IMO: Doubting Obama

I Just Gotta Say

As I write this there are only 5 days left in the presidential campaign (you might have heard something about it). I think a lot of black people have become just like the racist dimwits who after all this time (20 months) and ALL the information out there still actually believe….

A) Obama is a Muslim
B) Obama is an Arab
C) Obama is up to something
D) All of the above.

Now you might ask yourself what do those crazies, or lazies and your average African American have in common? Well, regardless of all the polls showing that Obama is ahead, GOP loyalists jumping ship left and right AND the overwhelming number of black folks who are early voting, many of us STILL just don’t believe what we are being told or what we see. But unlike the idiots above whose ideas are borne of incredible willful ignorance, or just plain simple ignorance. Our doubts are based on knowing TOO MUCH. We know too well that all those people (okay White folks) who say they’re down for change could be lying (see the often referenced “Bradley Effect”). We know that just when we finally get the win the rules might change (when OJ was acquitted he got sued in civil court and lost; until that happened I had never, EVER heard of someone being found innocent and then getting tried again for basically the same thing, and I read). We know that no matter how obvious the outcome SHOULD be we might still lose (see the Rodney King Trial or the acquittal of the cops who shot Amadou Diallo 41 times). I have read a few stories of black folks hoping for the best but bracing for the worst, not allowing themselves to believe that a black guy can actually become president. My mom and many people from her generation never dreamed it would happen in their lifetime. Now, unlike my mother, I figured I probably might have a chance, maybe, of seeing a black man lead this country. But I assumed I would be really, really old. So with 5 days left and all you doubters out there worried and wondering if it’s actually going to happen, getting ready for the big letdown or the collective “I knew they weren’t ready!!!” I just gotta say one thing. Me too.

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