IMO: Where Does The Time Go?

As I was cruisin the internet superhighway as I’m prone to do. I came across an interesting little piece of freshness that I decided need to be posted. So when I get backstage to the Ghz  staging area what do I discover to my surprise. WHAT! Its been a month since my last post? WHERE THE HELL IS TIME GOING!!??

Now I do have a long list of things and activities I was engaged in:

Teaching, doing grades, socializing, after school detentions, etc, etc, etc, and unfortunately A LOT of this….


I apologize. BUT.  This…. will….happen…again.

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GHtv: The Dark Vader Theory – Why Hip Hop Hates Will Smith

I don’t know when Murs picked up this gig with Hip Hop DX but I like it. I mean multiple income streams is the the status we should be fighting for right? ANYway Murs lays out a detailed and CONVINCING argument for why Will Smith COULD be in the running for greatest of all-time. I will admit his proof is SO convincing it even made me think hmmmmmmm. Check it out.

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Album of the Week: Lute -West 1996 Pt.2

I’m at odds when I find an artist, do I just paste the info from the press release OR do I do an in-depth review. Well, the problem is two-fold. I’m lazy, which makes the cutting and pasting so tempting and I like for YOU to decide if you like something or not. We just try to curate and present what seems to be quality music.  A dilemma for another day. Luther “Lute” Nicholson’ is from Charlotte NC. and signed with J. Cole’s Dreamville records in 2015. This is his debut album for the label.

Check out the documentary Still Slummin for deeper insight

AND here is the first video Morning Shift

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Audio Session: Don’t Call It A Comeback – The Perceptionists

Back in 2005 one of the hypest CD’s I had in my collection was The Perceptionists’ “Black Dialogue”. The beats were hype the lyrics were on point, an overall great effort. It featured rappers Akrobatik and Mr. Lif and DJ Fakts One. I wasn’t really surprised when they didn’t drop another album they were a group of solo artists so maybe it was just a one-off. Well, 12 years later they’re baaaaaack. Dropping in about two weeks, September 29 to be exact is their follow-up cd “Resolution”.

Here is the lead single Hose Down (feat. Syne).


Check the rest of the album. Availible on Bandcamp.

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HEY! Let Me In!

QUESTION: What happens when your internet provider decides that it doesn’t recognize your website?

ANSWER: Ya can’t get in.

No, we aren’t trifling. Well not ALWAYS. But we had stuff to say and things to post but unfortunately, we were locked out while our crack staff off programmers (ok just me) figured how to get back in. Well, we’re back in soooo, back to business.

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