Somebody Need to Tell . . . . the Republican Party

“You come at the king, you best not miss.”
—Omar Little “The Wire”

President Barack Obama (I still get a little thrill from typing that) gave a thought-provoking, inspirational address Tuesday night, preparing America for the hard road ahead but reassuring us that we can get by with a little help from our friends in office. Then Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal came in and shat on the sundae.

jindal2Poor Bobby. He’s a Rhodes Scholar with an anti-intellectual base. He’s almost always the brownest guy in the room. And he talks like Gomer Pyle. Bill Clinton couldn’t have followed Obama’s speech, and THIS is the guy the Republicans sent in for a knock-out blow?

It’s not his fault he did so badly. The GOP may have the religious right, but Democrats pulled all the witty kids. Jindal’s one sad attempt at a joke bounced like a brick. He struggled to come across as non-threatening, but overdid it and ended up looking weak. The zingers speechwriters sprinkled in sagged in a mush of contradictions. He chuckled at weird points and his hand chops for emphasis were awkward. Jindal’s failure to connect was palpable.

This is partly because he’s such a contradictory solution for the Republican party. He’s of color, which is good, but thejindal1 only thing worse than being black for rednecks: of Eastern descent. The majority of the Republican base — rednecks who would be Democrats if they had sense enough to vote in their own economic interest — aren’t making all those distinctions. India is next to Pakistan, which is next to Afghanistan, which is damn near I-RACK. Democrats who lean Republican have the same racial issues—it’s why they’re leaning Republican in the first place! So the GOP’s strategy risks losing their own base, and won’t pull anyone across the fence either.

The GOP is grabbing anybody with a tan (except Alan Keyes) to throw in front of a camera right now. But somebody needs to tell them nobody’s falling for it.

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Quick Hits: 10 Is the Magic Number


Well if you got some time on your hands just a fewthings to check out.

In our opinion here at Grownheadz we believe the death of hip-hop is wildly exaggerated, BUT some others think there might be some likely suspects in the so called death of hip hop.

Since February was the love month …

Some hip hop songs made for love.

Where there is love there must be hate, therefore some songs that HATE women.


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HOT 5: 5 Reasons Wayne Just Might Bethe Best….Maybe.

Since Wayne won damn near every rap category at the ‘09 Grammys, we just had to ask the question: Is Dwayne Carter REALLY all that? Well, YES. The top 5 reasons he really IS the best…..maybe—and we won’t say I told you so.

5. He Kept Saying So
Psychological theory says that in order for the brain to act on a suggestion, it has to be repeated at least three times. That’s why commercials and presidential campaigns repeat ideas again, again and again. If 3 times is the charm,wayne1 Wayne passed that marker a looong time ago. Wayne has been saying he’s the best for years.
While it’s true that every rapper says they’re the best, it seems as though Wayne really means it. Add in a few good turns of phrase and punch lines and people start to believe it. DISCLAIMER: The repetition thing doesn’t always work. DJ Khaled yells “We the beeeeeeest!!!” like a madman with Tourettes Syndrome and I still don’t believe him.

4. Good Beat Selection
SUMMER TOURS LIL' WAYNE You could be rapping truth to power, telling the secrets to lifelong love and happiness in your rhymes, but if the beat is wack? Who cares (ask Rakim). There’s nothing like having a good prolific producer in the crew. Cash Money can never give Mannie Fresh the money he deserves for all the beats he made that helped make them famous. He was not only good, but fast, and he made mostly original music so they kept the lion’s share of profit from recording. Now, Mannie has since left the clique, but Baby has enough
money to get whatever producer that Wayne wants; not to mention the fact that most producers wouldn’t mind the near-guaranteed hit of a Weezy cameo.

3. On His Grind
Hip hop fans may be the ultimate haters, but we can’t knock the hustle. I know many a head who thought Master P SUCKED but had to praise his work ethic. I ain’t no 50 Centwayne2 fan, but DAMN! I ain’t mad at that Vitamin Water money. Same is true for Wayne: he might not be the best lyricist to more than a few minds, but if every rapper worked like Weezy they would be on top of the game. The man has got to hold the record for being on the most recordings in 1 year. It’s taken Dre almost 10 years to look even close to releasing another album, while Wayne has probably put out more records in 6 months than the good doctor’s whole career.

2. You Can Hear His Growth
A lot of times rappers come fully formed. They do all the writing and Lil Wayne performs as the headliner for the 11th Annual BMI Atlapracticing BEFORE they blow up, so what we usually get is a fully conceived rapper with their own original voice. Lil Wayne really was little when he started. The brash youngun’ hooked up with Cash Money when he was barely a teen.

Just like when Janet Jackson went from cute Penny on Good Times to budding flower Charlene Duprey on Diff’rent Strokes, then took Control as a fine-ass grown woman, Wayne grew up before our eyes from talking about ghetto kid stuff to talking about grown-up ghetto stuff. Even the detractors must admit Weezy showed improvement from “Block Is Hot” to “Fireman.”

1. Every Generation has Their Own Hero
I was schooling a younger cat a few years ago about how Wayne wasn’t all that compared to Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and a slew of other old school artists. But he stopped me when he said “That’s what YOU grew up on. Wayne is what I grewwayne3 up on and what I’ll be talking bout when I’m older.” And there it is. To truly feel an artist or understand the vibe, sometimes ya gotta BE there, in the club or the streets or the lunchroom when it hits and everybody loses their mind. Each generation MUST have their own heroes. They may respect Rakim and Kane, but in 2015, it’ll take A Milli to pack the dancefloor.
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ALBUM of the WEEK: Johnson & Jonson

This week’s album (yea its been a minute) is from west coast rapper Blu and producer Mainframe, together they are Johnson and Jonson. We believe its download only but check your local record store. We featured Blu earlier this year when he teamed with producer Exile for their release “Below the Heaven”. That album made it onto a lot of critics lists of top picks for 2007. As always, these are not the complete songs, just 90-second clips to give you a feel for the music. If you like what you hear, buy the CD. We’ve gotta support if we want real hip hop to flourish. Oh by the way pay no mind to the strangely weird and jarring but not really jarring album cover.

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You’re A Grownhead Right? But Do You Own It?

by Dessex for Hip Hop Connoisseur

Hip-Hop Head Must Have.

A lot of people are talking bout how much they love Hip-Hop, but in reality they don’t have the material are knowledge to back up that statement. When you are a true Hip-Hop head there are a few Albums that you MUST have in your collection. There is no excuse for not having these Albums in your collections. I know that I can go a little too deep so I will try to keep it simple…Lets gorecords

1). Nas-Illmatic. This is Hip-Hop’s best album EVER (yeah I said it). Nas took the game by storm when this drop, and if you ask around or look on the Internet everyone will list Illmatic as the best album ever. A true Hip-Hip head must own this classic material.

2). Notorious Big- Ready To Die. Big is arguably the best rapper to ever grace the mic, and this album is just as impressive as Illmatic, Big is a monster on the mic and Ready To Die made us feel like we were gangsta. You Must own this album if you are a Hip-Hop Head.

3) Jay-Z. Reasonable Doubt. Obvious reasons. Hip-Hop didn’t really catch on to this album, until later in his career. But You must own this CD.


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Which Old School Did YOU Go To?

The New Old School

by Adam Bernard for Adam’s World

I was having a conversation with DJ Riz of Crooklyn Clan the other day and for a few minutes we got curmudgeonly about Hip-Hop. Like a lot of folks who are reaching, or are already in, their 30’s, we lamented the lack of knowledge younger Hip-Hop fans have of the old school. Riz, however, also brought up the interesting point that teenagers today have their own version of old school and it may surprise a lot of people to see which artists fall under their “oldo-school school” classification. If you’re around my age the list will also make you feel really really old.

I started listening to rap music when I was nine or ten years old. To make this equation easier let’s just say ten. I was ten in 1988, so anything before 1988 is my version of “old school.” It just so happens, because of when I was born, all of that music also falls into the traditional definition of “old school,” as well. With that timetable in mind, let’s take a look at the current incoming college freshman class, most of whom are 18 years old. They were all ten in 1998, so providing they didn’t have older siblings who could introduce them to Hip-Hop earlier in life their version of “old school” starts in the mid to late 90’s.

The idea of Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest, The Fugees, Redman, DMX, Onyx, Naughty By Nature, and even NORE being “old school” is painful to a lot of Hip-Hop fans.


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