinking we old-school cats can’t be or do hip-hop! Some of you young’uns think that age is a prerequisite to loving hip-hop culture. Such bullcrap!icet1

Got Jay-Z rapping, “30 is the new 20!”

Newsflash! You don’t stop loving rap/hip-hop just because you turn forty—or even fifty! I might not rock Soulja Boy in my IPod (although Kiss Me Through the Phone has an infectious hook), but there’s still the older classic stuff and some new stuff that’s relevant. That’s like telling my grandparents to stop loving Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn! Fuck outta here! If God blesses you with longevity and you still have a young mind, you will see how stupid you sound to me!

Look at Aerosmith, Sting (U2) and Kiss—them white bwoys are like 60ish—and still doing concerts and fucking groupie white chicks! It’s Rock & Roll till the def!

But hip-hop/rap is on some other vain, superficial ish when it comes to age!


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Quick Hits


Just some things we found interesting.  Some of these we’ve had for more than a minute (more like an hour) we even had to check to make sure they were still out there.  But interesting STUFF ages like wine (maybe)

12 embarrassing hip hop exposes’

Check out these 10 ESSENTIAL old school cuts

6 Fashion statements that should not have been made.

All for your superhighway surfing pleasure.

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DJ Hero and Scratch – time to turn in your Atari

Just in case you’ve not heard a new version of Guitar Hero is set to be released in the fall featuring Jay-Z and Eminem called DJ Hero. Apparently it will feature a set of turntable like controllers.

Another company is also slated to release Scratch: Ultimate DJ. There line up includes Kanye West, Eric B and Rakim and Run DMC. They even released some controller pics:


Now even iPod DJs, who will spend several hours looking for the scroll wheel no doubt, can pretend like they can really DJ.

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The “OFFCIAL” Press Release: VH1 & Def Jam

VH1 Pays Homage to 25 Years of Def Jam Records in Its Sixth Year Celebration of ‘VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009’

VH1’s Hip Hop Honors 2009 celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Def Jam in a show filled with the stars of this venerable label, as well as funny, painful and inspiring stories from its most renowned creators. Hosting for the third time is “’30 Rock’s” Tracy Morgan. This year, the music, the influence and the artists from Def Jam’s history past and present will be recognized through performances in collaboration with some of today’s hottest talent. Generations of hip hop will bridge the gap for one exceptional night to set it off with the original style and flavor that sparked and inspired the evolution of this now global music phenomenon. Previous celebrations have honored hip hop luminaries who broke new ground and propelled the genre into the true cultural phenomenon that it has become. Last year’s honorees included Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Naughty by Nature, Slick Rick and Too $hort. Additional talent will be announced as it is confirmed.dej-jam-logo1
VH1’s Hip Hop Honors 2009 is the first time that the show has honored a record label. For 25 years, Def Jam created the stars that pushed hip hop culture forward, including LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Kanye West, Slick Rick, Rick Ross and Rihanna. The men behind the scenes are as legendary as its artists, including Rick Rubin, Russell Simmons, LA Reid and Jay Z. The Def Jam brand didn’t just innovate in music, it also launched a breakthrough comedy show (Def Comedy Jam), a dynamic spoken-word showcase (Def Poetry Jam), and set trends in fashion, film and advertising. Def Jam led a cultural movement that changed the world.
“It is impossible to pay tribute to the best in hip hop without recognizing Def Jam Records. Throughout the years VH1 has honored numerous artists from the Def Jam label, but due to the magnificent impact that Def Jam as a company has made on not only hip hop culture but pop culture as a whole, we thought they definitely deserved the opportunity to be honored,” says Lee Rolontz, EVP of Music Production.

The music event will tape from the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn, New York, and air on VH1 on Tuesday, October 13 at 9 PM ET/PT.

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